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Posted 09 October 2010 - 06:14 AM

Haha, I think that would be a lil intimidating for the staff. HIRO wouldn't do good as a comedian :P.

Some new info already (LOL)

Posted Image

J Soul Brother's first single, Best Friend's Girl, will have a tie in with Meiji's Melty Kiss product as the Commercial Song.

Here's a video of when EXILE did a song for it, Ti Amo

道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 06:54 AM

I'm just wondering why HIRO is on mechaike tonight in the first place @[email protected]

i hope everyone on exile shows up :D

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Posted 09 October 2010 - 06:33 PM

We'll find out soon enough :D!


Oricon 4th day sales -

I Wish For You
- 13,567 (Total : 155,172)
Motto Tsuyoku maintains it's position @ #5.


ATSUSHI also performed a solo song from their FANTASY double-maxi single, Negai (Wish / Desire / Ambition), @ Miriam's Live Tour. His performance, needless to say, was flawless all the way through. Strong vocals and such a velvet voice, everyone was cheering happily :D!

He started getting nervous when speaking in mandarin / cantonese when he wrote the letter for the audience, it was pretty funny. Kinda cool to hear him speak a bit of english too.



Will update with more info when available!

:king: :king: :king:
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 03:09 AM

EXILE I Wish For You 5th day sales : 8,140 (Total : 163,312)

I've uploaded performances of DREAM & LOVE @ the CDTV 2009-2010 Year End special live. These are .ts format files, HD quality (I use VLC Media Player to watch it.)

Download here:
>>> LOVE CDTV Performance, Tada Hitotsu no Negai Sae <<<
>>> DREAM CDTV Performance, Perfect Girls <<<

I've also uploaded the AKB48 Performance of Iiwake Maybe + River, specifically for the Wota-ness of JSB Member NESMITH. This was also the first performance I've seen of AKB48 that lured me sorta into the fandom of theirs :P.

Download here:
>>> AKB48 CDTV Performance, Iiwake Maybe + River (NESMITH Wota) <<<

With that said, AKB48 Combi Tomotomo (Tomomi Kasai and Tomomi Itano) along with Maeda Atsuko performed at their "Karaoke" live. The song they've chosen to perform in the setlist was EXILE's Choo Choo Train.

In their blogs, they've posted images of themselves posing as TOMOATSUXILE / AKXILE / etc. Of course, the most prolific member is ATSUSHI.. therefore all three girls dressed as ATSUSHI! Mustache / goatee + sunglasses + 24KARATS Jerseys!

Maeda Atsuko's blog post about the event is listed as a hot topic for ameblo blog (their recommended / highlight pop up list) with at least 2100 comments posted by other users.

Check that blog post here:
>>> Maeda Atsuko Blog Post 10-10-10 <<<

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

Gawd... Their so cute XD!!! <3 <3

Little trivia: if Maeda Atsuko (Acchan) was born as a male, her name would've been ATSUSHI.

ATSUSHI's look is highly popular among males, where in concerts they see alot of people dressed and looking like him. Even on the train's there are ATSUSHI's.

's look was so popular that it placed in the top 10 most popular hairstyle in 2009. Specifically it ranked 3rd.
Posted Image

10. Geometric Mohican [131 Votes]
9. For those who like the unusual [154 Votes]
8. Fresh style for spring/summer [295 Votes]
7. Sexy Waves [331 Votes]
6. Parted into two, framed around face [366 Votes]
5. Tousled Mohican, Bali Art at the sides [428 Votes]
4. Layered with black lowlights [451 Votes]
3. Inspired by ATSUSHI from EXILE [789 Votes]
2. Versatile Base Cut [881 Votes]
1. Inspired by Mizushima Hiro [2306 Votes]

Mr.EXILE himself.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Will update thread with more info when available!

Let me know if there are any problems with the files!

:king: :king: :king:

Posted Image

You can check out The Rootless Debut Single, One Day, on their discography page. Previews of all tracks including the One Piece opening title song One Day.

I really like the third track on the single, Before the Goodbye (さよならの前に)!

Check it out here:

>>> The Rootless Discography page <<<

The single releases on 10/20
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 06:03 AM

Hey guys, sorry for not keeping the thread updated T_T, been busy here and there. While singing along with the song Ai Subeki Mirai E, I got a lil misty.. (I'm a guy btw) and was thinking why am I getting so affected by this particular song. I'm more of a sappy dude and totally love the lyrics here + the delivery of vocals and instrumentals in this song. Totally endearing and meaningful.

So, here's my translation of the song (a rough translation I did in about 30 minutes lol....)

Ai Subeki Mirai E (To the Future of Love)
Lyrics by : ATSUSHI

I want to see
Smiles of happiness...
Somewhere on this large vast Earth,
where people are crying even today.

Always in my heart,
Thoughts of that precious person
Wanting to wish them happiness
It's my little dream.

We'll lose that person one day
Surely, we'll receive them when they return
With my all, I'll continue shouting
Please don't stop these loving feelings

One day, We'll realize we've lost these feelings of kindness
Chasing the meaning of our dreams
That we've lost sight of

The way it is, Children grasping their dreams
Their desire wanting to live fully
Now we should do something here
Our love for the sake of the Future

In thousands of stars,
Share your kindness to understand Joy
From then on, we'll connect the threads of Life and Hope

If I smile,
Perhaps your smile will be visible
I'll believe in it and continue shouting
Please don't stop these loving feelings

Our love for the sake of the Future


The animated PV from the Ai Subeki Mirai E Album

Dialogue at the beginning:
Who will create the future?
We'll depict the dream and future
For you
For this world's future

Next time when I update.. EXILE Christmas Cake?! More ATSUSHI look-a-likes?! 3rd Gen. JSB Singles?!

