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The archives, by rokun (My One and Only - SayaIshi Graduation Special)

28 April 2011 - 05:14 PM

Hello everyone. :) I thought I'd try posting this here since I've gotten to know many of you and I just started this new fic... inspired by the past weekend. If there's a good reception I'll maybe try posting some other stories here too. I hope you Enjoy! :)

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My One and Only (SayaIshi Graduation Special)

Tsuukai! Berryz Gakuen (begins below)

Berry Beautiful
Chapter 1

Sakura Chirari


The story below, for what it's worth, is dedicated to ChrNo, a beloved, talented and wonderful Miyabi and Berryz fan who has now left us. You inspired so many with your vision, and all I can do is try to help it continue.
(art by ChrNo)


Tsuukai! Berryz Gakuen


“You really are beautiful, you know,” the man said as he looked into her eyes. His suit was only slightly disheveled due to the late hour, reflecting a concern and care for how he looked which the girl preferred in a date. It wouldn’t do after all for her to be seen walking around with some grungy loser with smudges on his collar or maybe a wrinkled shirt.

“Ah, Mister, you know you shouldn’t say such things!” she teased while pointing at him and twirling her finger around in small circles.

“I apologize,” he said with a grimace. “Just couldn’t help myself.” He glanced down at their empty plates and his face fell a little. “I guess we’re done here then, huh?”

The girl checked the time on her cell phone, a small plastic Mickey dangling off a strap. “There’s another five minutes or so, if you’d like Mister. You know, that’s just about enough time for dessert…” She glanced up dreamily, a slight grin forming at the corners of her lips.

“Waiter!” the man called immediately, and rather eagerly, raising a hand toward the direction of the kitchen.

The cake was delicious.

Ten minutes later, the man and girl stood out in the night. He adjusted his hair, and despite his general suavity glanced nervously down at the girl, who calmly adjusted the jacket over her fully untucked seifuku shirt before settling the strap of her bag against her shoulder.

After a moment the man calmed slightly before fishing out a few bills from his wallet. Pondering a moment while glancing at her, he added another to those in his fist. The girl’s eyes shined back at him. “Well I have to say, you’re well worth the rate,” he said in an appraising tone. “There’s a little extra in there for you, too.” And he handed the cash over to the girl, who counted it quickly with her eyes before making it disappear quickly into her jacket.

“You’re too kind, Mister,” she said in a warm voice. “It’s really you I have to thank for such an enjoyable night.”

She looked up into his eyes for a moment more, and could sense the wheels turning in his head. He was thinking about it – they all do – but the question was would he be brave enough to act? By now it was almost like a game to her.

“You have my number, right?” he asked, appearing even calmer now. “I would… like to see you again. The offer would be the same then too.” He considered her a second. “Maybe even a bit more.”

“Of course I do, Mister,” she said, flashing a broad smile at him.

“I-If I may I ask…” he began again, some of the nervousness suddenly returning and causing him to stutter. “May I… have one kiss?”

“Now Mister,” the girl said, grinning again and laying a finger lightly on his chest. The man stared down at it. “You know that’s against the rules. Although…” He looked eagerly back up to her. “You were very kind.” It truly wasn’t an ungenerous tip he’d given her – this one wasn’t too bad at all.

Standing on her tip-toes, she looked up into his face. He gulped, closed his eyes, and in a flash she pecked him lightly on the cheek. Not exactly where he was expecting, or perhaps hoping, but it would do. As she smiled and waved before turning away, she caught him raising a hand to his cheek.

“See ya, Mister,” she told him, and walked down the street. Yes, that would do. Such things were important for business after all – he’d now tell all his co-workers about Miyabi Natsuyaki, and somewhere in there a future client would surely be borne.

Lifting up her cell phone again, she cycled nimbly through her address book until she found the man’s number. Just as she had done many times before, when she pushed another button a confirmation popped up and she pressed yes to delete the number from her book, and once again to block it. Then she found another number and called it, humming to herself as she held the phone up to her ear.

“Chii?” she asked when the other end picked up. “Hey there!

“Yes, the date just finished. He actually gave me an extra five thousand!! I must be finally working my way into higher management,” she said with a giggle.

“Of course I won’t see him again. You know how I am with that. You should consider staying stricter to that too. I know how you get… Speaking of which, how about your night?

“No tip? The douchebag. At least he paid you in full. So whaddya think? Meet up in Shibuya after school tomorrow? Those boots at 109 have been calling my name since I saw them there the other day.

“Awesome! Well I’ll see you then, okay?”

And she clicked her phone shut, swapping it for a small wipe and tube of lipstick from her bag. After dabbing at her lips with the wipe, she gently donned a thin layer of the cherry. Sure she was going home now after the dinner “date”, but she had to look good all the time. Such was this small part of the life led by Miyabi Natsuyaki, second year high school student in the bountiful city of Tokyo.