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Anna-san no Omame

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#1 mixedmedia


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Posted 09 July 2007 - 01:25 PM

Anna-san no Omame d-addicts wiki page.

Description also taken from the wiki since there isn't a better way I can think of to explain the premise:

Lilly is a young woman who always seems to misunderstand things. Therefore she always misinterprets the behavior of those people around her. For example: She believes that she is the most gorgeous woman around and on account of this every man wants her. She also believes that Anna's boyfriend is in love with her. Anna is Lilly's best friend who is sharing an apartment with her...

Came across this after watching Shinkansen Girl and wanting to see something else with Becky in it. She does a great job being completely over the top for better or worse.

Edit: At the time of thread creation the previous description which I have deleted was the best possible description I thought I could come up with as far as describing the main character's near sickening self-adoration and perceived cuteness but in retrospect that was merely the tip of the iceberg.

Just imagine the ugliest fattest pork-choppiest rooster-blockingest girl who thinks they're a super model's personality played by Becky. Maybe this description doesn't work either but at least it seems more graphic and more like how it is in the drama. Watching this could cause you to start talking like the main character...........mitai naaaaa.

#2 mzpinay x3

mzpinay x3

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Posted 30 September 2007 - 12:01 AM

Hahaha I saw this. It was weird :D Everytime she did that misunderstanding thing && mitai naaaa I'd just be like :good:. But it's really funny and I love Becky. Plus the ending credits for the show is the best lol.

Spoiler -

reina x3

#3 qx123


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Posted 03 October 2007 - 05:14 AM

It really is sorta lame/funny that she always think that she is
very attractive or something. lol

#4 penagih_dadih


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Posted 03 January 2008 - 06:29 PM

i cant stop laughing when watching this drama..
huh~...Lili..i wonder if that kind of woman is exist in the real world..haha..
but the ending of this story really out of my imagination..huhu..
this is the 2nd drama that i think funniest after My Boss My Hero..

#5 imaretard


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Posted 08 May 2008 - 02:48 PM

damn i seriously love this dorama..
cant stop laughing.
and at the same time i wanna freakin strangle riri...:P
the ending was cool!
just finished it.

i would definitely LMAO...
if there is someone like that in real life..

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#6 Iselore



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Posted 11 May 2008 - 01:46 PM

i just started watching this 4 days ago, and its really hilarious. Every time i see Becky, it just makes me crack up :lol:

#7 MTSayuRin


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Posted 20 May 2008 - 08:48 AM

I'm watching this now and I love it! :lol: This is probably the funniest dorama I've seen so far. I'm not annoyed by Riri too much, because she makes me laugh. :huh: I also love how there are funny details that have little to do with what is happening at the moment, like the girls in the cafe where the guys were talking (beginning of first episode).

Edit 26th May: Just finished the fourth episode and laughed so much my stomach hurts. "I'm Riri Momoyama, my friends tell me often I look like Ayaya." ^^;

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