:king: :king:
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 23 October 2010 - 05:12 PM

Updates! (I actually took 2 hours to write a post, but my browser crashed and everything was lost... so yeah..)

3rd Gen. J Soul Brothers

Debut Single released on 11/10, Best Friend's Girl
It'll be used for Melty Kiss CM which you can watch here:

>>> http://www.meiji.co....tykiss/top.html <<<

This will be the third year straight that LDH artists will be doing a cm for the product. EXILE started with Ti Amo in 2008, girl duo LOVE with Tada Hitotsu no Negai Sae in 2009 and now JSB in 2010.

It is the audition song from the Vocal Battle Audition 2. The song is currently holding #1 on the Chaku Uta charts as well as RBT ranking since it's debut this past Wednesday (10/20)

Posted Image

Second Single released on 12/1, On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ / ~Lights of Miracle~
It'll have a tie-in as a drama theme for Kenji Onijima Heihachiro (law and attorney drama starring Hamada of the comedy group Downtown, known from Gaki no Tsukai or as HEY! HEY! HEY! Host.)



The PV for One Day is released, check it out here:

>>> The ROOTLESS - One Day PV <<<

The single debuted on the 20th, and is currently holding third place on Oricon! The single is used as an One Piece opening song, I believe the lyrics were written by the vocalist Nobatake Shin.



For having the Chaku Uta / Chaku Uta Full song of the Month (For September), TETSUYA and SHOKICHI ended up as guests on RecoHITs.

Split into three clips:

>>> RecoHITS EXILE P3 <<<

TETSUYA and SHOKICHI show up and introduce an item they've brought along. SHOKICHI is known for having 'powerful' eyes and HIRO decided to make gag items out of it. SHOKICHI eyeglasses! Dorky, but girls find it funny.

After that.. EXILE fan of the group Mayuko said that based on EXILE TV Shows (EXH / EXE), TETSUYA has a particular part that she likes. That is, TETSUYA is known for delivering his 'romantic' lines / comments. So he does, setting a scenario: The girl following the guy, about 3 paces behind when.. the guy will turn around and deliver the line.

The scene is commenced, one of the girls following behind TETSUYA when he turns around and said "Two is fine". (This can be interpreted as "Two paces is fine" or "A Couple is fine".) Sort of a play on words, romantically corny :P The hosts seem to like it XD.

The next segment is about EXILE Yabai PV's. They gather info from fans @ the EXILE FANTASY LIVE TOUR 2010.

They show around the concert grounds, including the EXILE Purikura (EXILE Print Club sticker booths) as well as the popular EXILE Member produced goods (I wanted ATSUSHI's produced item, custom made music box that he's designed to the song Michishirube.)

The first girl is a die-hard TETSUYA fan, calling him TETCHAN and ecstatic to be holding his produced good. @ 2:50 of the first clip, they show the ATSUSHI Look-a-likes, one of them even spiked / dyed their hair to match ATSUSHI's current looks.

An EXILE Couple appears and are asked a question or two. The couple pointed out that the boyfriend auditioned for the Vocal Battle Audition 2 but lost right away. The question to the boyfriend was if he prefers EXILE or his girlfriend, he non-hesitantly said EXILE. The girlfriend wasn't surprised and said that she would choose SHOKICHI over her boyfriend.

Next people at the concert shown, the ATSUSHI look-a-likes. Standard "I Love ATSUSHI" stuff.

Now onto the Yabai PV segment, first up Futatsu no Kuchibiru!

First point is EXILE members as police.
Second point, asking the die-hard TETSUYA fan.. Her Yabai point of the PV was when TETSUYA dove throw the window and tossed his gun to AKIRA.
Last Point, Hollywood-like effects (Highly Cinematic.)


First Yabai point, Ohashi Nozomi being in the PV.
Second point, asking a girl fan.. Her Yabai Point was when the members were dancing in the water. The hosts announced that used in that particular scene, 200tons of water was used.

Third Yabai PV, VICTORY!

Yabai point, Samurai Blue being featured in the PV (The Japan Team for World Cup 2010.) They even had the Chairman for Japan's Team in the PV.

Then, they've asked yabai points about EXILE and a good amount answered their muscles. Leading into the 4th yabai PV, 24Karats STAY GOLD.

Yabai points in the PV were SHOKICHI's abs & pectorals, TETSUYA's Triceps, NAOKI's neck (Sternomastoids), and HIRO's Shoulder muscles (Deltoids.)

In the second clip, TETSUYA & SHOKICHI show another item they've brought along. A game where you press A & B consecutively for 10 seconds, TAKAHIRO is the member with the highest record for pressing it 367 times within the limited time.

I Wish For You promo is done, while the hosts / TETSUYA & SHOKICHI play the game in third clip.

Posted Image

EXILE TAMASHII aired this past sunday (17th) and it had a pre-show.. events leading up to EXILE TAMASHII. They've shown clips where celebrities of Japan Entertainment showed up to support EXILE during their FANTASY TOUR; such as making food dishes and attending the concert. At the last Concert, EXILE announced the show itself amongst other things (like introducing the new JSB.)

In the pre-show they've also shown TAKAHIRO doing the design work for EXILE TAMASHII's logo.

