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Hello! Project MBTI

09 June 2015 - 03:34 PM

About MBTI: http://en.wikipedia...._Type_Indicator

Myers-Briggs types: http://upload.wikime...BriggsTypes.png , http://www.16persona...rsonality-types

Tests to find out your Myers-Briggs type: http://personality-t...nfo/tests/OEJTS (english only), http://www.16personalities.com (variety of languages to choose from)


I've seen many speculations about the possible Myers-Briggs types each celebrity might be on the internet so why not make guesses about H!P girls' types as well? Discuss and make guesses about the possible types and remember to justify each guess, make the personality test and answer the questions like you think one member would answer for example "I think Momoko would answer that she gets fired up by parties" and etc.


Of course we don't know the girls personally so remember that the guesses posted here are our own opinions that are based on what we know about the girls through their idol activities. Also there's no official information about the girls' types (at least I've not found any so feel free to post them here if you find a source) so this topic is just for fun!




I'm ENFJ myself and I think that type might also fit MoMusu's Mizuki. She's really sociable and caring to my understanding and I find myself identifying with her a lot. She has that "a teacher" kind of feel in her that's common for ENFJs.

~♥ MotoHime's Graphics Thread ! ♥~

14 March 2012 - 04:48 PM


I Finally decided to open my own thread! Treat me well, I'm new with graphics, but I think I have improved a lot in a little time!
I'm not as good as many graphic makers here but I will work hard to become better~
I will post my own graphics and OPVs, even drawings some times. I'm also taking requests~

1. Requests are CLOSED
2. I will try to finish request quickly but please forgive me if I'm busy, for example because of school.
3. I will take mainly H!P and KPOP requests but I can also do others too.
4. Please credit me if you use my graphics.
5. I will take mainly banner, icon (100x100 and 150x150) and signature requests. I can also make rankings.
6. I don't take gif, OPV or drawing requests. Drawings maybe in future.
7. I love cute little things in graphics so warning, my work will be full of those.
8. You can criticize over my work but please be nice because i'm new to graphics.
9. Do not steal or re-edit my work.

I hope you can enjoy my work <3~