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In Topic: C-ute/Berryz Concert in Paris (Japan expo 3rd July)

01 July 2014 - 08:49 PM

I have 2, but I was planning to use them in both hands. Also it's always good to have more than one for backup. 
If you really will exhaust all your other options then I guess for fellow Chissa fan I could borrow one.

Aw man thanks! If you really could do it, try to spot a blonde 15-year-old Finnish girl wearing shorts and loosei green shirt. I'm also carrying a dark blue backpack.
I'm trying to come to the 1st sign event, conference, handshake event and of course to the concert.

In Topic: C-ute/Berryz Concert in Paris (Japan expo 3rd July)

28 June 2014 - 10:00 AM

Does anyone know if there will be penlights sold somewhere in the Expo? Or does anyone have some extra geen ones that I could borrow or even buy? :)  I definitely need some to support Chissa, but I don't have any!

In Topic: The HP merchandise Request thread.

18 June 2014 - 10:20 AM

Is there anyone coming to the C-ute's Paris concert who could get Chisato's 20th birthday T-shirt? http://www.up-fc.jp/...nfo.php?id=6040

I would really love to own own one, if it's ok that I'd pay the money for the shirt straight to the hand in euros around the concert.

Please contact me, if you could help me out!

In Topic: C-ute/Berryz Concert in Paris (Japan expo 3rd July)

03 May 2014 - 10:46 AM

I thought they were all sold out, but after fighting for awhile on the site I got the category 1 ticket!! <3

Paris here I come!

In Topic: C-ute/Berryz Concert in Paris (Japan expo 3rd July)

22 April 2014 - 03:52 PM

I think I've kinda convinced my parents for a family trip to Paris. At least they haven't brought up any reasons why we couldn't possibly go.

In short all I can say about this concert is that I can't believe the luck and happiness of them coming to Europe. I had given up all almost all hope after I missed a H!P group coming to Europe once again last year, when C-ute was in France. I was sure they wouldn't come any time soon again, but look what happened! They're coming back with other group I have dearly loved for over 5 years, I've managed to save money for a quite long time, my parents' summer holiday starts just few days before the concert is held, everything seems just too perfect to be true right now.

Since I've waited so long to see them, I'd like to get in the first row and wait for their arrival to the conference and handshake event with the first fans on the line of course. The only problem is that I still don't have a friend to keep me company and maybe watch over me a bit too. My parents won't queue with me and other wotas for sure, and there's no way I could join a mass of people all alone in a different country. I'm still young and a shortie, so it would be awesome to see properly what's happening on the stage and maybe be seen by the Berikyuu too.

I've been a lurker for a quite long time in this fandom and haven't talked with other fans in a long time so I'm bit ehhhh.

It would be fun to meet other fans and have conversations about H!P, but who should I hang out with in the convention etc?


But you know that whatever happens I'm still beyond being happy that this is finally happening, I'm going to hear every one's voice with my own ears and see their beauty by my own eyes.

Ah even right now I feel like writing thank you for everything -letters to the Berikyuu girls, their staff members and everyone who are organizing this concert right now <3


@MotoHime; Oh how I wish you could go! It would be more than awesome to travel to Paris with you. It's more fun to have someone with similar interests for a company in the convention than just parents - if they even will agree to go there. If you somehow manage to collect enough money, contact me!! We could save each other haha.