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"Come over..." (DuuxSakura)

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"The names Kudo Haruka. Better yet, call me Duu." A husky voice passes through her lips before taking a drag out of her cigarette. "What can I say? I'm a lover of all women, short tall, large, thin, you name it....

I used to think....why be tied to just one woman when there's so many different flavors to try?" She laughed under her breath. "There's never a night where I go home alone." 


Duu enters the coffee shop, dressed in black pants with a white oversized shirt that's halfway tucked into her pants. She orders her favorite, a French latte. She decided to take a seat in one of the booths, farthest from the door and waits for her order. She leaned her head back on the seat and ran her fingers through her hair, sighing lightly. Just then, a cute girl with a half up do enters the shop, wearing a purple mini dress with flowers printed on it. Duu kept her eyes on the girl, examining her up and down. The girl felt her gaze and decided to look to see who was staring. She locked eyes with Duu and immediately felt chills all over her body, causing her to look away  very quickly. Duu smirked 'Bingo...' she said in her mind before getting up and walking over. The girl ordered her drink but was unable to find her wallet in her purse, making it a perfect entry way for Duu to pay for her drink. "Oh, thank you...you didn't have to." the girl looked stunned. "No, it's okay, I wanted to....Wanna go sit with me until we get our drinks?" Duu asked. "S...Sure..." She then lead the girl to the same booth and they both sat down across from eachother. 


After they sat down, Duu stared intently into the girls eyes, making the girl squirm uncomfortably. “What’s your name?” Duu asked. “Masaki…” “Pretty name….I’m Haruka, but you can call me Duu.” “Nice to meet you…” Masaki nodded her head in greeting. “So what are you doing outside this late at night?” “Just got out of ballet practice. It’s been a long day.” “Really? You look like you do well at it.” Masaki blushed and smiled a bit, “Thank you, what about you?” “Eh? Well, I was studying and really craved a french latte, so I ended up here.” Duu said, tugging at her shirt collar a bit, making the shirt droop forward, showing a little bit of her collar bone. Masaki couldn’t help but look there, then her eyes went straight up to Duu’s lips. Duu noticed this and smirked ‘Bingo…’


Next thing the poor girl knew, she fell back on Duu’s bed, watching her taking off her clothes. “I remember you said you’re into ballet, right? I wanna see how far you can stretch tonight.” Duu said in her sensual husky voice before jumping on top of Masaki, ripping her clothes off. Masaki felt compelled to let out her inner beast, it was something about the way Duu made her feel, like she was the sexiest, most beautiful girl in the world, even if they met just hours before. They kissed and fondled each other before the main event. The rest is history…


“She fell in love with me that night, now she won’t stop stalking me and showing up at different spots. I regret that encounter…” she takes another drag before letting the smoke leave through her lips. “That was usually how my nights go. Show up to all the lady spots....see a babe who could use a good f***, slide in and help them out, it’s simple really...not until I met her…”


It was early morning, right before dawn, Duu couldn’t sleep all night, so she got up and put on some jogging clothes and started walking fast paced  around Hello!Project campus. Her eyes were glued to the ground, so it was easy for her to bump into someone, and she did. She fell on her back, eventually leaning up on her elbows, holding her head in pain. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry...are you okay?” a voice, which sounded like a melody said to her. Duu looked up at the source of the voice. Big brown eyes were staring back at her worridley, her hair was a little past her shoulders blowing in the wind. She had on a black mini dress with ruffles at the bottom. Her pale skin shown brightly from the moon’s light. Her hand reached out to Duu. Duu looked stunned, but took her hand and got up, “It’s okay, it was my fault. I should’ve watched where I was going…” she said before clearing her throat, getting her act together, “Sorry..” “No it was my fault...I was in such a hurry to go back to my dorms and get some sleep.” the mysterious girl said before putting her hair behind her right ear. “Really? You’re going to the dorms to sleep?” Duu said, confused. “Yeah, I take night classes, just got done with my singing lesson.” “Oh okay...I’m Haruka Kudo by the way, but you can call me Duu…” Duu said, now reaching her hand out to the girl, flashing her charming smile to test her out. The girl held Duu’s squeezing it a little bit, “My name is Sakura Oda, nice to meet you...Duu?” she giggled, but seemed to not take the bait. Just then, Sakura’s phone rang, she let go of her hand and looked at the screen, before meeting eyes with Duu. “I really should get going, I like to be in the dorms before the sun comes up. See you around?” “S-Sure...see you..” Duu replied before watching her figure as she walks away. This was new for Duu, surely her little signals would hook girls in, but she couldn’t even get Sakura to stay for more than five minutes. 


“There’s something about that girl….”




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