As for EXILE TAMASHII itself, it's just like EXILE HOUSE / EXE. They do the standard Q&A with the guest and a lil something extra. The golden moments were during the lie detector tests.

With the members hooked up to the lie detector, the members will have to respond "no" to every question asked to them. The needle will react if it's a lie or not react if it's a true answer.

Watch clip here:
>>> http://www.dailymoti...17-3_shortfilms <<<

First one up: HIRO *Note: I didn't type any questions involving Beat Takeshi or his group*

USA starts by asking HIRO if he places priority / preference amongst the EXILE members? HIRO answers no, the needle doesn't react.

ATSUSHI: Do you exclusively know any secrets within EXILE? HIRO: No (the needle reacted at this point.)

MAKIDAI: Do you know MATSU's secret? HIRO: No (No reaction)

AKIRA: Does the secret belong to TAKAHIRO? HIRO: No (The needle goes crazy)

TAKAHIRO: Do you know a secret of MAKIDAI's? HIRO: No (Needle goes crazy again)

KENCHI: During the live performances, if there is a cute girl amongst the audience.. will you take notice of her? HIRO: No (The needle reacted)

MAKIDAI: During the live performances, will you wink at the fans? HIRO: No! (No reaction) I'm not TAKAHIRO!

ATSUSHI and NAOTO get asked some questions!

MATSU: If you have something to hide, you will touch your cellphone. NAOTO: No (The needle goes crazy)

USA: NAOTO, in EXILE, you think you're the best dancer. NAOTO : No (The needle gives a crazy reaction)

A member of Beat Takeshi's group: NAOTO, you'll sooner or later take members and make a group yourself. NAOTO: No (Needle gives a big reaction again.)

TAKAHIRO uses this opportunity to ask a personal question: ATSUSHI, at times, you find me to be a nuisance. ATSUSHI: No (No reaction at all from the needle.) TAKAHIRO responds, I love you even more.

MAKIDAI concludes the segment and asks if HIRO if there was anything else he'd like to do, HIRO answers that he'd like to purchase one of those Lie Detecting machines.

EXILE FANTASY LIVE TOUR 2010 DVD coming out on 12/1! It will come either as 2DVD or 3DVD option. The 2DVD's contain 150 minutes of footage from the tour performance that attracted 1.1million people to their Concert. The 3rd DVD option is the Documentary, containing footage of behind the scenes and events / training / practices leading to the concert (normally these Documentaries are found along with the yearly albums such as EXILE LOVE / Ai Subeki Mirai E, the million sellers.)

Also being released the same day, Blu-ray version of EXILE EVOLUTION CONCERT TOUR 2007, EXILE PERFECT YEAR 2008 CONCERT TOUR & EXILE The MONSTER 2009 CONCERT TOUR.

Posted Image
Posted Image


The cake is made out of Vanhouten Cocoa, nuts and ganache cream which will be sandwiched into the sponge of the cake. The coating of the cake is made of chocolate completely.The 14 stars on the cake represent 14 members of EXILE.

You will receive a X'mas message card as a present.

You can place the orders from 23rd October ~ 5th December.

Size of the cake: 15cm; weighs 530g

The cake is best eaten before 30 days if you store in a refrigerator below 18 degree celsius.
After thawing, please eat it before 10 days and store in a refrigerator below 10 degree celsius.

The cake is best eaten after taken out from the refrigerator and placed in room temperature for 8 hours.

The cakes will be delivered from 19~23 December.

Credit to source: Ayamex4ever

As the weather gets colder, I'm probably spending more time indoors and probably doing my own rough (I mean ROUGH) translations of EXILE lyrics. Currently I'm working on HOLY NIGHT and will probably do Kawaranai Mono & Kimi ga Iru Kara (ballads that were written by ATSUSHI.)

Alright, will update when more info is out again! Till next time!

:king: :king: :king:
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 28 October 2010 - 05:45 AM

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers - Best Friend's Girl PV is out! It was shown on the recently aired Shukan EXILE (originally covering the auditions for the JSB vocalists, now they're documenting the auditions for a theater group for Gekidan EXILE.)

The PV is really nice with it's scenery / effects. Of course, they need to show the dancers perform so each member gets their lil solo. NAOTO with his freestyle (pops) and NAOKI with his krump.

Introducing the other members of 3JSB.

ELLY (Performer, from Gekidan EXILE Kazegumi)
Posted Image

KENJIRO (Performer, also from Gekidan EXILE Kazegumi)
Posted Image

TAKANORI (Performer)
Posted Image

RYUJI (Vocalist, winner of Vocal Battle Audition 2.)
Posted Image

HIROOMI (Vocalist, winner of Vocal Battle Audition 2.)
Posted Image

Hopefully their next single is an upbeat one so they can show a dance as a team!

Till next time! (keeping short cause I'm a lil sick!)
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 09:51 AM

Does anybody know which live tour the dvd will be on?
the exile fantasy dvd that will be released on dec. 1st?
I really hope its the final one >_< or the one from the
"i wish for you" pv... or are they the same thing?

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Posted 07 November 2010 - 04:45 PM

It's not the last tour date concert but I think the one from Aug. 14th~15th @ Ajinomoto Stadium (Tokyo)
The last tour date (excluding the bonus EXILE Tamashii concert night) was on Sept. 15th (I think...)
But the content from the I Wish For You PV will definitely be on the DVD itself.

Posted Image

Cover of DVD (We're all pieces of the puzzle, everything / everyone is necessary to complete the picture :D)

Sorry, I haven't update the thread in a while. I'll get to it eventually :P

For those who haven't seen the PV yet.. I highly suggest it!

