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#321 Fallacia


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 07:32 AM

The conspiracy theorists looking for any reason to explain Karin's lower rankings every year will appreciate the idea that we're doing it just to screw with them, to be sure.  It is always the most amusing part about skimming those threads.



BEST IDOL (ranks 87-43)


℃-ute - Buono! - Morning Musume。’17 - Angerme - Juice=Juice - Country Girls - Kobushi Factory - Tsubaki Factory - Hello!Pro KSS - Hokkaido KSS




78. Yamada Ichigo | 0 points (NEW)
78. Yamazaki Mei | 0 points (-6)
78. Maeda Kokoro | 0 points (-6)
78. Horie Kizuki | 0 points (-12)
78. Hibi Marina | 0 points (NEW)
78. Hashisako Rin | 0 points (-6)
78. Kodama Sakiko | 0 points (-6)
78. Kawano Minori | 0 points (-6)
78. Oota Haruka | 0 points (-6)
78. Ishiguri Kanami | 0 points (-6)
74. Nakayama Natsume | 1 point (NEW)
74. Shimakura Rika |1 point (NEW)
74. Kudou Yume | 1 point (-10)
74. Eguchi Saya | 1 point (NEW)
73. Yonemura Kirara | 2 points (-1)
68. Matsunaga Riai | 3 points (NEW)
68. Doi Rena | 3 points (NEW)
68. Kanatsu Mizuki | 3 points (-8)
68. Ono Kotomi | 3 points (=)
68. Okamura Minami | 3 points (NEW)
67. Kitagawa Ryou | 6 points (+1)
65. Nishida Shiori | 7 points (+7)
65. Inoue Hikaru | 7 points (-1)
64. Satou Hikari | 8 points (+6)
63. Noguchi Kurumi | 9 points (+9)
62. Ogawa Rena | 14 points (-17)
61. Fujii Rio | 15 points (-14)
60. Ichioka Reina | 21 points (-1)
59. Takase Kurumi | 23 points (-6)
58. Kiyono Momohime | 25 points (+3)
57. Yamazaki Yuhane | 27 points (+13)
56. Yamagishi Riko | 40 points (+1)
55. Tanimoto Ami | 45 points (-3)
52. Niinuma Kisora | 49 points (-3)
52. Kawamura Ayano | 49 points (+11)
52. Onoda Saori | 49 points (+2)
51. Ozeki Mai | 57 points (-5)
50. Taguchi Natsumi | 62 points (-10)
49. Nomura Minami | 63 points (-5)
48. Wada Sakurako | 79 points (-5)
47. Aikawa Maho | 84 points (-15)
46. Katsuta Rina | 88 points (-9)
45. Akiyama Mao | 91 points (+12)
43. Takeuchi Akari | 98 points (-21)
43. Ogata Risa | 98 points (+7)


BEST IDOL (ranks 42-1)


℃-ute - Buono! - Morning Musume。’17 - Angerme - Juice=Juice - Country Girls - Kobushi Factory - Tsubaki Factory - Hello!Pro KSS - Hokkaido KSS


