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In Topic: Aikawa Maho (相川茉穂)

11 January 2017 - 05:54 PM

Oh no. Hopefully she'll come back when she's ready. Hoping for a speedy but safe hiatus.

In Topic: [2017.02.22] Tsubaki Factory 1st Major Single "Hatsukoi Sunrise / Just Tr...

08 January 2017 - 08:25 PM

Hatsukoi Sunrise Studio Preview


I kinda prefer the live version than the studio version. Especially the talking parts. They just seem kinda dead compared to the live.

In Topic: [2/4] H!P Kenshuusei Hokkaido 1st indies single "Real Little Girl"

08 January 2017 - 07:37 PM

Lol at the title. Hopefully it'll be a good song and it gives the Hello! Pro feeling.


I'm low key hoping they announce more Hokkaido Kenshuusei members at the Sapporo show.

In Topic: Kaga Kaede (加賀楓)

08 January 2017 - 03:43 PM

Kaedii slaying so much and it's only 8 days into 2017 :good: 

In Topic: Morning Musume (モーニング娘。)

06 January 2017 - 06:02 PM

I think this is the event V for the MM single

Finally there is dance shot for each single  :respect:  :respect:




Hold up, so we don't get any solo close ups for this single?? I was looking forward to seeing Maria and Miki's Sexy cat solo and Maria's Sou Janai solo versions  :sob: