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The Magical Adventures Of Morning Musume

Fan Fiction

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Posted 02 July 2020 - 07:36 PM

this is a fan fiction series focused on Morning Musume each seasons is based on a single

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Posted 03 July 2020 - 03:22 AM

The Magical Adventures Of Morning Musume Season 1 8 Episodes Based on Morning Coffee

Ep 1 The First Morning

Ep 2 Never Trust A Witch

Ep 3 The Best Idol

Ep 4 All But Nothing

Ep 5 Seeds of Love

Ep 6 Tsunku Mission

Ep 7 Rise of the Serpent Queen

Ep 8 Power of the Serpent Queen (Finale)

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Posted 04 July 2020 - 05:40 AM

The Magical Adventures Of Morning Musume Season 49  Based on Renai Hunter 56 Episodes   H!P Productions  Fridays at 8pm


Story:1 Month after Pyocopyoco Ultra MM is finally at peace and with the 10ki now part of the group MM is able to save the city and do their idol jobs with Risa's graduation on the horizon the group is getting prepared that is until an unknown group called Hunter Cultist Organization are now attacking the city with a little secret behind Risa's history its now up to MM to stop The Hunter Cultist Organization

Transformation Slogan:Renai Change     

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Posted 08 July 2020 - 10:38 PM

The Magical Adventures Of Morning Musume Season 49 Episode 1: Finding Hunter


In Ukraine a man has a suitcase in his hands he walks to his car when opening his trunk a shadowy figure watches him the man turns a around to see what it was then the shadowy figure comes out and attacks him The Man then fights the monster the two get on top on the cars and the monster throws the man into a window of a car before the monster can attack The Man transform into bright light then into a White Figure he blasts a white ball into the monster then the monster attacks and jumps The White Figure before throw him into his car then monsters walks up to the White Figure and says

Monster:Where is she

White Figure:Where's who

Monster:The Girl

White Figure:What Girl

Monster:Dammit you know what i'm talked about The Lost Girl where is she

White Figure:I don't know

Monster:Yes you do

White Figure:No i don't I'm telling the true she was sent far away from us and afterwards Everyone's memories was erased about where she went

Monster:Nooo why how 

White Figure:Wow After 10 Years you Hunter's actually have the guts to come and attack one of us

Monster:Yes i did

White Figure:Well looks like you failed your mission

Monster:No i didn't What's in the suitcase

White Figure:Don't worry about

Monster:Something Special isn't it

White Figure:Your Mission is over

Monster:I never fail a mission for The Hunter's

White Figure:There's nothing in the suitcase

Monster:Something connected to the Lost Girl

White Figure:i don't know

Monster:You idiot it is something connected how could you not know what's in the suitcase

White Figure:Please don't open suitcase

Monster:I will 

White Figure:Please I'm begging you Please

Monster:Wow look who's begging for mercy now its time for me to completed the last part of my mission

White Figure:NO DON'T!!!!

Monster Stabs White Figure with Glass from the Car Window

Monster:Mission Finish

Morning Musume are done doing a concert

Reina:I'm so tired i think i need some rest

Sayumi:Me too i'm dipping sweat

Reina:Well time has passed first 10ki arrived then we were looking for The LOVE Egg then we wore Chick Costumes then we fought a powerful adventurer who is fake and wanted the egg for himself to become a all powerful and rich man.

Risa:Hey Girls

Reina & Sayumi:Hey Risa

Risa:So remember when i accidently blasted strange energy balls at that tree in Chickica Forest

Reina:Yeah what about

Risa:Well i think it wasn't the island that was affecting my powers but i think my are expanding and i was reaching my True Potential Power

Sayumi:Really i thought you already reach your true potential

Risa:Right well sometimes powers can expand giving the person full power that's why i think my powers were expanding

Sayumi:That's just a silly theory plus i thought if we reach our True Potential our power expand

Reina:Yeah Risa i'm going to agree with Sayumi our powers are special there are many Men & Women out there with different or same powers as us a lot of them reach their true potential and a lot haven't but powers expanding is just silly

