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[6/12] Morning Musume. ‘19 67th Single - Jinsei Blues / Seishun Night

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#101 YellowAccel


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Posted Yesterday, 01:46 PM

Really a shame they forgot the VR thing until the last part :/

MM: 1.Chisaki 2.Kaede 3.Sakura  A: 1.Ayano 2.Moe 3.Akari JJ: 1.Akari 2.Ruru 3.Sayuki CG:1.Risa  2.Mai 3.Chisaki  KF: 1.Ayaka 2.Sakurako 3.Minami TF: 1.Saori 2.Mizuho 3.Yumeno 

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#102 Juandalyn



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Posted Yesterday, 10:25 PM

Yeah, that's the thing that I meant. Sometimes they add nice concept but don't pull them off to the end.


It's still a decent video, but aside from the very short VR parts it's nothing special - a dance shot in front of a set.

Now I'm a bit anxious because I thought Jinsei Blues would be the obligatory dance shot MV.


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#103 stereo


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Posted Yesterday, 10:27 PM

Yes it's a little sad they don't use the idea just a little more to complete the dance shot even more. But for a B side it's allready a better MV than usual. Can't wait for Jinsei Blues.

#104 mizukingdom1


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Posted Today, 01:28 AM

Quote MV for new page

Seishun Night (Promotion Edit)


Agree with everyone. It started so good and looked like we were gonna get something different in the MV but it lead to nothing special...

#105 Fallacia


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Posted Today, 01:46 AM

Now that I've seen the outfits in action, I think I've come around to some of them a bit more. Kaede still just looks like she was made for that outfit though.

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#106 Zoe


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Posted Today, 01:49 AM

I wonder if they meant for this song to come out earlier. All of the Chii stuff is very wintery.

#107 Punkin


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Posted Today, 03:03 AM

Do they still do different versions of the MVs for the DVDs? Maybe they’ll edit it differently and we’ll see more of it. It really should have been showcased more because it was such a fun idea.

#108 XFER


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Posted Today, 04:08 AM

Oh my, not even A Gonna was this bad. I hate the song, and call me silly, but I don't like to see Reina and Kaede playing second fiddle to Chisaki. Anyway! Akane is practically invisible in this video :(


#109 ❤-u-den


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Posted Today, 05:22 AM

How is it that MM is somehow the most boring of the current H!P groups? I actually think this song is a step up from the last two singles (which I don't remember at all) but it's just so... safe, familiar, done before in better songs. I haven't felt a spark from MM since BRAND NEW MORNING, tbh, Jinsei Blues has some appeal but it's not amazing - maybe I'll like it more with the PV coming out. Overall, these two songs are far more listenable than the last two singles, but... they're still super safe and it just feels like too little at this point. Having not felt love for an MM song since 2017 feels crummy.



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