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Hello! Project Survay I did awhile ago....2005?, but I thought it would make sense to post here.

(Please excuse the hyper language, over use of emicons, and bad grammer!)

My tastes have changed over the years so this isn't 100% up to date Posted Image

1)When did you become a H!P fan?

Around the summer of 2002, but my hard core obsession didn't begin until about spring of 2004.[/b]

2)How did you become a H!P fan?
This is going to be long x_x sorry!!
When I first got into J-pop all I would listen to were artists like Ayu, Hikki, and Kuraki Mai XD; I knew who Morning Musume was at that time, but I thought they looked cheesy^^;;, so I didn't make any effort to find out more about them. When I saw pictures of them I would be like, Why do they need so many people??? Theres too many! lol XD;;; So basically, I just decided to give them a shot one day. I used to visit this site called visual.azn a lot, where they would post up random Jpop PV's and other media. That week they had posted The Souda! We're Alive PV, I was curious so I downloaded it and ended up really liking it. After that I didn't really keep up to date with them but I would download random PV's and watch them a lot ^O^; I remember downloading Pucchi Moni's Baby Koi ni Knock Out! PV not knowing what it was. All I knew was that they were in Morning Musume. I was sooooo obsessed with that video though, but I never new what group they were lol Then during '03 my friend from downtown would show me random Mini Moni videos and old episodes of Hello! Morning, which introduced me to H!P more X3! So I became a Mini Moni fan for the rest of the year, and kept up with MoMusu singles from Shabondama. My fandom for Yoshizawa Hitomi exploded before Roman My Dear Boy came out, which is where the hard core fandom kicked in X3 I'm not sure what made me like her all of a sudden, I think it was some Pucchi Moni video clip I thought was really cool, and one of the Mr. Moonlight lives *O* So from then on I downloaded everything and anything H!P. I've downloaded so much stuff that my harddrive is pretty much 95% H!P, plus the hundreds of burnt cds x_x So ya that’s my little (or long) story ^o^;;;;;;

3)Why you love H!P?
The diversity in groups, personalities, costumes!! Tsunku writes amazing melodies, and he always uses different themes and styles.*O* The costumes and colourful imagery always inspires me with my art (I'm taking illustration) I also love some of the weirdness that comes out of it, its just unusual and creative. Posted Image
The endless tv/variety shows are also brilliant!!!! I love how they're all like a big family *^^* I wish I could be apart of something like that *O*

4)In your opinion, what's the best way to show your love for H!P?
Ummm I guess being supportive even when they screw up. I always want to see them do well...and by buying their music/dvds! Not everything though, u'd need to be rich to buy every release x_x

5)Who's your fave H!P member?And why?
Yoshizawa Hitomi XD I think she’s the most down to earth person out of the group. She doesn't seem to be afraid of what people think of her... shes just her crazy self, but also modest too X3; She’s the type of person you wish was your best friend or something, you could just hang out and be silly and crazy XD I think she’s very caring and understanding towards the people she works with too *O* Her interest in surrealist art/drawing is also awesome, since I'm taking art and such, so I like how shes creative and diverse in everything; Acting, comedian, singing, dancing, sports, art. A very cool girl!Posted Image
Her artwork is pretty interesting too! Its all absract and surreal, very cool!(some of it can be found in her 8teen photobook)

6)What H!P unit is your favorite?And why?

Mmm, if I wasn't including Morning Musume I would say Pucchi Moni. I love Kei and Yossie *O* I like Maki too but not as much as those two X3 and their style of music is fun but not sugar coated like Mini Moni (I love Mini Moni too tho ^^;) I also would say 1st gen Tanpopo because the music was just REALLY GOOD. Their first album is amazing *O* But since those bands don't really exist anymore then I would say Melon Kinenbi, they have a mature sound which I like....I'm very indecisive ^^;; Sorry

7)Who is your fave solo H!P artist?And why?
Ayaya! She's the ultimate idol, and her voice is so beautiful and heavenly *cheese* She sounds flawless when she sings live and it looks like she has a lot of positive energy. I remember seeing her at some fan event, and she looked so comfortable and happy, she seems to be really friendly when meeting with her fans^^
Then again, I like a lot of Maki and Yuko songs too, and I'm a huge fan Of Miki's solo album, so I guess I just balance them all. X3 Again, very indicisive (Too many artists lol)

8)Your Fave H!P song(or single or album)?And why?

Eee not again. Uhhh I can't choose ^^;;; I guess 4th Ikkimashoi! or 2nd Morning.

9)Had you ever met H!P member(s) in person?(not including public performance such as concerts or musical)
Noo, I've never even been to Japan x_x;; I would love to see them in concert though, I have too!! ;___; Meeting them is impossible so, boo.

10)If you could meet your fave H!P member(s), what would you do?
I would be very nervous/self conscious, cos I don't know what they're like when they meet foreign fans^^;; I don't think they would be mean, but I would be afraid being annoying or something ^^;; If I met Yossie I would try to tell her how much she has inspired me, but my Japanese is terrible so that couldn't really happen x_x; <--- I ended up seeing her at Chibi Japan Expo but completely choked when I went to get her autograph, I was SO EMBARRASSED!! I wanted to crawl under a rock Posted Image

11)Had you ever go to H!P concert(s)? If you had, what concert did you attend?

Nope. I want to go someday though ;__;

12)What H!P products do you buy most often?

Mmm mostly singles/albums and photobooks, I try to get 1st press editions too^^;; I don't have a lot of dvd's cos they're a bit pricy Posted Image

13)What's your most-valuable H!P treasure?
Mmm mainly my 1st press singles/albums :3 They're pretty! oh and my Yossie photobooks XD;

14)How did you get H!P vids and music?
Earlier on I used soulseek, but now its mainly bitorrent or yousendit/megaupload

15)Had you ever dreamed about H!P member(s) in your dream?
This was awhile ago, but I had this one Yossie dream where I got her autograph or something, but she signed it with the plastic wrapping still on^^; Then she tore it off and just gave me the plastic with her signature on it ^^;; and she was like mute and very calm x_x Weird lol

16)Leave your message for H!P:
Good luck with everything you do! Please keep going strong for as long as possible ;0;!!! lol

Yay its 5am X____X

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