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Chimai's Blog > H!O Confessions Tumblr

Posted 18 April 2012

Looking at the H!O confessions makes me realize how disgusting some people are. Honestly, the people who say it's like high school are wrong. The stuff people say on there is ten times worse than high school, at least worse than what most people would hear to their faces or even through word of mouth. I know it's just the internet, but people...

Chimai's Blog > "Potential of J-pop idols unlimited"

Posted 01 November 2011

I just read an interview with Takahashi Ai than an online news blog did just today and a lot of it rings true. It talks about the potential of Japanese pop (especially idol culture) internationally, and how the Japanese don't seem to care about promoting their culture globally, while South Korean entertainment has started to become a globe-circling ...

Chimai's Blog > Top 5 Singles: YUI

Posted 25 June 2011

Okay, next in line!

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This was the hardest yet! YUI doesn't have THAT many singles, but I love EVERY ONE. Not even kidding. I like EVERY SINGLE by her! They're all so awesome! but... I did it. I don't know how,...

Chimai's Blog > Top 5 Singles: BoA

Posted 24 June 2011

Next in my top 5 singles series...

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Yep, Japan's Korean Princess!

She was the 2nd J-Pop artist I really got into, and she was my first time...

Chimai's Blog > Top 5 Singles: Utada Hikaru

Posted 24 June 2011

I have always had a hard time ranking my favourite singles and albums by my favourite artists, but I have been thinking... I can at least name my top 5 singles by each artist, right?!

So I have made it a challenge to make a blog post every day of my top 5 singles by my favourite artists! Starting...