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Alom (Avex)

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Posted 05 April 2019 - 07:48 PM

Alom is a new group (started last year in 2018) that so far is being produced by Tsunku.

Website - https://avex.jp/frame/alom/index.php
Twitter - https://twitter.com/alom_avex

Wikipedia - https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alom
The group is made of of the two members Terada Minami (25) and Komuro Sayaka (23).


Minami's hips don't lie...


alom(アロム)is a word with a double meaning. One, A Lot Of Music. Two, a dutch word meaning anywhere. Avex lists their style as a Technopop Unit (in the Summer Zombie description on CD Japan at least), which immediately conjures the thoughts of YMO, and YMO they are not, but whatever it is, I like it. So they are not idols, just hot ladies.
As one might expect the two girls (currently singing Anime songs) were singing anime songs by themselves, before teaming up. Both are singer songwriters. At least before Alom.

Terada Manami (寺田真奈美)

Twitter - https://twitter.com/terada_manami

Instagram - https://www.instagra.../terada_manami/
Pre - Alom Song


Komuro Sayaka (小室さやか) 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/sayaka_komuro

Instagram - https://www.instagra.../komuro_sayaka/
Pre - Alom Song




So far they have 4 releases 2 singles, an album, and a pending single.


Summer Zombie 



Comet Girls


The girl in love is about to start raining (janky translation)

Morning Musume - Sato Masaki (佐藤優樹) Haga Akane (羽賀朱音 ) 

Fukumura Mizuki (譜久村聖) - 聖そういうのじゃないもん… Oda Sakura (小田さくら) - フェロモン・ディーヴァ 笑うだけではダメ

Angerme - Murota Mizuki (室田瑞希) Kawamura Ayano (川村文乃) Ise Layla (伊勢鈴蘭)

Kobushi Factory - Hamamura Ayano (浜浦彩乃) Tsubuki Factory - Kishimoto Yumeno (岸本ゆめの)

If you enjoy the music of Hello!Project, join me as I dissect individual songs on my blog, Hello Project Music.

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