42. Miyazaki Yuka | 99 points (-1)
41. Ono Mizuho | 104 points (+21)
40. Hagiwara Mai | 106 points (-1)
39. Hirose Ayaka | 119 points (-4)
38. Nakanishi Kana | 121 points (-5)
37. Asakura Kiki | 122 points (+14)
36. Nakajima Saki | 128 points (-12)
35. Kishimoto Yumeno | 130 points (+7)
34. Inaba Manaka | 131 points (-8)
33. Hamaura Ayano | 150 points (-2)
32. Kasahara Momona | 160 points (+16)
31. Yajima Maimi | 162 points (-18)
30. Haga Akane | 164 points (+3)
29. Inoue Rei | 165 points (+9)
28. Tsugunaga Momoko | 185 points (-17)
27. Yamaki Risa | 187 points (-4)
26. Okai Chisato | 203 points (-10)
25. Sasaki Rikako | 204 points (-11)
24. Uemura Akari | 212 points (+1)
23. Ogata Haruna | 220 points (-2)
22. Kaga Kaede | 223 points (+34)
21. Miyamoto Karin | 229 points (+9)
20. Takagi Sayuki | 244 points (+9)
19. Kanazawa Tomoko | 247 points (-2)
18. Ikuta Erina | 267 points (0)
17. Yanagawa Nanami | 271 points (+19)
16. Wada Ayaka | 278 points (-4)
15. Danbara Ruru | 292 points (+40)
14. Iikubo Haruna | 310 points (-5)
12. Funaki Musubu | 315 points (+3)
12. Fukumura Mizuki | 315 points (-4)
11. Morito Chisaki | 324 points (+16)
10. Suzuki Airi | 331 points (-8)
9. Kamikokuryou Moe | 337 points (-3)
8. Makino Maria | 356 points (-1)
7. Murota Mizuki | 380 points (-2)
6. Kudou Haruka | 398 points (-2)
5. Ishida Ayumi | 414 points (+5)
4. Yokoyama Reina | 422 points (+62)
406ef0cb2455ca25cd4a372b7c13cdb22dd707ac      777c795e73fe7379098a70005ef504680b40bb79      68d0b9830c84a58126e839c455755363e9cc86ab
2. Oda Sakura | 535 points (+1)     1. Satou Masaki | 817 points (0)     3. Nonaka Miki | 478 points (+16)
For the THIRD year in a row, Maachan has managed to grab the hearts of fans in H!O.
AKB48 has Sashihara Rino, and we have Sato Masaki. Maachan is now the first and only H!P member to rank 1st in the Hello!Online General Elections for three consecutive years. She was also voted for by 109 users, half of the total users who voted (218). You know, for all the shade that gets thrown at her, I think she's doing an okay job.
Were there some surprising changes in the ranking for you? Some members unexpectedly ranked down, and others rose a whopping 60+ votes! If your Oshimen ranked in the top half of the list, Congratulations! And if she didn't there's always next year, unless your oshimen graduated, then....... thanks for joining us again this year lol  ^^;
Speaking of graduations, on December 31st Aikawa Maho graduated from Angerme and Hello!Project respectively. Because she graduated on the last day of this year and wont be active at all in 2018, this will be her last ranking. Well done AiAi, even on a year hiatus, you ranked well! As you all know, this is also the last ranking for members of C-ute, Tsugunaga Momoko, Kudo Haruka, Fuiji Rio, Ogawa Rena, and Taguchi Natsumi. Thank you for giving them support until now  <3
Thank you all once again for joining us this year!
And also please give thanks to Keaine who has a massive hand in hosting this election with me. The results wouldn't be shown this quickly if it wasn't for him! 
We host these elections in a bid to bring the H!O community together, to look back on the last 365 days of the year, and move forward into the new year with a positive outlook. We're a very loud and opinionated bunch of fans, but I think we're the best international fanbase H!P has, so thank you all for being a part of this community, and I hope with these elections, it will drive even more new fans to the website so we can have even more heated discussions haha.  . 
 That's all! Hope you enjoyed it. How did your favorite do?
And so, another year on H!O has come to a close, and another year opens.
Hello!Project has been filled with Ups and Downs this year (pun intended), and I'm sure there will be even more exciting times ahead of us. 
Final spreadsheet is here for all the nitty grity details for data stat nerds like me lol https://docs.google....t#gid=792783868

"As people go, I assure you I'm not very judgmental. That requires effort and I am a moderately lazy person." -Richard Rossetti, Chapter 16, Waking

#322 Isolde Michi

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Posted 01 January 2018 - 08:23 AM




Thinking back on it, had I known Maho would've graduated the other day, I would've voted for Wadasaku as the one I want pushed in 2018. Would've helped her Pass that 5% threshold too loll 


Also I'm glad I was able to avoid adding Masaki to my overall list to instead offer more love to the other members I'm a bigger fan of. She's normally ranked second only to Yamaki tho so I'm glad she really did win the overall again ~ 

I am very likely to write something confusing, so I apologize in advanced if you get confused~

#323 I♥Sayumi



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Posted 01 January 2018 - 09:20 AM

So glad for Maachan having a 3peat. Unless she graduates, I don't think she will lose her no.1 spot, so I hope Maachan don't graduate yet. Maachan is simply the best Idol in H!P.


#324 Muyim Pimoup

Muyim Pimoup

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Posted 01 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

i voted for Karin always and happy to see her rank up a bit  :ph34r:

also Maachan's victory is landslide just like Manchester City Premier League campaign this season XD

i personally love Maachan but didn't gave single vote for her because i think she will still have many votes and it seems i'm right,,

Ruru and Yokoyan rise is stunning, i guess it's debut effect,, also nice to see Miki to top 3

now i think the question is not who would win #1, but which members have a chance to challenge Maachan for #1,, XD

personally i think Yokoyan have a chance, Oda's vote also seems stable,,


Momusu'19 !!!

