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Juandalyn's Blog > KanojoPOP's first open auditions!

Posted 06 February 2016

Due to restructuring and graduations KanojoPOP is in need of new members! If you want to join this cover group, please follow this link .

Also, sub-leader Ueno Nari will graduate in March. Please stay tuned for her graduation event!

Thank you very much!

Juandalyn's Blog > KanojoPOP's November release: SIEGE!

Posted 10 December 2015

Time for a KanojoPOP update!

Since my last post the group has been very active. Not only were the other songs from the first single, Prelude, released (Halloween Night and Mahou Tsukai Sally ) - the second single, SIEGE, came out as well!

Unfortunately 1st gen member Wakahisa Miu had to leave us after only one song (Mahou Tsukai Sally). In her place...

Juandalyn's Blog > A new cover group: KanojoPOP!

Posted 19 October 2015


You might have seen my profile feeds entries about the first release of the new covering group KanojoPOP, but I want to go a bit more into detail about them.

KanojoPOP is a group of 7 members who cover idol songs. Groups covered are H!P groups, 48 groups, GALETTe and more to come - you see...

Juandalyn's Blog > Morning Musume.'15 member ranking

Posted 20 April 2015

I think I enjoy having a blog too much. Sorry for spamming. But hey I try to keep it relevant to H!O.
I know I do a lot of rankings, sorry for that. It's mostly for myself to keep track of the girls. My last MM-ranking was mid.June 2015. With the addition of 12ki and the spot left by Sayumi there is something new, but members also have moved in their ran...

Juandalyn's Blog > Hopes for Hello! Pro Tap Live [3/?]

Posted 18 April 2015

Up to part three of predictions. My last predictions weren't that successful, but... well, let's look what actually came true:

Yuka and Sayuki finally got their R cards.
Star Stones aren't as rare anymore; they gave them out as log-in bonuses. That's cool.
All new members got at least a card (except for Kobushi Factory but they might be not ready yet)....