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Love♥Rider's Blog > The Kosuga Fuyuka Project!

Posted 15 May 2013

Hello!I am Anu~  . First off,let me start by telling you that I am not a big Kosuga fan  . But,that doesn't mean I don't want her back in S/mileage  .
So if you are a Kosuga Fuyuka fan  ,

or you just want her to get back in S/mileage  ,

please just post you name/nickname bellow  .

My goal is to reach 75-100 signatures  !

And you can help  !

If yo...

Love♥Rider's Blog > 2013 Hello!Project Ranking!

Posted 16 January 2013

Natsuyaki Miyabi
Ichioka Reina
Tsugunaga Momoko
Suzuki Airi
Shimizu Saki
Fukuda Kanon
Makino Maria

Love♥Rider's Blog > Morning Musume Critism..What I Think.

Posted 16 January 2013

First,lets start with Sayashi Riho.She is a talented dancer and a nice girl.But her voice is what I think most people dislike about her.....Okay,saying Riho can't sing is just plain rude.Everyone was born with a voice,and it takes a while to find it.Riho just didn't find her voice yet.Yeah,yeah,her voice doesn't fit all songs,but she can still...

Love♥Rider's Blog > Love♥Rider's September 03 Ranking~

Posted 03 September 2012

My Current H!P Ranking for this month:
1.)Kanon Fukuda
2.)Momoko Tsugunaga
3.)Miyabi Natsuyaki
4.)Airi Suzuki
5.)Sato Masaki
6.)Kaneko Rie(KENSHUUSEI)
7.)Kosuga Fuyuka(KENSHUUSEI)
8.)Yajima Maimi
9.)Maasa Sudo
10.)Yurina Kumai

My former H!P Ranking for this month:
1.)Qian Lin
2.)Kago Ai
3.)Tsuji Nozomi
4.)Arihara Kanna
5.)Umeda Erika