#325 yeahman


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 02:50 PM

I guess my taste kinda matches the general pop? Bit less MM-centric than the overall results though. 


+10 Morito Chisaki (11)

+9 Hamaura Ayano (33)

+8 Funaki Musubu (12)

+7 Akiyama Mao (45)

+6 Fukumura Mizuki (12)

+5 Makino Maria (8)

+4 Yokoyama Reina (4)

+3 Suzuki Airi (10)

+2 Inoue Rei (29)

+1 Ishida Ayumi (5)


Glad to see Funaki, Yokoyan and Ruru ranking so high. Think next year they can all break the top 10.


I'm still astounded at how popular Maachan is on this forum. I mean good for her and good for her wotas, but I can't see it :/

#326 AmaSusE


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 03:09 PM

A little sad about Duu's place but probably not surprising since she was on her way out and gone for those voting after December 11. Very pleased with Reirei's, Yanamin's and Yokoyan's placement though ^^





#327 ulises


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 03:43 PM

I'm still astounded at how popular Maachan is on this forum. I mean good for her and good for her wotas, but I can't see it :/

Is not in this forum, is the same in Japan. If you can't see it is cause you're blind, my dear. She's the [email protected] boss.

#328 KawaiiLand


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 04:14 PM

Haga Akane not as popular as other Musume .. shes so far behind

#329 keaine


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 04:55 PM

In fact I found the Morning Musume songs this year pretty disappointing (yeah, even the album). So my Morning Musume vote i cast was a kind of weak one. Then I said to myself: "hey, there's a wonderful group whose cohesion as a group is amazing, who's better than Morning Musume at variety and got super songs this year, why not change for once?" and that's why I switched to Tsubaki Factory after my vote was cast ^^

(and I rarely change group oshi, the last time I did so was when I went back to Morning Musume in 2012 (from °C-ute))

I read a japanese comment saying: "°C-ute wota went to Juice=Juice and Tsubaki Factory"


having analyzed the votes, I can say that not really. In fact 2016 °C-ute group voters who voted this time stayed with °C-ute, thre rest went to Morning Musume, and just marginally to Juice=Juice and Tsubaki Factory. Juice=Juice and Tsubaki Factory's rise come from marginally gaining from all other groups.


and also: "Kobushi Factory wotas went to Tsubaki Factory?"


no, the votes went to all other groups.

End-of-the-year polls are now closed! Results on the links below:

Hello!Online General Election 2018: http://www.hello-onl...-election-2018/

Female Up-Front Acts Poll 2018: http://www.hello-onl...acts-poll-2018/

Hello!Online Top H!P Songs of 2018 Fan Poll: http://www.hello-onl...-2018-fan-poll/

Fan Poll: MV of the Year 2018: http://www.hello-onl...-the-year-2018/

#330 I am 10th

I am 10th

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Posted 01 January 2018 - 07:05 PM

Thanks for all your hardwork guys! This election has been fun, eventho I did not participate, for my knowledge of other H!P members outside MM is scarcely limited as I'm just a newbie fan, and I didn't want to make a list that only has MM girls, it feels a bit unfair to others.


Oh, my oshi wins! I'm sure if the Best Performer category wasn't removed, she'd have won it as well. 


Miki and Yoko's spots are fascinating! I think they did a great job in the year '17. My only wish for Miki is ditch her awkward expressions and fix her gestures in perfs, and vocal improvement for Yoko. I love these two. They'd be in my top 5 had I voted. 


Happy new year, guys!


#331 Touki


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 07:57 PM

I'm still astounded at how popular Maachan is on this forum. I mean good for her and good for her wotas, but I can't see it :/


Me too. Even with Sasshi's effect, I don't see that.

I only see Maria, Ayumi and Chii-chan and Sakura be heavily featured in the media (and Duu in the past).

#332 IchVermisseDenSommer


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 09:16 PM


??? Maa-chan was featured on interviews a lot last year? Actually she might be the one that has always gotten interviews over the years. She isn't featured in any gravure shoots because she refuses to. You might have noticed that every current MM member at this point has a phonebook regardless of their popularity except Maa-chan. 




