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SUPERLeMONLove~! > Jpop in January Top 6

Posted 31 January 2012

So, my plan was initially to write one of them 2011 reviews, but I felt that I'm a little bit late out (and it'd just be filled with Mao Abe and NEGOTO anyway), so the idea bored me quickly. Instead, I figured - why not make a ranking out of the many Jpop releases from January? There were quite a few after all.

Well, it's not really...

SUPERLeMONLove~! > Oshi48: Preparing for April

Posted 26 January 2012

Okay, first of all, I never use the term "oshi," I prefer favorite. Therefore, I will use the word favorite from now on. I just wanted a nifty title.

So, I haven't used this blog in like forever, mostly because I forgot about it, ohoho. Either way, I felt like ranting some at the moment because I'm bored, and the topic I chose for this...

SUPERLeMONLove~! > A rather late reaction to the whole S/mileage thing.

Posted 17 August 2011

As the topic states - this is a rather late reaction to all the current fuss about S/mileage, such as the new members of stuff. This doesn't of course mean that I just noticed them, I followed the audition closely and stayed up late to catch the results. It's just that I've been too freaking lazy to write my comments on them, and... well... I...