Risa:okay be i'm am sure that my powers are expanding

Mizuki runs in and says

Mizuki:Hey Girls we have a problem

The Three Girls Walk in

Sayumi:What's the problem

Kanon:Bad Very Bad

Risa:Monster attacking the city


Sayumi:Thieves robbing the bank


Reina:Animals Escaped from the Zoo

Kanon:No plus since when do we help animals

Reina:I'm just saying

Risa:So what's the problem

Kanon:Look at our magazine covers

Risa:Ok wait why we have lollipops

Kanon:Not sure but these are not right magazine covers

Mizuki runs in and says

Mizuki:Girls something strange is going on in the city and some hooded figure in the city

Risa:Well lets go see this hooded dude

The Group runs to see what's happening 

Reina:Weird i don't see everything happening Mizuki are you sure you saw everything strange

Mizuki:I'm sure

Hooded Figure:Right Ladies

Mizuki:Who's that

Sayumi:Let's find out

Sayumi:Who are you 

Hooded Figure:Don't worry about it so you girls are Morning Musume i presume


Hooded Figure:Well you ladies don't seem to be much like threats even the Morning Musume name doesn't seem scary

Reina:Please we are more than just threatening we are idols

Hooded Figure:Please this will be a easy mission

Reina:What do you mean by Mission

Hooded Figure uses his knifes and throws them at the girls then he attacks the girls.Risa starts fighting the Hooded Figure then he throws Risa on the ground then Kanon uses her wind powers to stop him but unfortunately he misses her attack and blast her.




Both blast at Hooded Figure then he blast dark energy at the two girls,the two girls then fall to the ground 

Hooded Figure:Well i was right easy

Mizuki:No we're wrong

Mizuki uses her powers and blasts energy at Hooded Figure then The Hooded Figure throws blades which cut Mizuki's hair 

Mizuki:HOLY SHIT MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!!!! Ok you are so DEAD!!

Hooded Figure:No you will be

Hooded Figure blasts energy that her she falls down to the ground

Mizuki:Ok that hurts

Risa:Where is the rest of the group

Sayumi:Something about something about training

Reina:Well they should be here

Hooded Figure:Looks like its the end for you ladies

Then suddenly bright light balls come out of nowhere and hit The Hooded Figure

Hooded Figure:What the Hell was that


Ayumi:Are you guys ok

Sayumi:Not so

Sato:Sorry we are late we were just training and put on are new outfits


Sato:Yeah New Outfits in fact 

Hooded Figure:Well look at here more Ladies come to play

Ayumi:No weren't here to play

Haruna:We are here to fight

Erina:Who are you why are you hurting are friends

Hooded Figure:You wouldn't understand

Sayumi:Then its time to fight lets do this Morning Musume!!

Everyone:Morning Musume!!!

Kanon and Mizuki blasts Wind and Power at the Hooded Figure

Hooded Figure:Whoa


Hooded Figure gets burned

Hooded Figure:Shit it burns Shit

Reina:Here's some water to cool you down

Reina shoots water at The Hooded Figure then Ayumi & Haruna use Electro & Terra Attacks on him

Hooded Figure:That's enough ladies

Sayumi:So do you surrender

Hooded Figure:Hunters don't surrender

Hooded Figure then throws blades at Mizuki,Kanon,Riho,Sato,Aika,Sayumi,Reina,Ayumi,Haruna,Haruka,and Erina

Everyone:Ouch ouch shit MY LEG ouch ouch that hurts

Risa:Girls are you okay 

Sayumi:I'm fine but those blades he threw

Hooded Figure:Exactly the blades i threw contain some poison so get ready for extreme pain!!!

Sayumi:Oh God it hurts stop this

Kanon:It burns

Everyone is on the ground crying in extreme pain

Hooded Figure:Laughing yes i know it hurts really bad no worries the pain will so go away when you're dead

Risa:Wait stop don't kill my friends

Hooded Figure:Please it's better if they are dead

Risa:No stop don't

Suddenly Risa blasts strange energy from her hands at The Hooded Figure and Hooded Figure falls to the ground

Risa:Oh my God it happened again

Risa then starts seeing a vision of a man and a woman

Risa:What was that 

Hooded Figure:No No way it can't be no one has that power unless no you can't 

Risa:Can't be who

Hooded Figure:i will complete my mission another time

Hooded Figure teleports away

Mizuki:What did you just do

Risa:It happened again

Sayumi:Are you okay Risa

Risa:I'm fine wait you guys are okay

Sayumi:Yeah i was able to use my powers and help heal everyone but what was that energy 

Risa:I don't know but whatever it was it had something to do with him

Meanwhile at the Dark Lair

Hooded Figure:Sir i have bad news i couldn't complete the mission but i have good news i going to like

The man:What is it

Hooded Figure:I think we found the Lost Girl

Risa is thinking about what happened earlier today and how her strange powers come out of her soon Risa goes to sleep then she starts having a dream were she is at a strange place strange figure are doing stuff to her suddenly Dark Figures come and try to take her but someone saves and tells her to run she runs into forest then Risa wakes up to find that it morning

Risa:What dream was that

Ending Theme:Watashi ga Ite,Kimi ga Iru

Next Episode:The Lost Girl

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Posted 17 July 2020 - 01:11 AM

The Magical Adventures Of Morning Musume '19 Jinsei Blues/Seishun Night Season 67 Jinsei Blues Episode 1:Life is not so Good 

It's a Beautiful Day in the city People walking and Cars driving Man texting and hits his face on a pole also we get a Cameo from Ogata Haruna and Eri Kamei meanwhile Mizuki holding a box when suddenly the box breaks and Rare Antiques break

Mizuki:Dammit this can't be happening i just got this job i'm going to have to do better

Haga:Hey Mizuki did you get the antique's box oh looks like you already found it and broke it

Mizuki:I didn't break it The Box was just opened from the bottom 

Haga:Okay so the box just opened from the bottom 

Mizuki:Yes its true 

Haga:Well i guess that family will never get its rare antiques from the UK or Russia

Mizuki:Looks Russian But are probably more antiques in the shed i will go get them

Meanwhile in a hospital Sato is wiping down windows a kid in a wheelchair comes to her

Kid:Are you ok

Sato:Oh i'm fine

Kid:I'm just asking because you look sad

Sato:Oh no i'm not sad i'm just here at this hospital cleaning and wiping Windows Chairs Desk and Operators

Kid:Wow that must be hard

Sato:Oh it is i have to clean nasty and dirty and sometimes bloody places


Sato:It's a hospital kid so there will be blood sometimes i wonder how i ended up in here wait how i'm here 

Suddenly Sato has a quick memory flash of Last Season 

Sato:Why was i in a school uniform

Kid:School Uniform


Sato:So what happened did you break your legs

Kid:Yeah i got shot in both legs they said if i get surgery then i will be able walk again

Sato:Wow how did you get shot

Kid:Me and My Mom were in the mall when gunmen came and started shooting we tried to run away but one of the men shot me in both of my legs since then i've been here in the hospital i do make friends here but they soon leave and i'm lonely

Sato:Well you have me i'm here 7 Days Of The Weeks

Kid:Well My Name's Jimmy

Sato:Name Sato

Jimmy:Nice to meet you Sato

Sato:Nice to meet too Jimmy

Meanwhile At a Audition Room Maria walks in 

Maria:Hey is this the Audition Room

Man:Yes it is

Maria:Ok good well i guess i start here

then walks Ayumi walks in 


Maria:Ayumi Hey Girl its been a while

Ayumi: It has so i see your doing Dance Class too

Maria:Yeah i'm am we might be in the same dance class

Ayumi:I doubt that because i'm a much better dancer

Maria:Really you think your a better dancer than me

Ayumi:Of course and besides you lose every year to me

Maria:Well this is my chance to beat you this year

Ayumi:Ok fine we shall see

Suddenly Ayumi and Maria have memory flashes of last season  

Ayumi:What was that Ginza?

