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Moondoggie's apartment has no room so he's selling piles of stuff shop!

11 January 2018 - 12:03 AM


What do you think is the top 5 essential H!P albums and why?

05 June 2012 - 07:39 PM

H!P has released many albums over the years. What would you say is the top 5 essential for a H!P collection and why did you choose them?

For myself:

1. Best! Morning Musume 1 - This album just embodies the silver and golden age of Morning Musume and what made H!P great in the first place. All the songs are awesome and i can't imagine a collection without it.

2. 2nd W - Yes okay i admit it i'm a little biased putting this as my #2. But if you listen to this album i guarentee you won't be dissapointed. I did consider their first album too but the fact that it's an album of covers and this one is mostly original songs i feel like their style comes through more on this.

3. First Kiss - Aya Matsuura is such a big part of H!P history i'd find it hard to not include one of her albums. Her first album is the one i picked and i think many would agree that it's full of some of her very best work.

4. 1st Chō Berryz - I really think this album really captures the spirit of what H!P is about. It's full of youthful enegetic songs and honestly i struggle to think of another Berryz album that i'd choose over this one.

5. The Best Buono! - One of the most enduring super groups in H!P history deserves to have an epic best of collection and they got it. Every song on this album deserves to be here and it's one you can enjoy as a new fan to Buono! or as an old fan who wants all their best songs on one CD. I honestly could put this higher up in the chart it's just that good a CD to have in my collection.

If you could go back to one "save point" in life...

16 January 2012 - 04:24 PM

Say you are being allowed to go back to one point in your life like a save point and start from that point again where would you chose? Is there a point in your life if you could go back that you'd do over differently?

I think for me it'd be at the start of College although i passed okay i feel like i could have achieved more while i was there if i took it more seriously and i would have got more out of my education if i did. I think now i take my life more seriously and i wish i did back then instead of just screwing around with things that don't even matter in the long run.

What attracts you about the opposite or same sex?

04 January 2012 - 04:19 PM

For me it's usually very subtle things though i guess i have at least a couple of common ones like i prefer dark mysterious eyes over blues and greens. But such tiny things can decide if i am infatuated with a girl like the shape of her eyebrows or her eyes in general i like ones that have an odd shape to them. Also i prefer faces with angles over round ones and certain prominance of hip bones and the angle they create. I also have an obsession with flaws i find perfection boring and imperfection beautiful so i prefer girls who have something most would consider a flaw.

What about everyone else?

What are your pet hates?

13 October 2011 - 04:10 PM

Mine are repeating myself i really can't stand it especially when i know full well they understood what i said and also explaining the obvious. Like some people you'll go "That car is red" and they go "Whaaat?" like they have a thing where they need to say it no matter what. My Mother has this habit and it drives me insane lol