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Hui, I just glanced over the board index
and saw a familiar name in the birthday section.
Well then "Congratulations to your birthday!"
Greetings and have nice day, krey
Jan 30 2012 06:03 PM


Danke schön fur dein schön Komment ~
Ich lerne Deutsch in der schule aber mein sprachniveau ist durschnittlich >_<"
Jan 09 2012 01:17 AM


Happy birthday
and the best wishes.
It is really amazing that you are a fan for 9 years
and only 16 years old.
Nice to see such a loyal fan ^^.
greetings and have a nice day, krey.
Jan 08 2012 11:45 PM


Happy Birthday, best wishes and stay healthy.
Wow 40 years and still a wota ^^.
Thats a nice way to live. Stay as you are.
I hope we can even talk about H!P, when I am 40
and you are very old xD.
Have fun and a great day,
greetings krey
Nov 23 2011 06:44 PM


thanks for the kind birthday wishes krey ;)
been busy of late with birthday stuff!
i only do what i can to spread maimilove, nothing special really. glad to meet a fellow wota from europe in you! ;P
continue to support berikyuu! (^_~).V
Nov 23 2011 11:23 AM


Happy Birthday and the best wishes.
Thanks for all the great posts about maimi, c-ute in general
and of course all the others too.
It's great to see that you put, your the heart into this posts
and hopefully, I am able to read this kind of wota-words for another long time.
Have fun and a great day,
greetings krey ^^
Nov 22 2011 01:43 PM


Haha! I'm only awake because I'm doing a History essay, and uploading Risako's solo event recordings to YouTube. But yeah, I don't really know many people from Europe here, let alone England!
Jun 15 2011 11:59 PM


lol everytime im looking in the "how is browsing this forum box" i see your name ^^. its like a familiar, good feeling to know there is another wota from europe, who is here after 12 o`clock. Have a nice day and see you later in the "browing box" ^^ greetings krey
Jun 15 2011 11:38 PM