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Boy Friend

25 May 2011 - 06:10 PM

I haven't seen any threads for this group yet so sorry if their is one u u;;
I found all info & picture on facebook: http://www.facebook....yFriend?sk=wall

Boy Friend (Starship Wave):

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Members: Min Woo, Kwang Min, Young Min, Jeong Min, Dong Hyun, Hyun Seong

They’ve already got their own reality show in the works, and with the support of not only labelmate seniors K-Will and SISTAR, but hit composer Brave Brothers as well, Starship Entertainment’s Boyfriend is already proving to be a formidable debut. On May 25th, the boys released their debut single album, “Boyfriend.”
Their entire debut is the combined effort of some of the biggest names names in the industry, including directorJo Soo Hyun for their music video, and dance team DQ their choreography.
The boys classify themselves as a ‘New Wave’ band, and are comprised of young six members that are literally aiming to be the boyfriends of their fans in their title track, “Boyfriend.” Brave Brothers aimed to bring out the vocal colors of each of the members through a unique rhythm line and sweet lyrics.
Check out their debut single below, and be sure to check back for their debut on Mnet’s “M! Countdown”. Also remember to support them by purchasing the music.

01. Let's Get It Started

02. You & I

03. Boyfriend (Title)

cr: allkpop.com
source: naver music

Hello! Online collaboration {TEAM H!O}

07 April 2011 - 11:44 PM

After seeing everyone in UFA sing a version of 'Ai ha katsu' it got me thinking. Now, all of us obviously show tons of support for Japan and H!P/UFA... why don't we all do a version of 'Ai ha Katsu' or another powerful, uplifting song to support Japan? Granted, nothing will come from it~ but it would be a good way to get together and support such a strong, amazing country. It would give everyone from H!O a chance to get together and connect on a level that isn't based on idols or who likes who... what does everyone think? I think this could be something big and something that could be able to bring us together! Now, this is NOT a competition of who is the greatest singer. If you can record you can participate! It does not matter your singing ability (:

I honestly think it would get us all together to do something amazing and worth while.

So guys, I need your opinions!

Edit;; I would have to find someone to do the mixing and video making~ I don't know how to do any of that.
Edit;; Like the UFA video~ there will be no solo's (:

So that shall be the song we'll all sing because it well fits and because we can make an overseas version of our own (with japanese lyrics of course)

Shinpai nai kara ne Kimi no omoi ga
Dareka ni todoku ashita ga kitto aru

Donna ni konnan de kujike sou demo
Shinjiru koto wo kesshite yamenaide

Carry on, carry out
Kizutsuke kizutsuite aisuru setsunasa ni Sukoshi tsukarete mo
Oh, Mou ichido Yume miyou
Aisareru yorokobi wo shitteiru no nara

Yozora ni ryuusei wo mitsukeru tabi ni
Negai wo takushi bokura wa yattekita

Donna ni konnan de kujike sou demo
Shinjiru koto sa Kanarazu saigo ni ai wa katsu

Carry on, carry out
Motomete ubawarete ataete uragirare Ai wa sodatsu mono
Oh, Tookereba tooi hodo
Kachi toru yorokobi wa kitto ookii darou

Shinpai nai kara ne Kimi no yuuki ga
Dare ka ni todoku Ashita wa kitto aru

Donna ni konnan de kujike sou demo
Shinjiru koto sa Kanarazu saigo ni ai wa katsu
Shinjiru koto sa Kanarazu saigo ni ai wa katsu
Shinjiru koto sa Kanarazu saigo ni ai wa katsu
Shinjiru koto sa Kanarazu saigo ni ai wa katsu...

Mediafire: http://www.mediafire...3fyzviag90vnoxi
Megaupload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q40OGPUY


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вσηкyυ's мιηι-sнσρ

23 November 2010 - 03:11 AM

Welcome to my little shop (:
I just have a few simple, easy to follow rules:

1) USD Only

2) Only form of payment I accept is paypal

3) If interested, please PM

바니 「вσηкyυ」 -R E Q U E S T S C L O S E D-

16 August 2010 - 08:28 PM

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HELLO! Welcome to my graphics thread~

- I'm not very good but I'll try my best to get better :'D
--- I give credit to any other sites I got my brushes from, I don't remember where exactly but I give credit to them.

- You may use anything here, just quote the image you wanna use!
-- Please give credit to me if used on here or any other website
--- Requests don't have to be strictly H!P related! I'll do any artists~
---- If you use any of my sets please use it for one week before changing it, thanks~ !
----- Please supply pictures you want me to use, if not it'll take longer for me to get your requests done.

Other random info;;
- I have no forms!
-- If you request just tell me what you would like, supply pictures & if you want text with it, tell me what you want it to say!
--- I'll get everything done quickly~ I check this bored many times a day.
---- I love doing surprise art for people :'D so don't be like "....um..." if I send you something!

Currently working on;; Catching up on requests.