Will make an updated post in the near future :D

Next post will consist of... EXSamurai Manga update? (different artist this time, originally by creator of CROWS / WORST comics)

Posted Image

3rd JSB debut single Best Friends Girl
comes out coming Wednes. 11/10. Info on 2nd Single On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

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Posted 09 November 2010 - 09:09 AM

Time for update post!

EXSamurai will be in the December issue of JumpSquare (alongside famous manga veterans CLAMP.) One of the credits for EXSamurai is HIRO, the leader of EXILE / owner(CEO) of LDH and co.

Their branching out to anime / manga is one of their ideas for entertainment. EXILE aims to bring entertainment through all venues, so far they have done:

Music & Concerts ( ATSUSHI does some producing, lyrics & compositions. HIRO is the mastermind of the Concerts + everything else with LDH)
Anime / Manga ( EXSamurai)
Food ( Resturants - Izakaya EXILE / KIJIMA)
Clothing & Jewelry ( 24Karats, Coal Black, Enasoluna, Special items created in collab. with MASTERMIND JAPAN or BAPE [Bathing Ape])
Theater & Acting ( Gekidan EXILE for theater performances, MAKIDAI / USA / AKIRA / MATSU / NAOTO / KENCHI have all acted in dramas or movies. AKIRA is probably the most prolific in acting, having roles in Yamagata Scream or Hana Yori Dango ~The Final~)
Dance & Fitness ( EXPG - Teaches all varieties of dance classes and is a gym)
Art & Style ( TAKAHIRO has his lil corner in Monthly EXILE, their monthly magazine regarding LDH / EXILE. In the magazine, they also interview other artists such as Nishino Kana, AKB48, BIG BANG, Lady GAGA, Will-I-Am, etc. LDH sponsors models such as Mayumi Sada (HIRO's ex.) and Hasegawa Jun (MAKIDAI's ex.) )
TV Shows (Shuukan EXILE, EXILE GENERATION (Now Hiruxile), EXILE HOUSE (EXE, now EXILE Tamashii)

To date, EXILE / LDH have produced the following musical acts:
-J Soul Brothers (The now EXILE)
-Shunsuke Kiyokiba (Ex. EXILE vocalist, left LDH and is now under Victor Entertainment / Speedstar Records)
-COLOR (Now known as DEEP)
-NaNa (Female solo artist / producer / lyricist)
-Rather Unique (MAKIDAI / USA's rap group)
-Neverland (Hip-hop music group)
-Doberman Inc. (Rap artists)
-J Soul Brothers (The new generation added into EXILE on March 1st 2009)
-LOVE (Female Duo <3 STEPHANIE & MISAKI <3)
-DREAM (Avex Trax's female group re-debuted under LDH in 2009, 6 members)
-HAPPINESS (LDH's "idol" like group, trained @ EXPG.)
-The ROOTLESS (LDH's Rockband, vocalist was a participant of the EXILE Vocal Battle Audition 2006)
-3rd Generation J Soul Brothers (Winners of the VBA2 + NAOKI / NAOTO)

Hard to believe that EXILE was about to disband 4 years ago, even harder to believe they were poor at first (I'm gonna keep referencing they were broke as hell cause it be da truth yo.)

For all naysayers, documented on The Nonfiction documentary..

Lil clip on SHUN leaving EXILE to pursue his own path (not be known as an "EXILE singer" but his own person,) ATSUSHI getting vocal polyps and surgery for it (on the Vocal chords, one mistake and his voice would be damaged) and MATSU's Bechet Disease (Common situation is loss of eyesight, MATSU has occasionally lost sight in his left eye, and dysfunction of the body such as limbs.)


LOVE is one of the winners of the Best New Artist award from Nihon Yusho Awards (for music on cable broadcasting.

DREAM's album HAND's UP! tracklist!

01, Promise ※トリニティジルオールゼロ TVCM ソング
02, Hands Up!
03, Ev'rybody Alright! ※フジテレビフラワーネットTVCM イメージソング
05, CHANGE ※トリニティジルオールゼロ ゲームエンディングテーマ
06, Breakout
07, Perfect Girls ※映画 湾岸ミッドナイト主題歌
08, Naked
09, To The Top ※プリズンブレイク ファイナルシーズンTVCM ソング
10, Dear my friend
11, Get my way -Dance Ver. w/o Bridge -/ AILI thanx to Dream
12, ヒマワリ ※さんまのまんまエンディングテーマ
13, I Believe
14, My Way ~ULala~ ※プロアクティブTVCM ソング/TBS「全種類」エンディングテーマ

1, Perfect Girls (Music Video)
2, Breakout (Music Video)
3, My Way ~ULala~ (Music Video)
4, Ev'rybody Alright! (Music Video)

【LIVE DVD】※初回のみ収録
[LIVE from Dream Live Tour 2010 ~Road to dream~]
01, Opening
02, Breakout
03, To The Top
04, FantAstrip
- MC -
05, Secret Party
07, Lady soldier
- MC -
08, I WISH U ~笑顔のループ~
09, My Way ~ULala~
10, ヒマワリ
11, Perfect Girls
12, Get my way -Dance Ver. w/o Bridge - / AILI thanx to Dream
13, I Believe

HAPPINESS will be releasing a new single in Feburaury 2011. More info is TBA.

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers single Best Friends Girl is to be released 11/10. Based on Oricon ranking poll, they've placed quite low for the single (8th). Seeing as it's a new group, it's to be expected.