Maria:Concert School Uniform and Ginza? that was weird

Ayumi:Anyways we will see who's the better

Maria:Yeah ok what was that

At a Restaurant Reina & Morito starting their 3rd Day Of the Job

Morito:Are 3rd Day at this job seems to be going well

Reina:Yeah but i can't wait for The Boss to say about this

Morito:Well washing these dishes will please him

Guy:Here's some more dishes and there real dirty

Reina:I got this one

Suddenly Reina has memory flashes of last season and when She first be came a member Morning Musume

Reina:Earth Earth Powers

Then Morito has memory flashes of Country Girls,When She became a member of Morning Musume her ice powers then freeze the water

Morito:What was that and why is the water frozen

Reina:It suddenly got cold in here

At a Recording Room Kaga is Singing afterwards

Kaga:That song was Fire

Recorder:It was say can you do this one

Kaga:Well damn you got yourself a deal Morning Musume 18 A Gonna/Are You Happy seems a bit cliche but 

Suddenly Kaga has a memory flash of last season and Her using her powers

Recorder:Are you ok Kaga

Kaga:Yeah Yeah i'm fine just that i had some type of vision

Recorder:Vision like Vision Records

Kaga:No its nothing lets pick another one something seems strange about this single


Kaga:Yes strange lets choose another single


Back to Mizuki and Haga

Mizuki:Stupid Boxes

Haga:Well the Boss said you did a pretty awful job at Box Department

Mizuki:Because i don't like Box Department

Haga:Or you don't like this job


Haga:I understand but we have to make living somehow

Mizuki:I know but this job this life it 

Haga:It what

Mizuki:Does not seem real lately i have this feeling its just that everything around this is fake or we serve some purpose in this Universe 

Haga:What your saying makes sense it actually makes sense i also feel like something is strange in fact last night something very strange happened i was about to go to asleep when suddenly it was like a turn into smoke


Haga:Yes Smoke or something but i know next thing i was outside 

Mizuki:Wow i think same thing happened to me last night when heading home pink aura was around my hands but it can

Mizuki and Haga both have memory flashes when first joined Morning Musume Haga when she first joined Morning Musume 

Mizuki:Haga where are we

Haga:I don't know Mizuki but i think someone put us here 

Mizuki:Let's get out of here

Both girls start nose bleeding 

Mizuki:Ouch my nose its bleeding

Haga:Mines too 

Mizuki:I think it has something to do with remembering who we are

Haga:My Powers there returning 

Mizuki :I think i can form a Energy Dragon to get out of here


Mizuki forms the dragon Haga get on and Leaves

Back at the Audition Room

Maria is dancing to her beat Ayumi watches her after dancing she gets her blue energy drink

Ayumi claps Ayumi:Well i will be darn you improved with some of your moves

Maria:Yeah well you practice

Ayumi:Well i practice everyday so

Maria:You know something if there's one thing a hate about you its the fact that you act like bitch

Ayumi:Excuse me you watch yourself

Maria:No you watch yourself everytime you always try to show off you act like a bitch

Ayumi:Fine then go #### off

Manager:Ladies Ladies settle down with the langauge

Maria:Mr Terry pleasure to see you

Ayumi:Yes it is nice

Mr Terry:Good than should we start the dance-off

Both:Yes Sir

Mr Terry:Good than oh and whatever happened with you too please work it out i don't want no profanity or drama in the dance room 

Both:Yes Sir

Mizuki & Haga

Mizuki:I'm can't believe we are in some reality

Haga:Me too 

Mizuki:We need to find the others tell them what's happening

Haga:I agree but how are we post to find them

Mizuki:Easy because i think we found Oda

Oda mopping the floor

Mizuki:Oda there you are we been looking for you and other members

Oda:Um excuse me but you are messing up the floor

Mizuki:i'm messing up

Oda:did you see the sign when you walked in

Mizuki:oh Oda its me Mizuki

Haga:And me Haga

Oda:I'm sorry but don't know you

Mizuki:You don't

Oda:no you probably mistaken for someone else

Mizuki:No we didn't

Haga:You need to remember who we here

Oda:Sorry Girls but i have no idea who you are so please let me continue to mop this floor that you girls dirty back up

Mizuki:Oda please remember who you are remember you became a member of Morning Musume back in 2012 you have the power of sound remember

Oda:Are you girls like take medications need some type of help special people because what your saying sounds crazy and makes no sense in 2012 i was in Zawa,Kanagawa

