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29 July 2019 - 09:53 PM

Tokyo Idol Festival
Hearts were pushed to TIF.
They will perform on Fuji Yoko Stage on 2019-08-03T17:55JST, for 15 minutes.

Kuro is releasing her second PB, Portrait, on summer's comic market.

Member Names
It seems Junjou-chan decided to rename into names more befitting for the mortal realm. They are now called
Aomi Maho
Hayama Kana
Nagisa Kaori
Terasaka Yumi
Amemori Sera
Yuuki Kuroe
Ooda Anna
Natsume Beiru
Toujou Amina
Mochizuki Miimi

Zankoku no Babel
The new single's PV has been premiered earlier today in Bakusute's Radio Show:

In Topic: Afilia Saga East アフィリア・サーガ・イースト

29 June 2019 - 08:47 AM

Tokyo Idol Festival


Shin IkeHa are challenging the Road To TIF 2019 ~LAST CHANCE~ event!
Although Leia and friends were guests at TIF's snack umeko last year, they did not perform on TIF yet.
Therefore, if Shin IkeHa win the challenge, it will be the first time Hearts perform at TIF.

Hearts' Showroom is here

Guild Friends
Junjou no Afilia will perform their first stage outside of Japan on 2019-08-18 in Taipei.

Hello Pro! TIME
Almost a decade has passed since Oogawa Saki became the first member of S/mileage (now ANGERME) to graduate.
There was a segment at the beginning of the Hello Pro TIMES episode that aired on 2011-09-01 covering her graduation performace.
It showed of some of Sakichii's fans, one of which was ...
... Yumichii

Kobushi Factory
Yumichii debuted into the media with HP's primary show.
However, she's not the only one who managed to be covered by HP's official media.
Everyone's new little sister, Nijika Rainbow, visited Disney Land with Inoue Rei (Kobushi Factory), who wrote coverage onto HP's blog and spammed the other HP SNS with images.

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04 June 2019 - 10:21 PM

New Song
At Afilia Saga's final tour (Eien no Aoki Ai no Megami) DVD Prerelease Event in December 2017, Kanarin mentioned she considered the DEAR SEMPAI lineup of Afilia Saga East to be hardly representative for the current age.
As a consequence, Yukafin promised Junjou no Afilia to get them a new member introduction theme.
Although it took her more than a year, here's the new song.

Arata Yuuyu
Yuuyu has graduated Afilia on 2019-04-21.
Shortly after graduating, she opened her own shop, Yuuyu no Ie.

Ochi Karin
Karin has passed her training and joined Afilia.
Her new name is Karin The World, which refers to Dio Brando's Stand.

Karin was pushed on #1 in CHEERZ' Curry Event.
Therefore, Yodobashi Akiba will be using a Karin designed Curry menu and play Hearts' songs as BGM in the store.

New Song
Hearts got a new song, KAKERA, for their Partytune DISCOTHEQUE 2019 tour.
Live recording from the Nagoya stage.
It has a rather lengthy intro, soloed by Kotone, which is not covered by the lyrics sheet or the video.
There's also some coverage of Hearts' Tour in Future Idol.

Junjou scored second on the Showroom campaign for @JAM, which means they were able to perform on the main stage on 2019-05-25.

Meimi participated at capana's poster event, however we lost it to Kiuchi Kurumi's supporter(s).

New Releases
Junjou will release their first album on 2019-09-03. It's name will be Junjou, it'll have 3 variants and it'll be a best-off album. Idol Planet has published the track list.
They also will release their 4th single on 2019-09-03, although the single's name has not yet been decided Zankoku no Babel. It'll have 5 regular editions and Maho's graduation edition (which is regular too). Information about limited editions has not yet been published.


The release event campaign for both the album and the single begins next week at their regular stage in Akiba's Sofmap.

Release Information
5PB promote Voyage to the blue Ocean and interview Mappi, Yumichii and Anna in their release info show.

Afilia Saga East
It seems Yukafin wants to reuse the former group at Megami Matsuri 2019.
Only about half of the members are left though.

Pastel Memories
Hearts' game will stop operation on August 6th.

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25 March 2019 - 12:28 AM

Arata Yuuyu
Yuuyu has stared a website as well as an fanicon account.

Nana Drop Bijou
Afilia Management translated "Nana's birthday encount" to "Nana graduation encount", causing some fuzz. The graduation annoucement, as well as a post by Nana claiming it to be a mistake, were later removed. Nana is refereing to it here when she claims she is not intending to graduate.
A day before her BDEC, she performed with Junjou no Afilia at Kaori's BD live.

Chan-Aki took on CHEERZ' challenge in order to get precious content in Young Animal.
She was pushed to win the event and will get two pages of the YA magazine that releases on 2019-04-26.

At the same time, another event was hosted by CHEERZ that rewards the title page of the UTB magazine to the event's winner.
Chloe attempted claiming the page, but support was generally lacking during the whole event timeframe and finally it was insufficient to have Kuro the title page.

Hearts' have scored oricon daily 8th and weekly 11th with Sparkle☆Power.
They also organized an 4 ton AD Cruiser to promote the single. Leia posted a video here and it was also recorded in the 2019-02-28 airing of Take Ur Hearts.

Pastel Memories
To celebrate Hearts, the Pasmemo video game is staging an event that rewards the Sparkle☆Power costumes.
More information on the event is available in the in-game description of the event.

web pon
Get random Hearts goods from the virtual gacha gacha machine.
Details: Webpon Limited Goods Page

Maho Sotto Voce
On the second part of the Yokohama Stage of Junjou no Afilia's 10th anniversary tour, Mappi announced her graduation from Junjou no Afilia. Her graduation will take place on 2019-09-29.

Follower Campaign
If Leia had 360 additional followers, she would be only 7000 away from having 10000!
Follower campaing PR video 1
Follower campaing PR video 2

Leia has failed to get 3000 followers.

Ray Fashion Magazine content is being distributed to the most popular 2 participants.
Chloe is up for it.

IDOL FILE will have Chloe and Chan-Aki in it's May Special.

In Topic: Afilia Saga East アフィリア・サーガ・イースト

26 January 2019 - 01:30 AM

LuckYOU no Sakidori Idol Juku
January episode
Members: Kanarin, Meimi
Member commented VTR: Suki wa Muteki
Ending: STAGE

Young Animal Gravure Princess
The results of YA's Gravure Princess event were published earlier today.
It turns out our support for Yumichii was insufficient to have YA release content of her.

Chloe's Photobook is now on available for regular sales at pshuka.

Hearts have released a PR material collection for their 7th single.

Its' full-length PV has also been released

AOP no Shibuya de mo daijoubu!
Ricchan and Shiikaten will be guests at AOP's radio show's februrary 13th broadcast on CrossFM.

Follower Campaign
If Leia had 360 additional followers, she would be only 7000 away from having 10000!
Follower campaing PR video 1
Follower campaing PR video 2

Leia (and Shiika) got ill two weeks ago and couldn't participate at group activities.
As a result, Leia still needs 305 followers to be less than 7000 followers away from having 10000 followers.