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48G Graduations

31 December 2015 - 04:48 PM




I made a list of graduations and grad. announcements for 2015.
Since I couldn't find any obvious thread in which to post it... voilà.

Graduation announcements in 2015:
AKB: 16, SKE: 12, NMB: 8, HKT: 3, which makes for a total of 39.
Team A: Morikawa Ayaka (02/03), Kawaei Rina (03/26), Matsui Sakiko (05/29), Nishiyama Rena (12/16).
Team K: Suzuki Shihori (02/16), Nagao Mariya (12/07)*, Takajo Aki (12/15)*.
Team B: Hashimoto Hikari (06/22), Kuramochi Asuka (07/18), Uchida Mayumi (07/18), Uchiyama Natsuki (11/01)*.
Team 4: Maeda Mitsuki (06/15), Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (06/15), Kobayashi Marina (07/11), Natori Wakana (10/15).
Team 8: Moriwaki Yui (01/26).
Team S: Miyazawa Sae (12/16)*.
Team KII: Yamada Mizuho (01/07), Abiru Riho (01/07), Furukawa Airi (02/01), Goudo Saki (10/14).
Team E: Iwanaga Tsugumi (01/09), Kobayashi Ami (02/06), Matsui Rena (06/10), Isohara Kyoka (12/29)*.
KKS: Sasaki Yuka (02/04), Ogino Risa (02/04), Tsuji Nozomi (11/30).
Team N: Yamagishi Natsumi (03/01), Kono Saki (04/09), Muro Kanako (05/08), Kotani Riho (09/13)*.
Team M: Miura Arisa (03/04), Takano Yui (04/15).
Team BII: Terui Honoka (06/11), Kadowaki Kanako (10/22)*.
Team H: Goto Izumi (10/22), Umemoto Izumi (12/16).
Team KIV: Kusaba Manami (03/24).
[The dates refer to their graduation announcement] (* will graduate in 2016)
As for the actual graduations in 2015:
AKB: 13, SKE: 12, NMB: 9, HKT: 3, which makes for a total of 37.
In addition to the girls mentioned above, these are ones who graduated, but whose announcements were made in 2014.
SKE Team S: Sato Mieko (03/22), Nakanishi Yuka (03/22).
NMB Team N: Yamauchi Tsubasa (01/26)
NMB Team M: Murakami Ayaka (03/13), Yamada Nana (04/03).
[The dates refer to their graduation performance]
Please correct me if I have made any mistakes, or if anything is missing.

Matsuoka Hana, Team H Draftee

30 August 2015 - 11:51 AM





Name:             Matsuoka Hana (松岡はな)
Birthdate:        January 19, 2000
Birthplace:       Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
Height:            159cm
Hobbies:          Shopping
Special Skill:    Dance, Pop n' Lock
Charm point:    Long fingers she inherited from her father


  • Friendly with other people.
  • Doesn't like waking up.
  • Has an older brother and younger sister.
  • Admires Shimazaki Haruka.
  • Has won several dance competitions and was in a competitive dance group before entering HKT.
  • Said by Sashihara Rino to have the 2nd best personality among the 2015 Member Draft Pool, stating that HKT48 now has a amicable Matsuoka and a moody Matsuoka.
Joined AKB48 as a Baito AKB member in October 2014.
Graduated from Baito AKB on February 28, 2015.
Shifted to being a AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi 2015 Finalist on March 1, 2015.
Drafted into HKT48 Kenkyuusei by Team H on May 10, 2015.


Yamauchi Yuuna, HKT RS

09 July 2014 - 10:32 PM




Name: Yamauchi Yuna  (山内祐奈)

Nickname: Yuuna (ゆうな), Tiffany (ティファニー)

Birthdate: July 6, 1999
Birthplace: Fukuoka


Height: 153 cm

Blood Type: A


Interests: Singing and listening to music

Special skills: Writing beautifully, making people laugh

Charm Point: Eyelashes



Generation: 3rd

Agency: AKS


HKT Profile










Minegishi Team 4: M41 or M42?

30 January 2014 - 11:20 PM

I thought I'd ask here about your opinions on how to label the new Team 4's stage.

M42 was what I thought would be it, but as we uploaded stages here it just became New Team and then Minegishi Team 4 and ended as M41.


I've uploaded the last stage and used the nomer M42. I the description, this is what I wrote:


As an astute AKB48-fan you've noticed that this torrent is labelled M42, as in Minegishi team 4 stage 2. The stage has not changed since two days ago!! 

After veluz-san brought up the issue, I found myself agreeing that this is more correct, and more in line with how all the teams that has been through a shuffle add to the number when the change takes effect and the stage is changed. It was also what I originally thought would happen, but I reckon that this never was discussed (I've searched quite a few forums as well, and nothing there either) So I will do that from here on, or at least until a proper discussion about it arises, or if I there HAS indeed been made a decision about it here on H!O, and I've missed it. Comments either way are welcome.


So my question is if this is the way we should name them, or if you have other opinions...