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바니 「вσηкyυ」's вℓσg > Two more weeks.

Posted 11 July 2011

Two more weeks until Teen Tops comeback.

Two more weeks until I can see CAP, Chunji, L. Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo back in action.

I cannot wait for this comeback. This is the first comeback that I’m really looking forward too. Not just because I’m just really getting into KPOP but because these six boys have become very prominate in my life. I have...

바니 「вσηкyυ」's вℓσg > Day Two;; How you found out about TEEN TOP.

Posted 13 April 2011

How did I find out about Teen Top?

Well... first it was from the lovely Mikari! I saw that she had a gif avi of a Teen Top member at the time and it amused me greatly so I asked who it was~ and she told me it was Chan Jo from the group Teen Top:

Me: Your avatar makes me smile : ) I don't know who it is but...

바니 「вσηкyυ」's вℓσg > Day 1;; The First Teen Top Song You've Ever Heard.

Posted 12 April 2011

Supa Luv;;

One of my friends was talking about this group she was really getting into! So I'm like "Okay, what do they sound like?" and she sent me the video to Supa Luv and it was love at first listen~ they're amazing! Honestly, they are one of...

바니 「вσηкyυ」's вℓσg > 30 DAY TEEN TOP CHALLENGE (found on tumblr)

Posted 12 April 2011

Day 1- The first TEEN TOP song you ever heard.

Day 2- How you found out about TEEN TOP.

Day 3- Why you love TEEN TOP.

Day 4- Post dedicated to C.A.P.

Day 5- Post dedicated to Chunji.

Day 6- Post dedicated to L.Joe.

Day 7- Post dedicated to Niel.

Day 8- Post dedicated to Ricky.

Day 9- Post dedicated to Changjo.

Day 10- Favorite quote from one of the...

바니 「вσηкyυ」's вℓσg > Idea...! {NEED FEEDBACK}

Posted 07 April 2011