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Speculations for H!P 2019

hello!project morning musume angerme juice=juice kobushi factory tsubaki factory beyooooonds

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#1 kittykoo5


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Posted 01 December 2018 - 02:36 PM

This year has just about come to an end so its peculation time. Next year seems like it'll be pretty unpredictable with three new groups possibly debuting together and with a number of graduations coming too. I want to see what other people think is going to happen.


Last year





Morning Musume

- I think they are going to add new members. (They don't really have anything else going on except the usual releases)

This is more of a hope but I want to see them move away from EDM and bring back the choruses in their songs

- I also don't think that Haruna is going to be the only person to graduate next year



- They seem to be changing their sound and image towards being more fashionable with more fun songs so I think they'll keep following that trend



- I think they'll continue focusing of tours


Kobushi Factory

- Unless their sales see a dramatic increase, I still see them adding new members since that's H!P solution to a lot of their problems


Tsubaki Factory

- Another anime tie-in

- Maybe a drama or movie tie-in

- Since they didn't get one this year, I expect they get a hall tour next year

- I think they'll have a single that out-sells Teion Yakedo

- No member changes

- 2 singles (and they will both be full of bops)



- Won't make any expectations for this/these group/s since they haven't even finalized the lineup 


#2 megumibex


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Posted 01 December 2018 - 06:24 PM

I only really have predictions for MM and Beyooooonds:


Morning Musume:

- At least one more grad, maybe more, followed by 15th gen. 

- 15th gen has at least one girl from an audition.



- 3rd group is 3 members. Most likely all auditionees, but my hope is two auditionees and one Kodama Sakiko. 

- Has an awesome debut single. A-side(s) are by Beyooooonds with a B-side by each unit. 

MM ~ Nonaka Miki, Kaga Kaede ANGERME ~ Sasaki Rikako J=J ~ Takagi Sayuki, Danbara Ruru 

CG ~ Yamaki Risa KF ~ Hamaura Ayano TF~ Kishimoto Yumeno 

KSS - Takase Kurumi, Sato Hikari 

OG ~ Iida Kaori, Suzuki Kanon, Fukuda Kanon, Inaba Manaka, Mitsui Aika, Nakajima Saki

Other Companies ~ Iwase Misaki, Cuca, Nagahama Neru, Maruyama Karin, Khao Kazumaisiri , Suzuka Nakamoto

#3 miyooooons


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Posted 27 December 2018 - 12:57 AM

Since it's nearly the end of the year, I guess I need to get on this!

Here's how last year's predictions went (Correct in GREEN, Debatable in GOLD, Incorrect CROSSED OUT, Comments in BOLD.):


I'm actually quite surprised with how many of them were correct or at least partially.

2019 Predictions/Hopes



  • No general H!P auditions but rather it goes back to group-specific auditions
  • Takechan becomes H!P subleader after Ayacho graduates and gives leadership to Mizuki
  • Shuffle units that release content
  • At least 2 releases per group (not counting BEYOOOOONDS' subsidiaries).
  • Another Concert in USA!!
  • Joint Kobushi & Tsubaki Factory BUDOKAN

Morning Musume '19

  • 15th Generation by the end of the year, 4nin, at least one Audition girl.
  • 3 singles (I'm begging, please).
  • 2 graduations (I'm thinking Eripon & Miki, but not positive)
  • More lines for Kaedy
  • Bigger concert venue than Budokan
  • 16th Album
  • Another U.S. Concert (preferably near me kthx)


  • Takechan ANGERME leader (not that I don't want Kananan, but Take has the KSS tenure)
  • 2 singles
  • An album in Q2
  • 1 or more of 2nd Gen will graduate
  • Haruka gets Green, Reira gets Purple


  • No graduations besides Yuka & Yanamin
  • 2 singles
  • New member(s)
  • Tomoko leader, Sayuki subleader (pretty sure this one will happen)

Country Girls

  • 1 digital single
  • Either adding a new member with concurrency, or disbanding altogether
  • Something else is done with Ozeki Mai

Kobushi Factory

  • New members
  • Release music that I can thoroughly enjoy
  • No graduations
  • Album in Q4

Tsubaki Factory

  • No lineup changes
  • 3 singles
  • Keep the bops coming


  • Become one of my fave H!P groups
  • First indies single in Q1
  • Megane no Otoko no Ko mp3 release
  • Major debut by Q3
  • 3rd group with Audition girls gets their own unit & unit name.
  • BEYOOOOONDS acts as the main act for singles' A-Sides, B-sides are songs by the individual groups
  • Lineup doesn't change the whole year
  • Miyo becomes my favorite H!P member
  • At least 2 singles


  • DEBUT: Ono Kotomi, Yonemura Kirara, Ishiguri Kanami, Hashisako Rin, Yamada Ichigo, Nakayama Natsume, Tamenaga Shion & Saito Madoka
  • Another release of some sort (single or album)
  • 30th Gen of like 5-8 girls
  • A great Shindan Test
  • New Hokkaido KSS Gen

MM:  A:

J=J:  C•G: ⬤ KF: 

 TF:  BY: 

ALUM: Meimi Maasa KSS: Ono Yonemura Hashisako

(These ranks always change, lol)

#4 honeyharunanfan


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Posted 30 December 2018 - 02:12 AM

Since 2019 is literally just around the corner, gonna post my predictions before it's too late lol


- Another graduation for Anju (other than Ayacho)

- Two graduations from MM

- Some period of stability for JJ after Nanami and Yuka's graduations, two singles (one of which is already announced)

- Kobushi continuing on without new members

- Tsubaki continuing on without losing members (hopefully)

- Beyooooonds having their major debut in the second half of the year (hopefully)


