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[3/20] Best! Morning Musume. 20th Anniversary

Morning Musume

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#61 Nayok-Kihara


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Posted Yesterday, 11:05 AM

considering the alternative probably would have been yet another empty white background MV, I honestly don't mind it being a live performance MV

Seems more likely the alternative would've been no video at all, since it's just a bonus album song. :lol:

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#62 megumibex


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Posted Yesterday, 02:07 PM

I would have preferred just a normal live pv. Most of the edits are distracting and annoying. Still love the song and that performances looked great (from what I could see of it).

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#63 ShiningLight445


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Posted Yesterday, 06:18 PM

If the music video is a live concert version...... :unsure:


I'm not psychic, I swear ^^;


Well...at least there's interesting effects.

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#64 mizukingdom1


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Posted Today, 08:49 AM

Quote for new page

I surrender Aisaredo Ai MV


^yeah at least there were effects and not just a straight up live concert like What is love? and Iron heart

And I have to say, Akane doesn't get many lines but when she does it's always the most memorable

#65 洋hiromi水


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Posted Today, 11:46 AM

Akane's punch is awesome. Besides that, I find the effects rather annoying. 


I don't get why MM always has low budget MVs while other H!P groups get awesome ones with stories and cool effects and stunning scenery.

I know this is "just" an MV for an album song.... but still.

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#66 minaeshi


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Posted Today, 12:47 PM

i actually hate the effects lol... looks like something i could have done back in 2008 on windows movie maker for my youtube channel ^^; 

would much rather have a 'what is love' style video where they're just performing, would probably get more views too. 

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#67 Kon-Chan:Itsumademo


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Posted Today, 02:54 PM

I'm not a fan of the effects, it ruined the enjoyment for me, I think I would have preferred just a plain live version like What is Love?.

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