Now that I'm awake and alive again I want to thank the organizers of this poll again. I hope you'll continue to create these General Election for a long time to come! You guys are great!

Morning Musume______ANGERME________Juice=Juice_________Kobushi Factory____Tsubaki Factory____ BEYOOOOONDS

1. Sato Masaki         1. Kasahara Momona  1. Kanazawa Tomoko   1. Nomura Minami   1. Tanimoto Ami        1. Kobayashi Honoka

2. Fukumura Mizuki  2. Sasaki Rikako         2. Uemura Akari             2. Hirose Ayaka       2. Asakura Kiki          2.Okamura Minami

3. Oda Sakura          3. Wada Ayaka            3.  Dambara Ruru           3. Inoue Rei             3. Niinuma Kisora     3. Takase Kurumi

#333 GetRapper


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 09:42 PM

Thanks to minaeshi and keaine for all their hard work and congrats to all of the winners and participants!


Let's see how I fared:


Best Idol

+10 Suzuki Airi (10)

+9 Tsugunaga Momoko (28)

+8 Nonaka Miki (3)

+7 Murota Mizuki (7)

+6 Miyamoto Karin (21)

+5 Inoue Rei (29)

+4 Takeuchi Akari (43)

+3 Oda Sakura (2)

+2 Fukumura Mizuki (12)

+1 Ono Mizuho (41)



Best Idol Group - C-ute (4)

Best Newcomer - Danbara Ruru (1)

Best Singer - Suzuki Airi (2)

Best Dancer - Inaba Manaka (1)

Idol you want to push - Wada Sakurako (5)


​My idol rankings are all over the place lol, but I went mostly with my oshi's and legacy votes since I knew Maachan was going to run away with this even before the polling started.  Glad to see that I did well on the categories.  Manakan is a wall when it comes to dancing in H!P and her coming back sealed the deal.


Oshi's:  MM'19:  野中美希, Angerme:  室田瑞希, J=J:  植村 あかり, Country Girls:  山木梨沙

  Kobushi Factory: 和田 桜子, Tsubaki Factory:  小野瑞歩, BEYOOOOONDS:  江口紗耶

All time favorites:  後藤 真希, 藤本 美貴, 矢口真里, 鞘師里保, 矢島 舞美, 清水 佐紀


#334 Lalalaalala


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Posted 01 January 2018 - 11:06 PM

Best Idol
+10 Yokoyama Reina
+9 Sasaki Rikako
+8 Asakura Kiki
+7 Tanitomo Ami
+6 Nonaka Miki
+5 Oda Sakura
+4 Yamazaki Yuhane
+3 Kamikokuryo Moe
+2 Niinuma Kisora 
+1 Haga Akane
Best Idol Group - Morning Musume '17
Best Newcomer - Yokoyama Reina
Best Singer - Oda Sakura
Best Dancer - Inaba Manaka
Idol you want to push -  Yamazaki Yuhane
Final vote.

Yokoyan was #4
Rikako was #25
Kiki was #37
Ami was #55 (guys yall need to look into this one.. Her drawings and beauty and adorableness is incredible)
Miki was #3
Sakura was #2
Yuhane was #57 (yaaas queen)
Moe was #9
Kisora was #52
Akane was #30

Yay for my high ranking girls <3 <3 <3
My low ranking girls need more love :/

Current Ultras: Yokoyama Reina Sasaki Rikako Asakura Kiki, Akiyama Mao Yamazaki YuhaneMaeda Kokoro♥ 


Current Casual: Oda Sakura, Nonaka Miki, Haga AkaneTanimoto Ami Ise Layla, Kawamura Ayano,  

OGTurtle  Airi, Maimai 


#335 xiah_mai


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 01:40 AM

let see lol
Best Idol
+10 Fukumura Mizuki (12)
+9 Oda Sakura (2)
+8 Ishida Ayumi (5)
+7 Danbara Ruru (15)
+6 Murota Mizuki (7)
+5 Kanazawa Tomoko (19)
+4 Funaki Musubu (12)
+3 Miyamoto Karin (21)
+2 Yokoyama Reina (4)
+1 Iikubo Haruna (14)


cant really complain, almost everyone in the top20! :D

Thank for the hard job guys!

#336 page11



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Posted 02 January 2018 - 08:31 AM

Thank you guys for the hard work!! 

