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✿ xdrewdrawdrawn's Graphics~ ★彡

26 August 2012 - 05:28 PM


Requests: Open/Closed

 I want to improve my graphics so I thought I'd open a thread~ 


- If you use one of my graphics, then please credit me!

- I'll mostly take requests for signatures and avatars for H!O, but if you want something else then please ask and I'll see what I can do. (just a warning; I'm not very good at rankings...) Also, I'll probably be sticking to H!P most, but if you want something non-H!P related, be specific with what it is that you want. ^^ 


- When requesting, please give me the links to what pictures you want, or at least a theme (eg. a set with Riho in One Two Three), since if you tell me to choose whatever pictures it's difficult to know what you may or may not like.

- I won't always be able to make graphics super-quickly, because of school and such.

- I'm not the best graphic maker, so please bear with me ^^;