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Lavinya's Blog > Message for Santa + New h!p rankings

Posted 19 December 2013

Dear Santa,
[s](Olly Murs' 'Dear Darling' would really help me now)
for this Christmas I want happiness, power to smile and a nice family Christmas, which my sister wouldn't ruin with her film-flams. I will be really grateful to you Santa if you would really do that. A present? Nope. All I want for Christmas is a great moment which should always be reme...

Lavinya's Blog > anime fanfic suggestions. help

Posted 03 October 2013

i need help. i'm writing fanfiction on Fanfiction.net , as Lawiniea-theGerman
up until now I could only write only one fanfic because I had no more inspiration.

My fanfiction: What We Love To Remember
with Trinity Blood and Blood+.

So the main thing ... Could you give me some suggestions about other characters stuff I could write something about. Only...

Lavinya's Blog > chia. tommyvd.

Posted 05 September 2013

[s]I was able to steal the u50dH!Ppc from Chia's blog. thank you very much.
[s]Visit it! This girl is a true H!P fan. XD

[s]he rarely posts. but I like that he shares so stuff with us.

useless post sorry but I'm to lazy to blog a long thing and I want to post something on this blog.

Lavinya's Blog > New H!P rankings.

Posted 16 July 2013

Mornng Musume ranking    (without Reina)

Sayumi (+3)
Haruna (-1)
Ayumi (-1)
Riho (+1)
Erina (+2)
Mizuki (-)
Haruka (+1)
Sakura (+2)
Kanon (+2)
Masaki (-1)

Biggest Jump: Sayu
Biggest Drop: Haruna, Ayumi, Masaki

Berryz Koubou ranking

Maasa (-)
Miyabi (-)
Risako (+1)
Chinami (+1)
Saki (-2)
Yurina (-)
Momoko (-)

Biggest Jump: Chinami,...

Lavinya's Blog > Personal opinions about the 5th General Elections of AKB48!

Posted 31 May 2013

I am still working at a top of 64 members and you cannot imagine how hard it is.... I will probably never finish such a thing. But still, within this hard-hard-hard working I also have time to post some stuff here. lolz.  
I made a temporary one... to show you here!! My top 10 it was clear made since this February(25/26, if you ask). So, let's see what...