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10 November 2013 - 11:24 PM

happy birthday to nabilah ratna ayu azalia

wish u all the best :c18:

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09 November 2013 - 11:24 PM

Hi there! I have a question about the tracker rules. Am I allowed to post content that's been uploaded before on a different format? For example, if a video has been uploaded before by someone else in .wmv format, may I upload the same video in .mp4 format?



yes of course

look the uploader wrenn45 he encoded different format

ex: format .ts (M-ON)  -> .mp4

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05 November 2013 - 12:22 AM


Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods is a really fun entry in Toriyama Akira's beloved universe that's just not up there with the most memorable ones. It manages to capture the absurdist essence of Dragon Ball very well, but disappoints in the other important regard.

If you don't expect one epic Dragon Ball Z confrontation like those you grew up with, say Goku vs. Freeza or Gohan vs. Cell, you shouldn't end up dissatisfied with it. However, the premise (as well as the title with "battle" in it) speaks to both fans and newcomers equally: Goku is about to protect planet Earth once again as the threatening God of destruction Bills (aka Birusu) wakes up. Everything leads to this face-to-face duel so one should expect epic stuff, otherwise there's really no point. The use of the word epic is perhaps too much when referring to this movie, and not only for the obvious reason (that it lasts 85 minutes): the battle between gods doesn't live up to its simple yet promising start, with little power and excitement.

We certainly get plenty of amusingly silly material, generally working fine as an absurd entertainment, like I said (though there are some misfires). It brings back the peaceful times usually found in the first and last episodes of each anime saga: for Bulma's 38th birthday party, the whole gang gets together, giving a certain special feel to the movie. Characters like Piccolo and Krillin are pretty much irrelevant for the central story, while others, like Gohan, Trunks and even Pilaf and Shenlong, have attractive moments. Still, minor characters don't stand much from the straightforward narrative.

It's all about the new enemy Bills, for which Toriyama and screenplay writer Watanabe Yûsuke created an interesting background story for. Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods nicely contributes to the general mythology, with a new Super Saiyan transformation and stuff about Bills' relation with Freeza and the destruction of Planet Vegeta. At the same time, Bills is invited to join the humoristic side of the movie and there are at least a couple of hilarious situations, for example Bills and Mr. Boo arguing over some pudding!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods has a completely renovated animation aesthetic compared to the old anime, going into CGI territory, which makes it look sometimes like a video game with 3D scenarios. It's a welcome effort, as it only tries to adapt modern animation techniques to the original anime. When trying to recreate the whole experience for the fans' nostalgia, the Mexican dub I watched suffers the recognizable absence of Goten and Master Roshi's original voices. Aside of that little detail, the rest of the voices are perfect.

Like watching the Great Saiyaman episodes and stopping right when all the real (Majin Boo) action starts, Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods feels incomplete. The nostalgic movie event of the year (at least in Mexico it is) brings good memories but lacks the final awesome punch.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods opens in Mexico on Friday, September 27, and it's already available on Blu-Ray/DVD in Japan. A US theatrical release is expected for 2014.

source : http://twitchfilm.co...okus-power.html


I'm done watching this movie
very cool :good:

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05 November 2013 - 12:14 AM

Stella Cornelia Announced Her Graduation

One of JKT48 Members, Stella Cornelia, announced her graduation at today’s theater show, right on her birthday’s date+party and after her 4848 tweets.

From various individual tweets on Twitter, it was reported that Stella made her announcement not long after her birthday’s party in theater where Haruka read her a special letter for Stella’s birthday.

Stella then announced her decision to graduate from JKT48 which shocked all the girls especially Haruka who simply can’t stop crying according to audiences tweets at that time.

Stella’s Announcement Field Report

Stella’s birthday party, lead by Melody. All member and fans sang Namida Surprise for Stella.

Haruka prepared three pages of letter that she read helped by Sonia. The point of her letter is that she was so glad when Stella said her AKB-Oshi at that time is Haruka and in fact, it was vice versa as Haruka’s JKT Oshimen is actually Stella.

Haruka also said her thank you that Stella is sincerely wanted to be her friend. Haruka was afraid at the first time she arrived here since she can’t speak the language and doesn’t really know about the food. Thankfully, Stella, slowly and full of care, teach Haruka how to speak the language and let her know which food that tasted great.

When Haruka was sick, Stella is always there beside her and took care of her the entire night. For Haruka, Stella is like a mother figure. Haruka also said that she shares a lot of story with Stella and more than often troubled Stella. But when it was Stella who shared her problem, Haruka regretted that she can’t do much for Stella due to her limited Bahasa Indonesia. That is the exact reason why Haruka tried so hard to learn the language, so that she can do what Stella always did for her.

Haruka and Stella hugged at this point and Stella blows her candle.

After making her wish, Stella was fidgeting, stumbling, and cried over and over again. She repeatedly cast a glance at Melody in which Melody replied with a nod and almost a whispered “Go on..”

Haruka, unable to control herself no longer, turned around and trembling. She cried so hard. Ayana, out of her curiosity, walked and talked to Haruka. While Jeje, who eavesdropping Haruka and Ayana, suddenly turned her back and cried.

Sonia cried too, this is the point where I instinctively said “Oh crap…”

After a long pause, Stella was able to collect herself and said that she was happy that she can learn how to dance in JKT48. She also very glad that her birthday is so close to JKT48 1st generation anniversary. She also said her thank you for all the fans support all this time.

And to close her statement, in a very emotional moment. “I, Stella Cornelia, JKT48 team J member, decided to graduate from JKT48.”

Not even a single word uttered, the theater was so full of silence for a moment. All the members were hysterical, Kinal screamed from her lung. Nabilah was so angry and desperately confronted Stella. Via also cried.

For a while, the members were all tried to hug Stella except for Melody. A waves of hug that looked like it will never end. Not until Melody separated them and tried to calm the hysterical members like Beby and Shania. While Ghaida and Jeje who regained their self control tried to calm the crying Nabilah who still can’t accept Stella’s decision and confronted Stella.

After the thundering of screaming, hysterical members calmed themselves, Melody calmly walked towards Stella who cried in Frieska’s shoulder and hug her and said, again in an almost whispering sound, “Happy birthday Cici, you are now 19. You can’t be here forever. We, as a fans, will always support you.”

Melody then closed the show.

When Stella was getting ready to went backstage -after all the members went backstage- , Ghaida suddenly blocked Stella’s route. She grabbed Stella’s hand roughly and gave her a very long angry stare. Stella could only smile in the stare down contest Ghaida gave her. And then suddenly, a kiss from Ghaida landed on Stella’s cheek.

A goodbye kiss perhaps; as Ghaida lost her control once again and cried while running backstage…

source : jkt48stuff.com

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03 November 2013 - 09:44 AM

JKT48 opens audition for the 3rd generation. Foreign nationality is ok.




are u ready to welcome new member  :c18: ???