Mizuki:No memory


Haga:Oda please 

Oda:No please leave me alone


Oda:no don't know who you two are so please leave and let me get back to work

Haga:She doesn't memory us

Mizuki:Must be a side effect of this world

Haga:We have to get her to memory who we are who she really is

Mizuki:Will we need to wait Haga is that Maria and Ayumi

Haga:I my god there they are 

Mizuki:wait they might not know who we are just like with Oda

Haga:But we need to get the group back together

Mizuki:I know but maybe not

Guy:Excuse but what are you Ladies doing

Mizuki:I'm we are delivery service

Guy:Really could two come with me please

Both:Ok sure

Haga:Um Mizuki why are we following this guy

Mizuki:I think he has something to do with this being in this reality

Guy:Right here Ladies

Haga:A Empty Room

Guy:Yes its for me to feed on two of you

Then the Guy turns into a monster

Mizuki:Oh my God Haga blast 

Both Girls Smoke and Energy at the Monster

Monster:What was that

Mizuki:Energy and Smoke

Mizuki uses a energy ball so does Haga who makes smoke ball and both throw at the Monster

Monster:Ow Shit 

Mizuki uses a final Energy Attack him

Monster:What are you or who are you

Mizuki:Are you the reason why we are in Reality

Monster:Reality are you girls Reality Benders or from a different Reality 

Mizuki:No we aren't reality benders

Monster:That not how you too got your powers 


Haga:Wait your not the reason why we are here


Mizuki:Then who

Monster:I don't know what you are talking about

Suddenly The Monster explodes

Haga:Well at least monsters explode in the reality

Mizuki:If it wasn't him who was it

Maria and Ayumi

Mr Terry:Well ladies i decided that you will have roles to play

Ayumi:We aren't in a play

Mr Terry:No but jobs


Mr Terry:Yes Ayumi you will do the lights and Maria well i'm still deciding

Mr Terry:But until then that is your job Ayumi

Ayumi:But Sir i'm too important

Mr Terry:No Ayumi not everyone is important

Ayumi:But sir

Mr Terry:No Ayumi you have your role

Ayumi:Dammit this is not what i dreamed

Maria:Ayumi calm down

Ayumi:Don't tell me to calm down

Maria:Ayumi just listen to me 

Ayumi:No this is just not right

Ayumi:Oh man this is not good

Ending Theme:Jinsei Blues

Next Episode:The Blues are Going Away

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Posted 18 July 2020 - 10:24 PM

Morning Musume Members Powers




Sato-Spiritual Energy/Spirit











Their are more powers out there in the Series but i will anyone guess what more powers there are

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Posted 20 July 2020 - 09:30 PM
























































Quantum Energy

Nether/Demonic Energy

Draconic Energy


Mental Energy






Death Force/Death Energy


Ele-Fire,Water,Wind/Air,Earth,Ice,Lightning,Light and Dark/Darkness

Omni-Everything or All Powers

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Posted 24 August 2020 - 12:22 AM

Morning Musume Renai Hunter Members











Sato=Spiritual Energy/Spirit


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Posted 13 September 2020 - 06:39 AM

Morning Musume '19 Season 68 Jinsei Blues/Seishun Night  Seishun Night Episode 1:Enjoy!

One Fine Evening Some Criminals drive in a big truck as they head to a Warehouse one of the man comes out of the truck is none other than The Mechtronic Man! A Criminal or Cyborg half of his body was Human and the other half was Machine.

 Mechtronic Man:Alright Gentleman all of this is going in the truck tonight so lets get ready

Mizuki:Actually you guys aren't taking anything with you

The Mechtronic Man:Damn the Musume Girls are here

Erina:We sure are

Ayumi:But this time your not getting away

Mechtronic Man:Well i guess me and my group here are going to have to kill all of you right men!

All Men walk cowardly away

The Mechtronic Man:You Damn cowards get back now

One Criminal:Well are you sure they have powers

Mechtronic Man:Doesn't matter go moving

Mizuki:Go girls

All the Girls fight

Ayumi:You guys need to feel the shock

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 12:26 AM

Special Announcement Everyone 



So I'm going to do Something very special its coming and it's Morning Musume The Movie 2017 Morning Musume The Movie 1999 Morning Musume And The Magical Power of II

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