I'm so happy that Maa got #1 this year as well

My only hope is the Best Performer category will come back :)



@Skillfu + yeahman: omg you guys don't see it... really? I bet you don't follow MM much even fans of other members have to admit that Maa is the most popular member in current MM

Actually Maachan is quite a special case...

let me explain this for you since I'm so bored now :lol:

- First, she doesn't need those magazine shootings to be popular/or even without featuring in magazine she still managed to be popular ... watching the Maa compilation videos on youtube is enough to make her popular

There are too many passionate fanmade videos of her on youtube (I'm pretty sure there aren' that many compilation videos of other members like Maachan). You know, Mano Erina and Takahashi Ai-chan said they got addicted watching videos on youtube, Ai-chan said she even a Maachan fan and she said if she became 15th gen member, Maachan would be her rival) 

Examples for you (people love watching how Maachan changes over years, her different style of singing, her rhythm sense, her unique technique, her face expression while performing, her being funny DVD Mag)

(there are still so many more....if you're interested this channel uploads a lot of Maa fanmade videos) 

- Second, the reason she is not featured in a lot of magazine like the members you mentioned is because she hates being photographed. Reina Sayu Aichan keep insisting her on talking pictures with them but she refused them strongly, she prefer taking pictures for others. That is the reason why she doesn't have a photobook now , she rarely in pics of other members' blogs, recently she rarely posted her selfie as well

Reina said in this video that it seems like Maachan has a complex over her face (Reina even said Maachan is popular so she doesn't have to worry abt her face in this video and Sawayaka Goro added that she's now super popular)

- Her goods is H!P top selling now, always sold out fast and you can always see people coming to H!P shops saying they failed to get Maa goods (you can go to Maachan thread for more info). Also recently there is a 2ch topic saying they win other members cheki/handshake event tickets except the ones for Maachan, and when the result of Maa handshake cheki tickets is out, it is called the "rejected party/festival" by fans

She even being called the "Goods ace" on 2ch :lol: (well, she always being discussed in topics like MM ace or H!P ace and people who don't like her always mocking that she's just Goods ace, it doesn't mean she has enough quality to be a real ace and they say us Maa wota are being delulu over it...... omg i'm get tired of reading those topics already  ^^;

- She is often trending on twitter (mostly because of her blogs), you can check MM manager twitter account and compare the number of RTs and Likes of her blogs with other members... hers are often higher than other members' (or you can check the number of "いいね" at the end of their Ameba blogs, Maa's always higher than other members')

- There are 20th anniversary interviews of each members in H!P and Maachan's being the most read interview 

- The fact that quite many H!P Kenshuusei now choose her as their admired senpai says a lot about her popularity

- There is a long list of idols who are Maachan fans (included Mano Erina, actress Ito Sairi, and actress Matsuoka Mayu is slowing becoming her fan, she mentions Maachan quite a lot in media lately... Riho is still her oshi, though)

- She is in top 3 favorite DJ radio for 5(4 i don't remember exactly ?!) consecutively 

- She also won Japanese election third times in row as well



There are just too much evidence proving that she's being the most popular member in H!P/MM now

Welcome to Maachan thread  for more infomation :)

#337 keaine


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 09:21 AM

There are two main reasons why we decided to ditch the best performer category:

- there's a problem with the definition: what do you mean by "best performer"? Is it just the one who sings and dances the best? Then we already have categories for that. If you tell me that it's more complicated than that, then I'll say: "then isn't that category too vague?"

- there isn't a lot of interest in this category; last year, the same people were topping the best performer vote and the best idol vote (the top 2 was the same and Oda Sakura had also a good rank in the best performer vote); so the only thing I learned is "people tend to think their best idol is the one who performs best"


As for other categories you submitted:

- best pairing:

  1) Too complicated. If you do the maths, there are 3741 possible pairings, I can't manage that. With so many possibiities, you wouldn't have more than 5 votes for each pairing (except maybe MaaDuu)

  2) I don't think many people are into pairing (e.g. I'm not, and I wouldn't vote for this category).

- best Kenshuusei: I'm not against that but are there enough people interested enough in KSS to be able to choose someone in this category?

- best improved member: why not, although that notion may be hard to process. Like do people necessarily have one idol they think improved the best? That's usually more like one member for each group rather than one member in H!P


I may have forgotten other submissions, remind me if so.