In order to promote, the guys will be doing a live event at a shopping mall! They'll be on the 2F of Lazona Kawasaki (the 2F floor is all clothing stores.) After that they'll be promoting via radio.

On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ debuted strong on the Chaku Uta charts but slipped out of the top 10 today (@#13 for 11/8)

Check out the track here:
>>> On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ Drama ED Version <<<

Sounds like EXILE's A Leaf ~Rasenjou no Sayonara~. Kinda weak during the verses, lacks impact. Hopefully a clearer version of the song is upped / PV to change my mind.


EXILE was one of the acts added to FNS Music Festival 2010 (originally they weren't there.) Now they'll be alongside AKB48, I hope to expect some fangirling.. probably not wota-ing from NESMITH.


EXILE is nominated for the Kayousai Best Kayousai 2010 Gold Artist Award. EXILE is a prominent nominee to win the award but with AKB48's exceptional sales this year, they may snag it from EXILE. There are even articles out right now speculating that AKB48 will snag the grand prix award from EXILE @ the Japan Record Awards (if AKB48 are nominated, not sure if they include idol groups.) EXILE have won these awards for the past 2 years consecutively, perhaps they can win it a 3rd time!

It does seem that EXILE haven't been on any regular TV-Music Shows this year except for their own (with the exception of the previously mentioned), no Music Station or Hey x3. Really surprised on the Music Station part, I wonder if EXILE's just too busy..

EXILE is probably prepping up for something big (I hope) for their 10th Anniversary Album. Although I hope they release an album in 2010 before the year is over (FANTASY, same name as Momusu's album :P, was a double maxi single but considered album on Oricon ;_;.)

Now, for the list of idols that are fans EXILE! (AKB48 & affiliated or H!P and their fav. song if available.) From the top of my head:

AKB48 & Affiliated:
Maeda Atsuko (Boku E)
Oshima Yuko
Itano Tomomi (Heavenly White)
Maeda Ami
Miyazaki Miho (Song For You)
Shinoda Mariko
Miyazawa Sae
Oku Manami
Umeda Ayaka
Oota Aika
Fujie Reina
Chikano Rina
Kasai Tomomi (I Believe)
Matsui Jurina
Kashiwagi Yuki (Lovers Again / Heavenly White)
Ohori Megumi
Noro Kayo
Nakaya Sayaka
Nakata Chisato
Kobayashi Kana
Kitahara Rie
Takajo Aki

Suzuki Airi
Murakami Megumi (Choo Choo Train)
Natsuyaki Miyabi
Tanaka Reina (Kizuna)
Yoshizawa Hitomi (Lovers Again, said she often sings an EXILE song when with Ishikawa.)
Ishikawa Rika

There are probably more.. but have yet to find a cited source, whether blog or magazine Q&A.

Every year since 2005, EXILE has done collab. with other entertainers / music acts, they are:

Koda Kumi (2006, Won't Be Long)
Takashi Okamura (2007, Mecha Mecha Ike OKAXILE SP)
M-FLO / AI (2008, Super Shine feat. M-Flo, So Special ~ ATSUSHI / AI ~ Version )
Yoshida Brothers, FLO RIDA (2009, FIREWORKS / The Next Door feat. FLO RIDA)
ICONIQ (2010, I'm Loving You)

Hopefully there will be a big collab. next year!

These two might make a good collab. since they seem to be good friends

Posted Image
ATSUSHI x Jaejoong of TVXQ / JYJ

Leaving the post with a video of the Music Box ATSUSHI created for his fans, his produce good for the FANTASY Tour. It plays the tune, Michishirube which was written by ATSUSHI. Hope he makes something like this next year, so I can pick one up!


ATSUSHI wrote and composed One Wish! Finally found a studio version, which is really good :D.
Check it out here:
>>> EXILE - One Wish <<<

The song is up for download on all major music websites, all proceeds will go to help support in reconstruction @ Haiti through the Japanese Red Cross. It was released sometime in like April, everything from then up to Dec. 31 will go towards the charity.

Regarding the relationship of Aya Ueto and HIRO, it seems to be true. At a promotion for Fudemame, a New Years Greeting Card Software, Ueto was approached with different questions. One journalist broached the subject of her recently revealed relationship with Hiroyuki Igarashi, aka HIRO, 41, from EXILE, asking Ueto if he, too, was a “Fudemame.”

“Does that expression include love letters?” she answered playfully.

Go go HIRO! She can't resist them abs.
Attached File  t02200293_0220029310157733528.jpg   8.44KB   4 downloads
Fit for a 41 year old!
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 11 November 2010 - 04:01 AM

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers Debut Single - Best Friend's Girl Oricon Ranking @ #3, with 23,627 units sold!
Originally Oricon "predicted" based on survey for them to come in @ 8th. Other people were surprised it sold this well since it was basically a single track + instrumental and the DVD contained only the PV.

Still they came in top 5!
Posted Image
"Who'd a thunk it?"

Ayumi Hamasaki did.
Her + NAOTO.

Posted ImagePosted Image

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers held the event and attracted 16,000 people. Of course the vicinity is in a mall, so it was limited space.

They performed 3 songs,
Best Friend's Girl
On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~

That day was also NAOKI's birthday (11/10) and the audience shouted birthday messages to him. NAOTO commented on the Oricon Daily Ranking and promised further growth for the group.

Source: Sanspo News

Recently upped by JIJIPRESS:
Coverage on the performance!

