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Sayu ♥ POP ~ Magic

03 February 2011 - 11:05 PM

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Open ♥彡 Closed

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R U L E S ; <3
o1. For non H!P related PM me ~
o2. I don't take request with bikini shots sort of images if these aren't Haro Pro related x3 sorry ~
o3. Fill the form lol
o4. I do mostly icons and siggies, but if u want something else ask me :3
o5. Be pacient! D8
o6. I suck at making icons with text, but if u want it I'll do it lol
o7. Sexy guys are sexy ;3 *rawr lol too much yamapi for a weekend ♥*

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R E Q U E S T ; <3
What do u want?:
Colors & text?: