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Please do not purchase from MM Germany!

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 03:09 AM

^ I posted that a few days ago just a bit scroll up...   :ph34r:
UPDATE: He deleted Loneliness Tokyo from all platforms now

OHHH I thought it was initially for iTunes and Amazon music. I knew it was off iTunes and Amazon then but not Google Play or Deezer etc.

I'll check and see if there's still claims to my channel and MMs official one for some songs.

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Posted 29 December 2018 - 02:38 PM

The TuneCore claims on official videos are gone, at least it doesn't say Morning Musume Germany anymoreAttached File  Screenshot_20181229-142721.png   586.57KB   19 downloads

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Posted 30 December 2018 - 05:45 PM

yes, he posted it yesterday:

update from Morning Musume Germany©

Hello all together, spent your Christmas well. The Year 2018 is approaching the end! Let's see what 2019 is going to do, especially with regard to article 13 of the ecj!
But now to something else. As I have already announced, all the songs were deleted from the shop as you wanted through your massive "shitstorm".
Now to the kers, your overzealous act, now the songs (sound recorders) are accessible for everyone because they are no longer protected.
So every yt can use these songs free for his videos and monetize them to make money with it.
To make the most of it clear, I'll make you a bill here which could make a good yt (10.000 Subscriber).

A Video (not the original with sound recording with a will e.g.
When good arrives with 20.000 views and monetization of the video, advertising approx. 0,05 € are approx. 1.000 € only with this video with only one commercial, you can also place multiple ad blocks in it, you come to a höreren amount. (this is only one example)
However, it is the fact that everyone can use the audio track for his own tick to make money. Since the audio track is now no longer protected by copyright and that is through you!
You wonder why upfront didn't do this yourself, now you have to ask her yourself, no ask hello! Project because they are the songs to cyclist for upfront. Until 2012, she was still secured by upfront, why not now, you can't ask me.
As far as I am concerned, everything has already been said.
You may like to speak to the picture down there, but now you have to tell me that I have nothing to do with it now. I can't monetize the video. There's no $ to see.
I wish you a happy new year 2019

(google translate)
posted a screenshot of his own crap versions which nobody is watching :huh:

Hallo alle zusammen, habe ihr Weihnachten gut verbracht. Das Jahr 2018 nähert sich dem Ende! Mal schauen was 2019 so bringt, vorallem auf Bezug des Artikel 13 von dem EuGH! 

Aber nun zu was anderem. Wie ich ja bereits angekündigt habe, wurden alle Lieder aus dem Shop gelöscht, so wie ihr es wollte durch euren massiven "Shitstorm". 

Nun zu der Kerseite, eure übereifrigen Handeln, jetzt sind die Lieder (Tonaufnahme) für jederman zugänglich, da sie nicht mehr urheberlich geschützt sind. 
So kann jeder YT diese Lieder frei für sein Videos nutzen und sie monetarisieren um Geld damit zu verdienen. 
Um das ganz Ausmaß mal zu verdeutlichen, werde ich euch hier mal ein Rechnung erstellen was ein guter YT (10.000 Abonnent) verdienen könnte. 

Ein Video (nicht das Orginal mit der Tonaufnahme mit A Gonna z.B. 
wenn gut ankommt mit 20.000 Aufrufe und der Monetarisierung des Video, Werbung ca. 0,05 € sind ca. 1.000 € nur allein mit diesem Video mit nur einer Werbeblock gerechnet, dorch man auch mehrer Werbeblocks hinein platzieren, kommt man auf ein höreren Betrag. ( Dazu Bemerkt dies ist nur ein Beispiel)

Dennoch ist es fakt, das nun jeder die Tonspur für seine eigene Zecke nutzen kann um Geld damit zu machen. Da die Tonspur nun nicht mehr Copyright gesichert ist und das durch euch! 
Ihr fragt euch warum UpFront dies nicht selbst tat, nun das müsst ihr sie selbst fragen, nein fragt lieber Hello!Project denn sie sind es die die Lieder zu Verfüngung stellen für UpFront. Bis 2012 wurde sie noch von UpFront gesichert, warum jetzt nicht mehr, das dürft ihr mich nicht fragen. 
Was meine Werdigkeit betrifft, wurde alles schon gesagt, was zu sagen war. 

Ihr dürft gerne zu dem Bild da unten äussern, jedoch hallte mich jetzt daraus, damit habe ich jetzt nichts mehr zu tun. Ich kann die Video nicht monetarisieren. Es ist kein $ zu sehen. 

Ich wünsche euch noch guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr 2019

original post


So kann jeder YT diese Lieder frei für sein Videos nutzen und sie monetarisieren um Geld damit zu verdienen.

"everyone can use YT videos and make money with them"

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Posted 30 December 2018 - 05:47 PM

I wonder how he could think there was no copyright on the songs when UF itself took down fan videos in the past.


Forever a salty Kanon fan.

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 12:09 AM

He seems to think that Hello Project and Up Front are two completely separate companies

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Posted 31 December 2018 - 01:57 AM

He really doesn't seem to have the most rudimentary understanding of how IP laws work, or even the very point of them, if he thinks he was doing any favors for anyone other than himself. The very process of him claiming anything with no verifiable deal, even with some on behalf of UF, only serves to hurt UF's own legal claims in the future. That's before ever considering any potential type of unchecked fraudulent behavior in selling bootleg physical copies of singles and goods with yet another claim of some unverifiable deal. If it was all above board, no actions on removing those listings would have needed to have been taken after the first public statement, even if every international fan had initially been making a fuss.


In the end, the biggest complaint isn't that he was doing piracy, or in some twisted way trying to claim that he was attempting to stop others from doing it. That's up to UF to enforce and deal when the occasional Fair Use defense is successfully used. The biggest complaints were the profit made from infringing on UF's IP and misleading consumers who thought that they were buying something legitimate from an official source. That's part of the kind of damage to a brand that those laws exist to prevent, as it makes those consumers less likely to buy things in the future if they are wary of who may be selling it to them.

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Posted 11 January 2019 - 03:14 PM

His Twitter r account is back and he still keeps discussing about his copyright "certificate" there.

Now it seems the Facebook page is gone (?)

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