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Hello! Yumi > A good shampoo for thin hair

Posted 30 August 2015

Hello everyone! I'm here to ask some of you a question. Did any of you guys use to have thin and now you have thick voluminous hair? TBH, I really want thick hair. I'm tired of having thin hair. If I don't wash my hair for one day, it obviously gets greasy. It also falls out easily. So, I want to ask you guys what kind of shampoo you use. I know Head and...

Hello! Yumi > My First Day Of Highschool [Freshman EDITION]

Posted 31 August 2014

I never got to tell anybody about what I did on my first day of school. .....High School to be exact. I always thought the rumours about high school were true (and some where). Ok so, lets start all the way to where I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I got myself already and asked my mom where's my straightener. She said she hid it somewhere but, I can't u...