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[SINGLE] Keyakizaka46 7th single - Ambivalent 2018.08.15

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#1 minaeshi


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 02:57 AM

1. Ambivalent
2. Student Dance
3A. I’m out
3B. Happy Aura (Hiragana)
3C. Room 302 (Habu and KobaYui)
3D. Unrequited love to the Music (Neru, Koike and Ozeki)
3R. Until the Sun rises (Imaizumi)
Ambivalent (Senbatsu) 
Day 1: 
Day 2: 
Day 3: 
Day 4: 
Day 5: 
Day 6:
First Week Sales: 
Second Week Sales: 
Total Sales: 
First single to not include Shida Manaka, Harada Aoi, or Imaizumi Yui in the senbatsu. 
Shida Manaka is absent from this single due to being on Hiatus for her health. 
Harada Aoi is absent from this single due to being on Hiatus to focus on her studies. 
Imaizumi Yui, despite having a solo feature on this single, is not included in any Kanji songs due to conflicting schedules (new drama).  
Hirate Yurina, Shida Manaka, Harada Aoi, Imaizumi Yui, and Kageyama Yuka will not be participating in the Individual Handsake Events for this single.

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#2 minaeshi


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Posted 05 July 2018 - 07:43 PM

Speculated to be the single outfits, if it's true it means that Hiragana's will be included in this single again (whether it means they will be part of senbatsu or not is another story) 




Techi, Mona, and Aoi are not confirmed to have ended their keyaki hiatus so i'm not sure if they will be part of this single..

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Posted 05 July 2018 - 09:51 PM

It's clear that Hiragana members will be in the A-side, how? We don't know yet, but there's some debate about if this single will have a Double A-side (one for Kanji and one for Hiragana), or just one A-side with a joint senbatsu. I think it'll be the second one, because if management wanted to do A-sides for each group, then it would have done it since long time ago. Also the promotional pic looks like two pics put into one, but it seems is one pic with two colors. And that makes me think it'll be a joint senbatsu, it won't be in the same way AKB has done it with its SG, but more like a collaboration between both groups for this single, so I expect two centers for this senbatsu (one from each group).

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#4 minaeshi


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Posted 22 July 2018 - 11:26 PM

Tracklist is out!! The single is called Ambivalent! The official meaning of that word is 'having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone.'


sums up keyakizaka46 a lot doesn't it. lool. 

Student Dance
I’m out
Happy Aura (Hiragana)
Room 302 (Habu and KobaYui)
Unrequited love to the Music (Neru, Koike and Ozeki)
Until the Sun rises (Imaizumi)

Anyone wanna take a wild guess at the center???????? 






Senbatsu lineup is here~ 



Oda Nana - Saito Fuyuka - Moriya Akane - Watanabe Rika - Ozeki Rika - Yonetani Nanami - Ishimori Nijika - Sato Shiori

Uemura Rina - Sugai Rika - Nagahama Neru - Koike Minami - Nagasawa Nanako

Habu Mizuho - Suzumoto Miyu - Hirate Yurina - Watanabe Risa - Kobayashi Yui


Out - Shida Manaka, Imaizumi Yui, Harada Aoi. 

Manaka has been on hiatus since the start of this year after the Kouhaku situation. After a very minor scandal where she was seen with some random dude in her hometown, she hasn't been seen again. Harada Aoi is on hiatus due to studies. She's focusing on university for the time being. Imaizumi Yui is, as you all know, still suffering from some health issues, but she's also staring in a new drama, so we'll have to see whether its due to a busy schedule or a health flare up. 


Things to note: No hiragana members again, as expected. Habu seems to have solidified herself as a front row member, and Uemura and Nanako have finally been given the positions their handshake sales deserves, at the expense of Rika's locked 2nd row position. Akanen seems to have been dropped to 3rd row too, probably an indication of her HS sales.


Sad to see 3 girls out but at least we know, had they all been able to, this single would be another 21 member senbatsu. 

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#5 minaeshi


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Posted 24 July 2018 - 02:23 PM

Ambilavent radio rip is out! 


tbh it's gonna take me a lot of listens to get used too... definitely not their best a-side for me, but it's a good comeback song that gets the crowd pumping, so i guess this will be that kind of song you would perform at kouhaku lol 

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#6 ajma93632


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Posted 24 July 2018 - 05:59 PM

I'm really upset I was one of those who were expecting a joint senbatsu (like a W-senbatsu), but it's only Kanji again, at least is not the typical formation with the same members. I'm going to accept only Kanji in senbatsu one more time just because Hiragana has gotten a lot these last months so I think it's okay. But management really should flip the coin and let Hiragana to be senbatsu for the next single, either that or to make a joint/W-senbatsu.

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#7 minaeshi


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Posted 26 July 2018 - 10:44 PM

I guess it's a tricky one because the general public only know the 1st generation of the group, and they love the formula the group already has (being able to recognize a groups members is always a plus) so sony are probably thinking "if it's not broken, don't fix it". If this does continue however, I would rather they just take Hiragana's out once 2nd gen Kanji come in and call Hiragana's the third 46 group. 