Happy news :D

EXILE ATSUSHI will hold a SOLO LIVE for 2010 (as he did in 2009) where it consists of him + acoustic band. Members of EXFamily can apply to be part of the audience. It is dated for 11/17!

In the previous SOLO LIVE, he covered artists such as Marvin Gaye, Toshinobu Kubota, Tokunaga Hideaki, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men (who appeared as special guests) as well as singing his own songs, Change My Mind & Forever Love.

Tokunaga Hideaki's Rainy Blue

ASKA's Hajimari wa Itsumo Ame

and from a special corner on EXILE HOUSE, Oda Kazumasa's Kotoba ni Dekinai

Make them ladies cry :D

Certain a DVD will come out on the live!

Vote for EXILE @ the Billboard Japan Awards! They won the Artist of the Year award last time, they can do it again this year!
>>> http://www.billboard...wards2010/vote/ <<<

Enter age, Gender, prefecture / city, email, and a select site to enter in a drawing for some prize. After that you can vote for artists in different category (first select would be Pop artists, EXILE would be found here.) Others are like indies and stuff.

Will update when more info is available!

:king: :king: :king:

Editing post to include:
DREAM's Secret Party
Performance from their Road to Dream Tour!

>>> DREAM - Secret Party <<<

and their 'Making of' for Ev'rybody Alright! PV:

>>> DREAM - Ev'rybody Alright! PV Making Of <<<

Edited by Danseryu, 11 November 2010 - 07:09 AM.

道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 12 November 2010 - 07:31 AM

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers single Best Friend's Girl - 2nd day sales:
Rank #3, 15,337 (Day 1 = 23,627 / Total to date = 38,964)

According to Tokyohive:

On November 10th, soulful male group J Soul Brothers held a mini-live in Kanagawa to commemorate their debut with nearly 16,000 fans. The group performed three tracks at the event, including the title track of their debut single, “Best Friend’s Girl“.

Best Friend’s Girl” had its physical release on the 10th, which up until then has been dominating the ‘Chaku uta‘ charts. Over 200,000 copies of the physical release were sold on that first day, which allowed them to rank in at 3rd on the Oricon singles charts, right behind mega group Arashi and technopop unit Perfume.

Although they were present in front of more than 37,000 fans at related group EXILE’s 10th anniversary live this past September, this mini-live was the first solo effort to be headed by J Soul Brothers. Leader NAOTO spoke well of their results, saying “We’ve only begun running, and already received a great result. I want to start off this drive with a good meaning.”

They probably had a typo and meant "over 20,000" rather than 200,000. Congrats again to the newly debuted / revived group!


On 11/11, an AKB48 member made a post about Karaoke and EXILE. Specifically, this member:
Posted Image

Kashiwagi Yuki!

In the post, she mentioned that she was listening to EXILE's Eternal. Whoa, guess she has listened to EXILE for a while since it's from their 1st Phase ~SHUN~ days.


EXILE - Eternal (11th Single, Written by ATSUSHI)

After that she wrote:

Heavenly White

"Especially in Winter is when I want to listen EXILE's songs. Yep.

Heavenly White

Love it(-∀-)

EXILE - Heavenly White (Track #9 from 2009 album, Ai Subeki Mirai E)

That particular blog post can be found here:
>>> Kashiwagi Yuki Blog Post 10-11-11 <<<

And for Fujie Reina.. she constantly mentions EXILE when answering her questions from fans on Ameblo. She recently wrote that she listens to EXILE's I Wish For You and 3rd Generation J Soul Brothers' Best Friend's Girl. She is quite the fan to keep up with EXILE, even their TV Shows XD.

Will update when more info is available!

:king: :king: :king:

Found a pretty old blog post by OG Member Yasuda Kei. It was from 2008 in December when EXILE released their BALLAD BEST album, and of course she was listening to the album (stated that she loves ballads.) On her Ipod, it showed that she was listening to Last Christmas at the time.

That post can be found here:
>>> Yasuda Kei Blog Post 08-12-20 <<<

Listen to the song here:
>>> Version 1 from EXILE BALLAD BEST album (was released as a single too. 2008) <<<
>>> Version 2 from EXILE Christmas mini album (2009) <<<
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 17 November 2010 - 04:10 PM

Update Post!~

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers' Debut Single Best Friend's Girl
claimed the #3 spot on Oricon Charts Weekly with 60,519.

Their second single, On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~, will be up for download on Recochoku Chaku Uta Full. I'll edit post to include the ranking on the chart.

You can listen to the single here:
>>> JSB3 Discography <<<

They will be performing at AAA (Act against Aids) to help promote and raise awareness for the cause.

Recochoku released its results from a poll they conducted on the Best Christmas songs. The voters chose Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" as their #1 choice.

EXILE claimed the #2 spot with Last Christmas above B'z' Itsuka no Merry Christmas (which I expected to top the chart.)

Source: Recochoku

EXILE's collab. with BAPE (Bathing Ape) was noticed! Following in their steps is.... AKB48 XD! EXILE had originally created their shirts in collaboration with the urban wear BAPE on their LDH Shop with items such as Shirts, Sneakers, Tote bags, and even Hoodie.

Posted Image
DREAM's SHIZUKA wearing the hoodie

Posted Image

Posted Image
The members in BAPE form LOL, everyone has mad tan

Posted Image
AKB48 x BAPE Shirt

This past weekend on EXILE Tamashii, EXILE members TAKAHIRO and KEIJI took part in Challenge Tamashii. Challenge Tamashii would be a segment where members would participate in select challenges in other parts of the world. The first location for the Challenge was.. Hawaii!

