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*About me*

Birthdate: November 1, 1996
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Playing Audition
Special skill: Playing Audition
Favorite color: Violet,Yellow
Favorite sports: Badminton
Favorite movie: @Harmoni,Q.E.D. shoumei shuuryou
Favorite flowers: Red freesias
Favorite word: Saiko(best)
Favorite season: Summer, winter
Favorite food: Chocolate and spaghetti
Disliked food: Avocado
Favorite song:Nakidasu Kamo Shirenai yo
Favorite Actress:Takahashi Ai
Favorite Actor:Nakamura Aoi
Favorite Lovers: Takahashi Ai ♥ Nakamura Aoi

My Favorite H!P Group is:Morning Musume
My Favorite H!p Member is:Takahashi Ai,Risa Niigaki,Eri Kamei,Sayumi Michishige, and Linlin
My Favorite Morning Musume Single is:Onna Ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
My Favorite Morning Musume Album: 10 My Me

Information How Did I Get Morning Musume And Why I Addicted In Morning Musume:

My first favorite j-pop group is Hinoi team....During I watch Hinoi team single "Now And For Ever" In youtube.....,I see in the side of screen a cute girl (Tanaka Reina tittle of the single Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari)...Then I click it...When I click it...They are all cute and cool girls...Then I mention in 0:13 and 1:11 (Takahashi Ai) She's so cute,sexy,great dancer and so cool!!! After that I remember the name of that group "MORNING MUSUME".....When I search Morning Musume....I see a Single titled Nanchatte Renai....When I see it...I said to myself.."this group is not morning musume???" Because i see in another single that they are almost 13...But in this is single is only 9?? Then I continue watching it!! I see again the cute and cool girl..She is so hot!!! I said to myself "This is Morning Musume"....Because I see again the cute and cool girl..That i see in last song...I search it in google...Then After that I learn all the information about that girl

Name:takahashi Ai

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Nickname: Ai-chan, Lovely, Takitty, Tettekete
Birth date: September 14, 1986
Birthplace: Sakai, Fukui Prefecture, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 153 cm
Hobbies: Watching plays, ballet
Specialty: Flipping her eyelids, bridge
Favorite food: Sauce katsudon, omelette rice
Disliked food: Mont blanc, eggplant, pineapple, musubi, perilla leaves
Favorite color: Black, white, pink,yellow
Favorite word: "Tomodachi" (友達 - "Friend")
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite flowers: Roses
Favorite song: Tsumetai Umi / Start in My Life by Kuraki Mai

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Hello! Project Groups:


Morning Musume (2001-On Going)
High-King (2008- On Going)


Minimoni (2003-2004)
Morning Musume Sakura Gumi (2003-2004)

Shuffle Groups:

2002: Happy 7
2003: 7AIR
2004: H.P. All Stars
2005: Elegies


Takahashi was selected from Love Audition 21 to join Morning Musume as a fifth generation member on August 26, 2001, along with Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto, and Niigaki Risa. Tsunku credited her exceptional singing ability as one of the reasons for choosing her. She debuted on the single "Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~," and she first appeared on the fourth studio album 4th Ikimasshoi!.

Early on, Takahashi's strong Fukui accent frequently drew comments from television interviewers and other Hello! Project members. She has gradually grown out of it since she moved to Tokyo and took up professional voice training, but she still occasionally slips into it when she is nervous or surprised. It was even the subject of her verse in the original "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari."

In September 2002, when the fifth generation were placed into the Morning Musume subgroups, Takahashi was added to the Minimoni roster, and she first appeared in the subgroup's movie, Minimoni ja Movie: Okashi na Daibouken!. Takahashi filled the spot left open by the graduation of leader Yaguchi Mari, and she went on to release a total of seven singles and one full-length album, Minimoni Songs 2.

Takahashi was placed in Morning Musume Sakura Gumi in January 2003 and released two singles as a part of the group before it went inactive.

Although Takahashi had received a big push to the center since the release of "Do it! Now," it wasn't until "Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~" that Takahashi began to be prominently featured on songs. "The MANPOWER!!!," Morning Musume's first single of 2005, featured Takahashi as a co-lead vocal and it is a position she has retained on most singles released since then. She even went on to sing with Tsunku on his solo album, TAKE 1, covering a re-arranged version of his duet with Hamasaki Ayumi, "Love ~since 1999~."

In 2006, she became a member of the kickball team Metro Rabbits H.P.. When Kago Ai was suspended from activities due to her smoking scandal, Takahashi was named as the new team captain.

In Ribbon no Kishi: The Musical, Morning Musume's summer musical for 2006, Takahashi played the lead role of Sapphire.

In summer 2006, Takahashi released her first solo single "Yume Kara Samete" as an online-only audio purchase.

On January 2, 2007, Tsunku announced that Yoshizawa Hitomi will graduate from Morning Musume in May of 2007, thus on May 6th, Fujimoto Miki became the group's new leader, and Takahashi became Morning Musume's new subleader.

On June 1, 2007, UFA made a sudden announcement that Fujimoto Miki had "resigned" from Morning Musume following the footsteps of former leader Yaguchi Mari and Takahashi became the new leader.

As of January 2009, she and Risa Niigaki have the longest tenures of any member. She is also one of only four members to remain in the group for seven years or more (the others being Iida Kaori, Yoshizawa and Niigaki) and one of two (along with Niigaki) to remain in the group for eight years.

On February 1, 2009, during the "Hello Pro Award '09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyō Kinen Special~" concert held at Yokohama Arena, Yuko Nakazawa passed on her leadership position in Hello! Project to Takahashi.

I search other members too of course and the group...After that....that is the day where i addicted in Morning Musume ^__^

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