#5 Zucchipon


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Posted 30 December 2018 - 08:51 PM

My hopes/predictions



-Akane starts getting more lines in songs (Kinda already starting to happen with I surrender and the other new song, but still more Akane pls)

-More Kaede too pls

-Actually I will take more lines for any of the girls that aren't Mizuki, Sakura or Masaki tbh. Need more of a variety of voices in their songs

-Eripon gets more modelling jobs (magazines, photobooks, anything pls ufp)

-At least one more graduation

-15th Gen, or at least they start auditions for them

-Another overseas concert when Miki returns from studying (Europe pls)

-Another single like Oh My Wish where the back members get to lead for a change

-Their singles in 2019 are not as meh as the ones in 2018



-Another graduation besides Ayaka

-An album before Ayaka graduates pls pls pls

-They have another concert overseas



-No new members are Yuka and Yanamin's grads

-The single after Yanamin's grad has a more mature feel to it (Like Sexy Sexy)

-Maybe they start to focus on dance a bit more with Manaka's addition?



-More members are added at some point, like one or two

-They release more songs I enjoy (Kitto Watashi wa was a step in the right direction, more like this pls)



-More Riko in songs pls

-Keep releasing the best songs



-They have a major debut during the second half of the year

-No more members are added, they are perfect as they are.

-Reina grows her hair back



-None of my new faves leave (Losing Marina, Rena, Ryo, Mizuki and Kurumi in one year was rough)

-Some more of the Hokkaido KKS debut (I feel like Minori, Mei and Kanami especially are ready to)

-Riai and Natsume debut somewhere (15th gen maybe?)


Nightmares that I hope never come true ever

-Eripon or Akane graduates

-Tsubaki or Beyooooooooonds lose a member


Dreams I know will never come true but I wish they would

-Miki uses her newfound english skills to start doing Miki's Surprise English lessons

-Eripon is centre for one song pls

-Riho reappears in some form

-Zukki and Ogata instagram accounts pls I miss their faces

ErinaAkane Kaede

#6 Kumi-chan


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Posted 30 December 2018 - 09:36 PM

My predictions:



-One graduation at the end or the Aki tour + one announced for 2020 (haru).

-15 gen announcement at the end of the year or at the end of Haru tour.



-Another graduation beside Wada. (Hope it's not Kanana)

-An album before Ayacho's grad.

-A single with one song for Haruka and Reira.



-Another single between Yanamin and Yuka's grad.

-A stability period after Yuka's grad.



-No new members (I hope) 

-More songs like the recent ones.

-Better promotions. 



-NO NEW MEMBERS (I will be mad if they add members to TF)

-Keep releasing the best songs.

-More photoshoots

-Maybe a new special project (movie/anime/...)



-Debut in the second part of the year.

-A single with b-sides for each unit.

Risamaru & Kishimon & Maopin & Saorin & Tami & Kiki-tan & RikoRiko & Omizu & Niinu

Saku & Maa & Chii & Kaedy & PonPon

Mitsii & Takitty & Haachin & Zukki

#7 Ambenya


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Posted 30 December 2018 - 10:50 PM

I don't really do this but I figured I might as well!
Morning Musume. '19
A graduation (not really sure who)
New members (Probably 4 members)
More than two singles 
Another concert overseas
More modeling stuff for Eripon
A single where the background girls get a majority of lines
Another graduation besides Wada's
A new album
New members (Not that I want more members just I can see them adding more)
Country Girls
Two digital singles
Something major happens (Don't really know what)
Kobushi Factory
Two new members
A new album
Sales increase
Tsubaki Factory
Continue to see increased sales
No changes in lineup
No changes in lineup 
Indies debut in first half of the year
Major debut in second half of the year
More debuts (Please debut Kirara!)
2 more Kenshuusei gens

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#8 mizukingdom1


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Posted 31 December 2018 - 03:59 AM

I'm just gonna keep this short and sweet.

Beyonds have a great debut.

Country girls continue as a unit (still release music).

Morning musume audition for new members to be added in 2020.

No other graduations on 2019 apart from the ones already announced.

#9 GetRapper


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Posted 31 December 2018 - 07:56 AM

My predictions:




-W will finally reunite!!!

-There will be auditions for various groups, but surprisingly there will be very few promotions

-Country Girls will finally disband (Risa and Mai will graduate from H!P)




-Ayumin graduation

-3 singles

-Chisaki will center a few songs

-15th gen added (2 members)




-Rinapuu graduation

-No new members added

-They will have an album along with 2 singles




-No new members added after Yuka and Yanamin grads

-They will travel to more countries for performance (Mexico, France, U.S., Chile, Brazil, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand)

-Group will have songs and stages that showcase Manakan's dancing


Kobushi Factory


-No member changes

-More tours with Tsubaki Factory to increase exposure

-Will have a single that is fully acapella


Tsubaki Factory


-Will have a single that outsells a Momusu single

-More Anime tie-ins and TV appearances

-Ami and Mizuho will become "IT" girls because of said TV appearances




-First single (Duh)

-Subunits will be more popular than entire group as a whole

-Third group will add a new member and have a name that's even more silly than the previous two




-Yuliya will debut in MM

-They will add 6 to 8 girls

-Another Hokkaido KSS will debut in another group (Tsubaki?)


Oshi's:  MM'18:  野中美希, Angerme:  室田瑞希, J=J:  植村 あかり, Country Girls:  山木梨沙

  Kobushi Factory: 和田 桜子, Tsubaki Factory:  小野瑞歩, Kenshusei:  野口胡桃

All time favorites:  後藤 真希, 藤本 美貴, 矢口真里, 鞘師里保, 矢島 舞美, 清水 佐紀


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