In Hawaii, EXILE vocalist TAKAHIRO decided to create his own personal Surfboard (design, matting, spray painting.) Known as the creative artist in EXILE (having done the show's logo itself), the audience and members were in awe of the look.

Attached File  ap_20101116122856231.jpg   51.13KB   8 downloads
Spray painting over the matted design.

The result?
Attached File  ap_20101116122926934.jpg   53.51KB   12 downloads

Attached File  ap_20101116123030325.jpg   63.05KB   12 downloads
TAKAHIRO wrote Tamashii (Soul) at the top of his surf board, his signature logo in the middle and a special design at the bottom. The design at the bottom was also his special way of writing EXILE.
LOL, ATSUSHI.. can't tell if you're truly awake there....

You can watch that segment of the show here:
>>> EXILE Tamashii 11/14 P.1 <<<

For KEIJI's part, being a performer of EXILE, it was a lil more intense. He had to undergo the dance of the Hawaiians, the Fire Dance. He had to learn how to spin the stick first and so on. Being a dancer, the learning aspect wasn't hard and was able to get used to the dance. However, the moment he had to use the real Fire Knife (with a blade at one end, both sides lit on fire,) it was a different story. This segment showed him undergoing the training as well as some funny parts here and there.

You can watch KEIJI's segment of the show here:
>>> EXILE Tamashii 11/14 P.2 <<<

On next week's episode (11/21), they'll probably have the usual Q&A / Lie detector test with the guest. The special guests for this coming episode is... Kpop group KARA! I hope none of the EXILE members attempt to do the Mister Dance.... :/

Posted Image

Wonder when AKB48 will be on the show... XD

Credit to : Kikilau for the Photos and Dear-Hiro for uploading the show onto Dailymotion
LOVE's 5th single will be released on 12/15. It'll contain 3 tracks on the single as well as the 3 instrumentals for it. Title is: Aishiteru no One Word

5th single「“愛してる”のOne Word」
2010.12.15 Release
¥1,050(tax in)

1. “愛してる”のOne Word
2. A Song of Love
3. あなたの言葉
4. “愛してる”のOne Word -instrumental-
5. A Song of Love -instrumental-
6. あなたの言葉 -instrumental-


Will update post when I get more info! There's definitely a lot of artists to cover up on under LDH inc.

Small trivia edit:

Momoiro Clover's member, Momoka Ariyasu
Posted Image
She was one of EXILE's kids dancers

Posted Image
Momoka sporting the 24Karats Shirt.

EXILE x Brian McKnight
Posted Image

Gonna post a video I thought was really good. A brass band covering SOMEDAY, the effort they put in for the choreography is pretty sweet.

EDIT again:
JSB3's On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ debuted @ #6 for Chaku Uta Full.

I do miss the NESMITH / SHOKICHI era of JSB since they had more of the urban sound. They were more of a manly looking group as opposed to the herbivore look thats o so common in JE.

Attached File  131.jpg   55.33KB   26 downloads
J Soul Brothers NESMITH / SHOKICHI era with founder HIRO

On EXMobile (fans who subscribed to it receive special info from EXILE members and staff), a picture of KARA and EXILE was posted! KARA received Motto Tsuyoku and I Wish For You as gifts... KARA is so tiny next to the EXILE members (although EXILE is tall in Japan [averaging from 174~183cm in height].)
Attached File  ap_20101118123515423.jpg   20.29KB   33 downloads

Credit to Kikilau for image
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 19 November 2010 - 08:49 AM

3rd Generation J Soul Brothers 2nd single On Your Mark ~Hikari no Kiseki~ PV is out! Check it out here!

Sick dance, they move dang fast. These guys definitely know their dance, move so smoothly.

Single is out 12/1!


ATSUSHI held his solo live on the 17th, there was a description like "The Roots" or something.

The supposed setlist performed was:

② ATSUSHIこの日の為作った新曲 (New songs)

③ 最後の雨 (Performed before on his previous solo live

④ Missing 

⑤ ライオンハート (Lion Heart, SMAP)

⑥ こんなにも長い君の不在 (Old school ATSUSHI solo song

⑦ FIND YOU (I believe DEEP was present and performed this with ATSUSHI

⑧ 言葉にできない

⑨ End of the Road

⑩ Lost Moments~置き忘れた時間~ (Hell yes.)

⑪ So SpecialCollab. perf with AI

⑫ Story (same as above, AI's song

⑬ Change My Mind  

⑭ Youre My Hero

Encore setlist:
Georgy Porgy / TOTO
Ribbon In The Sky / Stevie Wonder
Lovers Again / ATSUSHI Solo Version

Will update with more info. when available!

:king: :king:
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 22 November 2010 - 08:42 AM

EXILE Tamashii 11/21 Episode with guest KARA!

To put english sub, use the beta caption translator (select to translate into English) *note, as all automatic translators.. it is very rough but you'll get the gist of it*

The members ended up doing the Mister dance. LOL at KARA making MATSU pay for the hats and trying to make him pay for the jackets too.

Will update with more info later on.

Small trans for P1:
General talk about KARA such as their mini live concert and who they are.

Since it was their first meeting, an introduction was done. Gyuri said her nickname is Goddess due to her elegance, that she overflows with grace. Her specialty is making the sound when Super Mario jumps (ATSUSHI did the same thing, I posted it in a previous post.) When TAKAHIRO heard it, he said it sounds like something he hears almost every night at 2am in the morning (lol TAKAHIRO, dude don't be sleazy.) MATSU says its the first time they've used a censor on the show.

