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In Topic: Yanagawa Nanami (梁川奈々美)

Today, 05:16 AM

I don't think it's photoshop. Sometimes idols wear clothes that trick you into thinking that their sizes are normal. Omizu is one clear evidence for that.

In Topic: [4/1] Juice=Juice 13th Single "Pop Music / Suki tte Itte yo"

Today, 04:53 AM

Yeah, regarding low sales, I still wonder how 48's still maintain the high sales despite the Covid-19 pandemic. H!P groups have events to backup their high sales, but 48's have their own events too. I wonder what the differences are.

In Topic: Juice=Juice

Yesterday, 04:56 PM

I don't think the company dares to announce such joke on April Fool's day.

In Topic: Inoue Rei (井上玲音)

Yesterday, 03:51 PM

I was quite reasonable to predict that she would join J=J. Karin will graduate soon, and her high-quality performance fits J=J. Regarding other groups, MM almost never opens door to ex-members, except Chii-chan. Angerme has auditions, TF is never suitable for her, BEYOOOOONDS is weird for her.


Some people say that J=J is a dumping ground for ex-members, but I think only high-quality members can qualify.

In Topic: Of the current groups, who's your favorite in each?

31 March 2020 - 05:32 AM

Time to update my top 3 (count after KF, Musubu and Karin's graduation)


MM'20: Kitagawa Rio, Morito Chisaki, Oda Sakura

Angerme: Kawamura Ayano, Kasahara Momona, Kamikokuryou Moe

J=J: Inaba Manaka, Kudo Yume, Uemura Akari

TF: Ono Mizuho, Ogata Risa, Tanimoto Ami

BY: Nishida Shiori, Okamura Minami, Eguchi Saya