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22/7 (Nanabun no Nijūni)

30 September 2017 - 09:07 AM

From wikipedia

"22/7 (read as Nanabun no Nijūni (ナナブンノニジュウニ Twenty Two Per Seven)) is a Japanese idol project between Yasushi Akimoto, Aniplex, and Sony Music Records. The project is described as "The Idols Who Transcend The Dimension." A digital idol audition for the 8 characters was held until December 17, 2016 with final examination was held on December 24, 2016. A CD debut and an anime project are included in the project."


Initially they stated it would be 8 characters/idol but 11 members were chosen. Who those last 3 will voice is unknown




As is common with Sony groups, they have a vevo for international fans. Their first song is Bokuwa Sonzai Shiteinakatta with a 3d animated video of their 2d characters. It was done with motion capture so it truly is a mixture of 2d and 3d.

There is also a short version where the members transform into their characters



I'll remove this if it leaves youtube but bside



All the members have their own showroom channel and they're regularly active on there. Interesting for international fans one of their members, Sally, speaks fluent English and regularly does a mixture of English and Japanese in her showroom often stopping to translate interesting points to the other language.

Whilst the members don't have twitter you can send them messages using their names(in Kanji) as hashtags. 


06 December 2016 - 06:33 PM



PassCode is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014 in Osaka. The concept of the group is mix of the loud rock and idol genre.Their sound is mix of loud rock, progressive rock, based original band sound. Songs featuring members’ shout scream are one of the characteristics of the group.Their live is described as a roller coaster live because of non-stop performance. Shout scream, and performance of PassCode has attracted variety of audiences, not only rock fans but also idol fans.






Name: Minami Nao(南 菜生)

Nickname: Yasai (野菜),Yachii(やちい)

Birthday: 1996.11.27



Name: Takashima Kaede (高嶋 楓)

Nickname: Kappi(かっぴ)

Birthday: 1993.12.25



Name: Imada Yuna (今田 夢菜)

Nickname: Chiyuna(ちゆな)

Birthday: 1994.12.17



Name: Ogami Hinako(大上 陽奈子)

Nickname: Hinachan(ひなちゃん)

Birthday: 1998.6.22


They recently released their Major Debut single

(I believe those in USA will not be able to view this, they are aware of this and also posted it to their facebook page!)


Here is a sample of their indies songs


Live clip!


Nama hamu to Yaki udon!

06 December 2016 - 06:08 PM



Self-produced comedy idol duo Nama Hamu to Yaki Udon. Also known as Higashi(East) and Nishi(West).

Quote from TIF English section on them



Namahamu & Yakiudon A JK girls’ unit named from their favorite foods. JK is a short for “Joushiki wo Kutsugaesu” which means “we explode the established theory.” They produce themselves in planning, lyrics, songs, costumes and so on. They usually have a short skit during their concert, it has a good reputation.




Nama hamu birthday: 1997.8.22

Yaki Udon birthday: 1998.3.1


As you might have guessed the group name comes from their favourite food "Raw ham" and "baked udon" (although I thought it was fried udon? maybe someone can help me here...) Their fans are suitable called "gluttons."

They just last month played their 3rd one-man-live! In front of 3,000 people in TDC. They also now regularly appear on various "niche" idol TV shows so I imagine even fans of other groups have started to notice them more and more. They managed to catch Oomori Seiko's attention and she wrote a song with them!

They even recently (won a competition to?) appeared in the Tiger mask anime!


So here are some videos

FIRST the only subbed video I've found so far of a performance of theirs


Then in the tiger mask anime


Then with Oomori Seiko!


They also have their own kawaiinTV show "THE*Nama"


Kamiyado (神宿)

12 August 2016 - 04:20 PM

Kamiyado (神宿)
The Kami(divine/god) comes from 神宮前 (Jingūmae) which is a district in Shibuya and Jingūmae 1 chōme to 4 chōme is where Harajuku is. The 'yado' comes from the Kanji for harajuku(原宿)

