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Vinny's Blog > Hello Again

Posted 29 September 2012

Hello everybody,
I have decided to stop lurking and actually get up and write something for once... I have attempted this before and it ended horribly but I figured I might as well try again. And so I have decided to officially introduce myself and some facts about me.

Top 3 Idols: My top three are Aibon, Captain and Eripon. Aibon introduced me to the...

Vinny's Blog > H!P Idol Challenge Day 2

Posted 19 September 2011

Day 2: The idol you hate or dislike

So I chose Reina

I don't hate her but I find her...

Vinny's Blog > Hello

Posted 18 September 2011

Hello and welcome to Vinny's Blog!
This is my first attempt at blog writing and I dare say that it will be an interesting endeavor.
So I wanted to start things off with a bang and have decided that doing the 30 day H!P challenge would be a good way because it teaches you a bit about me and if you grace me with a comment I can learn a bit more...