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Do you ever dream about H!P members?

16 May 2015 - 02:04 PM

I tought there was alrady a topic like this but I can't seem to find it, anyway, if there is please lock this one.
Do you ever dream about H!P members? Who is the one you dream about the most? Let's share our H!P related dreams!

I dream about H!P members alot! The one I dream about the most is definitely Harunan!
Once I've dreamed about going to a creepy amusement park with her and on Easter I even dreamed about giving her a chocolate egg with a cute Honey-color ribbon.
Other dreams I had involving Harunan that I remember :
- Harunan was a classmate of mine (and also my friend) and another classmate of mine didn’t remember her name and I got really angry and substituted everyone’s names with numbers.

- Mizuki graduated and Harunan became leader and 9 new members were added as13th gen. One of them was Asakura Kiki but she left after one month being in the group.

- I was part of the 10th gen and we (10th gen) and Rika were celebrating KonKon’s graduation. We were so sad and cried alot.

Then Kaorin appeared and she had the same hairstyle as Harunan so we started talking about how similar they looked.