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♡ bunnies & strawberries ⌒♡+゚ > ♡ keeping in track with : HKT48 ⌒♡+゚

Posted 17 December 2011

hkt48 magazine appearances, profile photos, tv and radio appearances and links, doing this mainly for myself but if it's any help to you, you're welcome!

note : i am currently working on completing the list so far - it is not done yet !

♡ M A G A Z I N E S ♡

☆Kanyon's blog translations (ノ。・ω・。)ノ⌒☆+゚ > 2011-03-24 ☆ Bright feeling

Posted 25 March 2011

Good evening!

The other day was FujiTV-san's

Posted Image

A different story


Now I feel very energetic and bright。

As fast as possible
Japan should be full of smiles

Until that
we will try...

☆Kanyon's blog translations (ノ。・ω・。)ノ⌒☆+゚ > 2011-03-22 ☆ Long Time No See

Posted 22 March 2011

Good evening。
And long time no see!

How are you?

I am today

made a new song

「Love is here~Kibou no Hikari~」

I listened to it。

And I though that
the song has power
very much and big power
I though that。

S/mileage also
songs and smile
how many are there

I want them to make people well...

☆Kanyon's blog translations (ノ。・ω・。)ノ⌒☆+゚ > 2011-03-18 ☆ I'm fine

Posted 19 March 2011

Posted Image

Good evening。

Today also, us S/mileage are fine

Today, we worked with Momoiro Clover-san!

They are very cute and fun。

Our cheerful appearance
here's a picture。

original entry here;...

☆Kanyon's blog translations (ノ。・ω・。)ノ⌒☆+゚ > 2011-02-20 ☆ Kanzennenshoー Revolution

Posted 20 February 2011


Posted Image

Today in Yokohama BLITZ
Release event

it was so much fun(^ω^)

Ashi panpan yaaaa!ww

Singing and dancing a lot
It was the best day♪

De ne,...