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27 December 2011 - 08:49 PM

Welcome to Rini's Box of Fanfictions!~ (> w <)/

Hiya everyone!~ Rini here! I've finally gotten the guts, as well as the willingness to post :D I hope you enjoy~ b(' w ')d I'll do my best to keep everything up to date and what not ^~^

Disclaimer: I own nothing :) None of this stuff is real/legit (except in my wacked out mind)~ And I also apologize ahead of time...my English is kind of weird even though I know more waaaaay more English then Cantonese o.O

ONWARDS!~ :lol:

Chapter Stories
Just Around the Corner
Chapter One (also the next post~)
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

[1.1]Love Me Ai
[1.2]Fairy Tale

[2]Anything for Niigaki-san!!

[3]Another Word

[4]Ikuta's Question