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In Topic: Shimamura Uta (島村嬉唄)

21 February 2019 - 07:09 AM

Utachan did an Insta live that ended up being pretty tearful, and Utachan was talking a bit about her antis, from what I can understand -- and with her mom listening/commenting in the background. Has anyone seen it/can provide more context than I'm able to translate? Unfortunately, looks like it was uploaded almost a full day ago so will only be available for about 3 more hours or so, so if anyone wants to see it, hop on over to her Insta!

In Topic: Top 20 Hello!Project Member Ranking

10 March 2017 - 04:20 PM

I used the sorter (with H!P Kenshuusei), and this almost broke my heart to do, honestly! Fuku-chan has been my top member in both Morning Musume and the entirety of Hello! Project for some time now, but... slowly, someone else has been creeping up my ranks and I finally have to accept it. ;~;


01. Ogata Haruna
02. Fukumura Mizuki

03. Niinuma Kisora
04. Iikubo Haruna
05. Nonaka Miki
06. Haga Akane

07. Wada Ayaka
08. Sato Masaki
09. Suzuki Airi
10. Ogata Risa
11. Ishida Ayumi
12. Wada Sakurako
13. Onoda Saori
14. Hagiwara Mai
15. Ichioka Reina
16. Horie Kizuki

17. Asakura Kiki
18. Tsugunaga Momoko
19. Akiyama Mao
20. Miyazaki Yuka

In Topic: UPCOMING ( formerly MUSIC+ )

10 March 2017 - 03:23 PM

Ahhh, this week's vocal recordings were all from basically a sampling of my favorite members in Momusu, so I'm really happy this week! I wasn't expecting a whole lot when Oharu sang either but I was pretty impressed with how well she sounded. Kind of like with Harunan last week, what made me enjoy her recording even more was that she seemed to be having fun with it and didn't seem to be too nervous even when she tripped up on some parts. I also loved Akane's spoken/shouted lines (especially the ones around 35:50), SO CUTE.

In Topic: [11/08] UPUPGIRLS(仮)Nippon Budokan Live!!!!!!! /...

03 March 2017 - 04:04 PM

The 6 of them will perform Upper Cut.

Naka-G commented that it would good if they can form a group.



Haha, he's totally on point with that comment! It would be good if they could form a group. I'm excited that they'll be taking on Uppercut again! Good luck to them! I think that's also saying something, too, that they'll be performing a UUG song even having failed the audition -- don't artists typically need rights to perform a song by another group live? I'm not 100% clear on rights/usage for lives and such, but something about this seems to point to them still being involved with UUG in some way (sister group or rival group or something) since they seem to be okay with them performing UUG songs at an event of their own. (Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking, haha.)


Also, here's a video of Renren's most recent performance from her YouTube channel (late December 2016), just for fun.


In Topic: UPCOMING ( formerly MUSIC+ )

03 March 2017 - 03:57 PM

I am SO impressed by Harunan's recording in this one. She looks like she's having fun, and her voice works so well with this song. I wish they showed more of her singing rather than the shouting parts, too, but I was still really pleasantly surprised by this!