So a combination of Jingūmae and Harajuku. Yado can also mean 'lodging'
Making their name both mean 'lodging where god is' and a reference to shibuya and harajuku(fashion centrals in Japan)
The acronym for KMYD is Kawaii (可愛い!) Max (全力!) Yell (応援!) Dream (夢!).
A indie idol group formed in 2014 they have 5 members and managed by 2 students in their early 20s.
Name: Ichinose Mika (一ノ瀬みか)
Nickname: Mikachin (みかちん)
Colour: Red
Birthday: 12th April 2000
Height: 161cm
Hobbies: Painting, bass
Love: melon bread, candy, stuffed animals, kitty, ank rouge, Eva, Calpis, ふわふわもこもこ(I don't know this one, fluffy things?)
Name: Hashima Mei (羽島めい)
Nickname: Meirin (めいりん)
Color: Blue
Birthday: 25th May 1998
Height: 162cm
Hobbies: football/soccer, karaoke
Love: Sailor Moon, Jagarico, CECILMcBEE, blue things

Name: Hashima Miki (羽島みき)
Nickname: MiiNyan (みーにゃん)
Colour: Yellow
Birthday: 3rd June 1996
Height: 155cm
Hobbies: classical ballet
Love: my melody, minnie mouse, Shellie May, LIZ LISA, kawaii-kei(cute style)


Name: Sekiguchi Naho (関口なほ)
Nickname: Nappii (なっぴぃー)
Birthday: 27th December 1998
Height: 162cm
Hobby: Listening to music
Charm Point: Double Teeth(yaeba)
Love: Daisy duck, Rapunzel, WEGO, Pocky

Name: Koyama Hina (小山ひな)
Nickname: Hinapuu (ひなぷぅ)
Birthday: 24th June 1997
Height: 158cm
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing
Love: LIZ LISA, MILKBOY, Disney Princess, Marie(Arisocats), Sanrio, Pote Usa Loppi


Member Links
KAMIYADO Official Site : http://kmyd.targma.jp/
KAMIYADO Twitter : https://twitter.com/kamiyado0907
KAMIYADO You Tube: https://www.youtube....oXnmKvv2H8_mxwg


10 August 2016 - 10:26 PM


With their first major debut(FORCE MUSIC) music video out today it seemed a good time to make a thread for them. 





Name: Misaki Misato

Nickname: MisaMisa

Birthday: 9th September 1994 

Height: 155cm

Hometown: Saitama

Colour: Red

Attribute: Flame

Misc: Leader. Oekaki loving anime otaku. Loves Cats. Loves umeboshi with konnyaku

(a little unsure of that last bit 猫と梅干しをこよなく愛する。)



Name: Takiguchi Hikari

Nickname: Takki, Hii

Birthday: 20th September 1994

Height: 154cm

Hometown: Chiba

Colour: blue

Attribute: water

Misc: Won a weekly playboy readers poll "2014 kotoshi kanarazu kuru gurabia aidoru 8nin" or the '8 idols who will definitely come out'(I think...) grand-prix. She's an oldest daughter in reality but in drop she's the 3rd in age and the natural little sister character.



Name: Ooba Haruka

Nickname: Harupii

Birthday:  4th October 1993

Height: 154cm

Hometown: Saitama

Colour: Green

Attribute: Nature

Misc: In 2012 she was elected in Kodanshas to be MissID2013. In addition to idol activities she also takes part in the NHK high school courses show 'The power of logic' and other acting and stage acting appearances. 

2012 年、講談社主催のアイドルオーディション『ミスiD2013』にて準グランプリ相当の“ミスiD”に選出される 現在もアイドルとしての活動の他、NHK 高校講座『ロンリのちから』などテレビ出演から、舞台や映画での女優活動まで幅広い仕事をこなす。



Name: Koizumi Runa

Nickname: Runachi

Birthday:  27th February 1998 

Special skill: Karate

Height: 154cm

Hometown: Saitama

Colour: Purple

Attribute: poison

Misc: Joined in May 2016 as a new member. Looking like a class president, not scared and with a straight tone of voice but then sometimes jumping out creating a 'gap charm' character. 

Charm point: forehead




Name: Kohinata Mai

Nickname: Maachan

Birthday: 9th December 1996

Height: 158cm

Hometown: Tokyo

Colour: Orange

Attribute:  Sun

Misc:  Joined in May 2016 as a new member. Both of her parents came from musical families so she learnt many instruments: vocals, piano, guitar, bass, drums and can do a 'solo band' set.(or something like that). She sings with a clear and appealing voice. Her attribute is the sun because(I'm really not sure how to translate this bit, I think it says because she tans easily and she worries about it)



Former member

Name: Sugino Shizuka

Colour: Yellow

Attribute: Thunder


New major release music video

Hoshi no Nai Yoru Dakara


They have a soundcloud!



Their first indies single performed at TIF2015


2015 Japan girls expo