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In Topic: [2/26] PINK CRES. Major Debut Single "Roulette"

Yesterday, 11:53 AM

GIRLS PRIDE and BLACK OUT were a part of the leaked/rumored tracklist, for sure. GIRLS PRIDE in particular was previewed on the radio over a year ago, back before the mini album got scrapped. https://mobile.twitt...749100150480898

In Topic: [3/30] Kobushi Factory Live 2020 ~The Final Ring!~

21 January 2020 - 06:57 AM

Country Girls streamed their final concert, I'm sure Kobushi Factory will do it too.

In Topic: BEYOOOOONDS 1ST LIVE TOUR 2020 ~Pop! Step! Zen Onpu!!~

05 January 2020 - 07:16 PM

I always thought of the ONLY YOU girls' participation in BEYOOOOONDS to be similar to how some members of E-girls are only part of that group and not any of the smaller groups within it. It was my assumption that they were never intended to be in subunits. However, having a song called "We Need a Name!" kind of implies that they are indeed a group. So I'm not really sure what to think anymore.

In Topic: [11/27] BEYOOOOONDS 1st Album "BEYOOOOOND1St"

27 November 2019 - 06:59 PM

Their day one sales are higher than the day one sales of Morning Musume's 2017 album. I'll be so shocked if they outsell MM.  :o

In Topic: [11/27] BEYOOOOONDS 1st Album "BEYOOOOOND1St"

01 November 2019 - 12:09 PM

Isn't that literally just a version of the PV where they spend the entire time crowded in the train carriage? It's a bit chaotic but generally whoever was singing tried to get to the front.

You're referring to the "Panic Train Ver.", which is also included on the bluray. I certainly don't see any dancing happening on the train in the PV, so I'm mighty curious to see what it is.