Both Gyuri and Seoung... (not sure how to spell it) imitate Cicadas.

Hara then says her lil phrase "Ano~sa... iikedo~sa" (You know... it's fine and all...) MAKIDAI says what would normally follow that phrase, Hara says hayaku nete~ne "fast to sleep" and TAKAHIRO says that he'd like to see that (lol.. another one from him)

Jiyoung introduces herself and says that she's learning Japanese at school. MAKIDAI asks her to say one of her favorite phrases and she answers "The manager isn't here right now... hu hu shall we go play?". The members react to it by saying that it was cute.

Nicole says her nickname is Cole (Ko~ru) and MAKIDAI asks the other girls what they normally call Nicole. Seoung.. chirps in "Kora!", a term that's like saying Hey! but more aggressive. Nicole's phrase was a line from a Drama series, "It's better that we don't meet".

Seoung... introduces her self and talks about her incident where she injured herself (I think she fell during Music Bank, Inkigayo.. or one of those live performances on KTV) but MATSU pretends to assume that she might have injured herself during the Mister dance.

MAKIDAI asks what's something they would like to do when in Japan and they all agree for shopping!

Note: My translation skills are still horrible at best, but hopefully this will help understand it some more.


DREAM's Hands Up! album will be released this Wednesday 11/24.

The previews to the tracks are up on their official site! check it out here:

>>> DREAM's Hands Up! Album Discography <<<

Love the tracks : Promise, Hands Up!, NAKED


With only one week from Wednesday for the release of EXILE FANTASY CONCERT LIVE 2010 DVD, I'm assuming AVEX will upload a teaser trailer for the DVD content and the Documentary. It's gonna be epic!
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 07:06 AM

Yay! EXILE WON BEST HIR KAYOUSA "ベストヒットかようさい” :D
Does anyone know where i could watch it in High Definition? or download?!

#257 Danseryu


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Posted 27 November 2010 - 07:17 AM

You can watch it here :

>>> EXILE winning their 5th Grand Prix Award @ Best Hit Kayousai 2010 <<<

Winning this 5th award places them higher than both Ayumi Hamasaki and Hikawa Kiyoshi, for artists who've won the Grand Prix award.

AKIRA mentioned that he had fractured his toe and is unable to participate in performances.

EXILE uploaded their special site for the promotion of Fantasy Tour DVD where users can post comments to EXILE as well as watching teaser clips from the tour itself.

DREAM and HAPPINESS were dancers at the tour throughout most of the songs.

Check out their home page at:
>>> http://EXILE.jp/index.html <<<
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 04 December 2010 - 03:28 AM

So I finished watching EXILE's Live Tour 2010 FANTASY DVD... I have to say, it was really really good. It is, hands down, the best DVD for 2010 as well as the best Concert Tour ever in Asia (perhaps even worldwide.) I can totally see how this attracted 1.1million people and next year, they may break that record.

The opening was fantastic with EXPG kids coming out and parading along to an ethnic beat, there are times where the concert tour is downright sexy (such as Ti Amo / Make it Last Forever) when DREAM, HAPPINESS and FLOWER are dancing. Touching moments when ATSUSHI sings out his soul during his solo to the audience and the cinematic help set that feeling during Ai Subeki Mirai E (there was a split second when a girl was sobbing so hard she had to cover her face.)

Of course, with EXILE, there are really epic moments like during the performance of ANGEL.. female members of EXFamily (their fanclub) were chosen at random to participate in this song. These ladies were serenaded on a boat with ATSUSHI / NESMITH or TAKAHIRO / SHOKICHI. There was a moment TAKAHIRO sat down next to the ladies and whispered something into their ears.

Another epic moment was...

Please check out the DVD even if download (support by buying the DVD is better :D.) This definitely shows why EXILE is top in Japan.

In a recent tracking of Karaoke'd songs, EXILE was the artist whose songs were sung the most making them the #1 artist based on Karaoke.

In recochoku, EXILE's Motto Tsuyoku places 3rd in the Year ranking while JSB3 is one of the top new artists (when they just debuted 2 months ago too :P)

EXILE will appear on the Music Station Special Live on New Years Eve. This is their first appearance on Music Station this year (I was afraid they were blacklisted LOL.)

Tomorrow, they'll be recording their performance at FNS Kayousai. Later this month, they'll appear on Best Artists 2010 music program and, of course, on Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

In a recent blog post, a certain idol member was really really happy for getting a CD.

Attached File  t02200396_0480086410897178329.jpg   24.5KB   2 downloads
AKB48 member Chikano Rina! She received the On Your Mark~Hikari no Kiseki~ from JSB3 members and wrote that she was really really happy :D.

The single itself is doing decent, I'll assume it'll take #2 / 3 on the Oricon Weekly (despite the Oricon Ranking placing them at 8th again.)
道、君と歩いた今日まで かすかに 動くくちびる 特別な時間をありがとう「心」「勇気」「友」「笑顔」 嬉しすぎて 溢れ出した 涙が とまらない

Posted Image

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Posted 04 December 2010 - 08:00 AM

I also watched the Live tour :] It was the best! But I wish they had the ballad songs and stuff like:
Lovers Again, Yasasshi HIkari, Michi, Tada Aitakute, Everything, Pure, I believe and yea :D

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Posted 04 December 2010 - 03:46 PM

first time to post here... but have been following every post for a lonng long time.
am really wanting to watch the tour dvd....
does anyone know where to download....

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