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In Topic: Yoshizawa Hitomi (吉澤ひとみ)

01 October 2018 - 01:18 PM




The best thing that could have happened tho? Yossie immediately pulls over to see if the people she hit were seriously hurt. Finds out they weren't. She profusely apologizes but they tell her "Oh don't worry about it". And then they realize who it was: "Oh wow, it's Yossie". Happy that they "bumped into" a famous ex-momusu. "I was your biggest fan back in the day (during the Golden Era)". They shake hands, then they go their merry way. All live happily ever after.


In reality they'd be thinking "Wow it's Yossie....I'm going to get so much money for this!" lol. I don't know what world you live in, but she hit somebody because she was drink driving. This isn't something where the other person was at fault or a genuine accident where they can laugh it off. This was entirely because she broke the law and because of her own carelessness. So no, that is not something that could have happened. 

You're all still being over dramatic though, going by how Japanese society and scandals work she'll be able to come back later and do tearful interviews of how dark it was right now in her life. It's still funny that it came up years after they were making jokes about her drinking habits. I also remember a friend of a friend telling me a few years back about Yossie frequenting a place near her and often drinking with models and other older idols she knows. I guess now she has a husband to get drunk with. I wonder if she met him in a bar while drunk lol. 

The biggest thing that sucks is because of her stupidity there will be lost footage of Aibon making a comeback to H!P after so many years. 

In Topic: Yoshizawa Hitomi (吉澤ひとみ)

26 September 2018 - 02:41 PM

In the end she won't get any serious criminal charges. Unless it's a murder case or something super serious the Japanese way is they talk through lawyers for a while and agree a pay off for everyone to forget about the whole issue. They are making an example for the TV cameras but even the woman who was hit knows she'll get a pay off. She apparently even bragged on social media when she found out who hit her that she's going to demand a large sum from her lol. 

Everyone will forget about the whole thing in 3 months but she needs to sort her life out. Maybe find some other hobbies and ways to deal with her issues instead of hitting the drink with other celebs and former idols she knows. 

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15 June 2018 - 06:13 PM

It's nice she can finally get the Goto Maki treatment and let bygones be bygones. I feel like they maybe wanted to do something with her before but the timing just wasn't right. It'll be good for her probably to make peace with that part of her life and leave the fans with something positive to remember her by. If anything it'll be nice for her to stand on stage with those people that she had success with again and treated as an equal. 

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28 January 2018 - 08:01 PM

Lol I wish other stuff would hurry up and announce dates so I can figure out if I can even go to this. I'm really happy for them and would like to be there for their first overseas show but I've already seen them a bunch of times so I won't cry about it if I can't make it. Hopefully stuff will  line up where I'll be in London just before it and can take an easy trip to Paris and back lol. Happier for some other people who maybe can't get to Japan so easily who now have a chance to see them live. 

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11 January 2018 - 12:55 AM