Full MV is out! 

Seems like the formation truly doesn't mean anything since Akane and Nijika got ample screen time despite being 3rd row! 


Fans were quick to note that they reused the stairs from Hiragana's mv lol

LevUvoSm.jpg Lhw3yIBm.jpg


And here are the 2nd round of HS results for this single~ as usual, copypasta'd from s48 

rank. (prev. rank.) sold slots/total slots (+changemember name

kanji hiragana

01. (01.) 24/24 (+00) Nagasawa Nanako (1st round sold out)

02. (02.) 24/24 (+01) Sugai Yuuka (2nd round sold out!)
02. (03.) 24/24 (+03) Saito Kyoko (2nd round sold out!)
02. (03.) 24/24 (+03) Nagahama Neru (2nd round sold out!)
02. (03.) 24/24 (+03) Watanabe Rika (2nd round sold out!)
02. (06.) 24/24 (+04) Kobayashi Yui (2nd round sold out!)
02. (06.) 24/24 (+04) Watanabe Risa (2nd round sold out!)
02. (10.) 24/24 (+08) Uemura Rina (2nd round sold out!)
02. (13.) 24/24 (+13) Kato Shiho (2nd round sold out!)
02. (14.) 24/24 (+14) Koike Minami (2nd round sold out!)
11. (16.) 23/24 (+16) Higashimura Mei
11. (17.) 23/24 (+18) Habu Mizuho
11. (18.) 23/24 (+19) Kakizaki Memi
11. (21.) 23/24 (+23) Moriya Akane
11. (21.) 23/24 (+23) Ushio Sarina
16. (19.) 20/24 (+19) Sasaki Mirei
17. (08.) 18/24 (+01) Kanemura Miku (+6 slots next round)
17. (08.) 18/24 (+01) Nibu Akari (+6 slots next round)
17. (11.) 18/24 (+05) Kawata Hina (+6 slots next round)
17. (12.) 18/24 (+06) Kosaka Nao (+6 slots next round)
17. (14.) 18/24 (+08) Watanabe Miho (+6 slots next round)
17. (21.) 18/24 (+18) Takamoto Ayaka
23. (19.) 17/18 (+16) Tomita Suzuka
24. (21.) 13/24 (+13) Ozeki Rika
24. (21.) 13/18 (+13) Matsuda Konoka
24. (21.) 13/18 (+13) Miyata Manamo
27. (21.) 10/24 (+10) Suzumoto Miyu
28. (21.) 02/18 (+02) Hamagishi Hiyori
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Iguchi Mao
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Ishimori Nijika
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Oda Nana
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Saito Fuyuka
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Sasaki Kumi
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Sato Shiori
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Takase Mana
29. (00.) 00/24 (+00) Yonetani Nanami
Total: 551/840 (+277 since 1st round) [65.6%]
Kanji total: 261/408 (+101) [64.0%]
Hiragana total: 290/432 (+176) [67.1%]
Hiragana 1st Gen: 155/240 (+111) [64.6%]
Hiragana 2nd Gen: 135/192 (+65) [70.3%]​
648/831 (- 97) last single (increase/decrease over 6th single 2nd round)
HS notes: the usual sell outs of the first round sold out. the rising 2nd gens have all gotten 6 extra slots leveling them with their 1st gen kanji and hiragana members. seems like the others will follow suit if they also sell out. oda not selling out a slot yet isn't expected but not surprising, neither is suzumon's barely selling out 10 slots despite always being a front girl. nothing else much to note about this round. 

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#8 Naru-chan


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Posted 03 August 2018 - 03:28 PM

I like Ambivalent so much! But sadly, I don't really like Happy Aura (so far), though I'm happy Hiragana got their "image song" or how should I put it.

The HabuPon duet. I'm dying. <3 <3 <3 (Yuipon is also in my top favourites, so omgomgomg.)

When do Neru & Miichan & Ozeki get a unit name? :D

I'm surprised that there's no Techi solo this time, but this means one more kanji song, so yay~


Also, don't really mind Techi center again, she seems to be refreshed and I love how she smiles at some point of the MV. :) Love to see happy Techi.

I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs! I'll probably buy the Type-C one. It sadly doesn't have Habu on the cover (she's on Type-B, whyyyyyyyy), but has the HabuPon song and MV! :3 - But honestly, I think the covers are kind of boring. :( The only one I really like is Techi's. I generally like the concept, but not the poses. Also, the writing can hardly be seen. Maybe they'll be shiny irl?

The other thing... They should just split Kanji an Hiragana to two groups already (well, they kinda did) and have some Hiragana singles as well. I'm also that kind of fan who doesn't want to change the Kanji 21-nin senbatsu, but at the same time, I'd love Hiragana to have more chances to shine. Well, maybe next time. At least they got an album and a TV show now.

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Posted 16 August 2018 - 03:55 AM

1st day sales (Oricon):  602,043 copies



2nd highest 1st day sales; 1st highest is Glass wo Ware!.

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