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The thoughts corner > H!P fighting game - Movements suggestions

Posted 16 May 2014

For the game I will be making.
Any suggestions? I'll be filling this in time with the obvious ones I forgot, but any help is appreciated :) (and spread the word if you are interested in this)

The template goes as follows (the keys are based on the NDS game "Jump Ultimate Stars", just to give a guide):

X = regular specialX (air) = another special while...

The thoughts corner > First entry!

Posted 18 March 2013

(song playing now: Furare Pattern/Berryz Kobo)

Well, first blog entry. Actually first blog ever! I never felt the need to do it before, since I usually my mind was busy with school, but after I graduated, my mind shifted to other things, I started to want to say more things, but there wasn't always somebody to talk them. So yeah, now I wanted to write a...