That said, that "idol you want to push" poll doesn't satisfy me either. I thought there would be more diversity, instead of pushing MM's 12th gen in front. I thought putting a 5% threshold would be light, but it came out as pretty difficult to attain. So I don't know if I'll keep it. Also the name isn't really appealing, like, the "hidden gem" category would be more, you know...

Anyway, all other categories should stay for next year.




Oh, and to answer another question: yes, we're going light on categories. Too much categories would completely dilute the meaning of each, I think. Like, the Japanese discussion mainly discusses the best idol and the best group vote, the best singer and dancer a bit, I've seen one post about the best newcomer vote and none for the "idol you want to push" (may be too complicated for Japanese to read, but I don't know). If we'd just add more categories, I think they'd be lost, and I think a lot of you would too.

End-of-the-year polls are now closed! Results on the links below:

Hello!Online General Election 2018: http://www.hello-onl...-election-2018/

Female Up-Front Acts Poll 2018: http://www.hello-onl...acts-poll-2018/

Hello!Online Top H!P Songs of 2018 Fan Poll: http://www.hello-onl...-2018-fan-poll/

Fan Poll: MV of the Year 2018: http://www.hello-onl...-the-year-2018/

#338 Nayok-Kihara


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 10:44 AM

keaine: I would love a category for the Kenshuusei, but I say that as someone that pays quite a bit of attention to them.
---- ---- ---- ----

Among those in my votes for Best Idol, only one managed to crack the top 10. :lol: I'm happy Masaki came in at the top again, I love her. I know she never really needs extra votes but she may well end up on my list next year since °C-ute members no longer being included will leave me with at least one empty spot to fill.

A nice trend formed within my category choices.

Fandom Obsessive.
Graphics by nono:)bbz & Charlokylie.

#339 keaine


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Posted 02 January 2018 - 12:06 PM

Some other statistics:


+10 votes:


Satou Masaki 43
Oda Sakura 18
Suzuki Airi 11
Ishida Ayumi 10
Kudou Haruka 10
Makino Maria 10
Iikubo Haruna 8
Fukumura Mizuki 7
Ikuta Erina 7
Takagi Sayuki 6
Ogata Haruna 6
Okai Chisato 6
Tsugunaga Momoko 6
Nonaka Miki 5
Yokoyama 5
Wada Ayaka 5
Murota Mizuki 4
Kamikokuryou Moe 4
Morito Chisaki 4
Funaki Musubu 4
Kanazawa Tomoko 4
Danbara Ruru 3
Miyamoto Karin 3
Yamaki Risa 3
Nakajima Saki 3
Katsuta Rina 3
Kaga Kaede 2
Uemura Akari 2
Yajima Maimi 2
Miyazaki Yuka 2
Aikawa Maho 2
Hamaura Ayano 1
Kishimoto Yumeno 1
Nakanishi Kana 1
Hirose Ayaka 1
Hagiwara Mai 1
Takeuchi Akari 1
Taguchi Natsumi 1
Kawamura Ayano 1
Niinuma Kisora 1
Takase Kurumi 1

All other eligible members didn't receive any +10 vote.

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    We need more KSS debuts!

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Posted 02 January 2018 - 12:47 PM

Something I want to ask, after we have the results, why do some of the H!O members here say "not bad", etc, when comparing to the end results? Like is it suppose to be bad if you like different girls than what the majority likes? I don't get it lol.


Anyways though, I like that only Eripon (besides Maachan) didn't move from her position on the ranking, just seems so Eripon like lol.


So what are the Japanese wota saying about Nonaka Miki and her high ranking? I also wish to have a category for the KSS.

Morning Musume ~~~~~ Angerme ~~~~~  Kobushi Factory ~~~~~ Tsubaki Factory ~~~~~ Juice = Juice ~~~~~ CHICA#TETSU ~~~~~ RFRO~~~~~~ Kenshuusei

1. Ayumi                        1. Murota                1. Ayaka                       1. Mao                           1. Manaka                   1. Reina                     1. Kurumi             1. Yonemura Kirara

2. Erina                          1. Musubu              2. Ayano                       2. Mizuho                       2. Sayuki                    2. Rika                       2. Momohime        2. Nakayama Natsume

3. Miki                            3. Momona             2. Rei                            3. Kiki                             3. Tomoko                 3. Shiori                      3. Kokoro               3. Yamada Ichigo

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