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[EVENT] AKB48 Group 3rd Draft Kaigi


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#1 RenaiHunter


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 12:30 PM

3rd Draft Kaigi announced at Janken.

New members will be picked for AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48 & STU48 by FANS instead of other members like it used to be previously.

#2 conanidol


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 01:55 PM

I mean, it's *not* a bad idea but... will we ever get the shuffle?


MM'17: Maachan, Yokoyan, Miki, Akanechin ANGERME: Kanana, Murotan, Ayacho, Maho Juice=Juice: Ruru, Tomoko, Aari Kobushi: Tagu, Minami Tsubaki: Kiki, Saori

Graduated: Captain, Momochi, Chinami, Miya, Yurina, Risako, Maasa, Nacky, Airi, Koharu, Riho, Gaki

#3 minaeshi


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Posted 24 September 2017 - 03:21 PM

^the shuffle will probably happen before they pick the drafties tbh. i highly doubt they will draft members and then shuffle the teams and pretty much ruin the team picks (like they did last time lol) 


it's unfortunate thought that this is a thing because, while the other sister groups have used their drafted members very well, AKB haven't done anything with their girls, so it seems a bit unfair to them. 

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#4 pink-ku


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Posted 27 October 2017 - 09:19 PM

Candidates already been selected and they doing the Showroom.

2017.10.28 17:00 - 2017.11.7 20:00

139 candidates, little more than half has a profile picture.

#5 Ares13


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Posted 28 October 2017 - 07:16 PM

Wow draft again ..
Draft has always been very important to me because it seem that the only girls that I still support in AKB48 are from the drafts ..

Anyway for the first day of the showroom event .. the girl leading 1st in the rank with 480,126 pts is no.121
Basically she is hot ..
(*note-I am just stating what was told to me and I did do some checking but if I get it wrong let me know)
She is Yahagi Moeka and she is the sister of SKE48 KII Yahagi Yukina
She was a finalist in the AKB48 16th gen audition (no.29) but got disqualified because she was still under another contract ..

LOL .. I think probably I guess everyone know already as she is now all over the net and 5ch (now its 5ch not 2ch anymore? :P)

I am still waiting to see if I can find one that I would root for.. I got this feeling maybe this one would be special for me XD
Anyway .. I am taking it slow as not everyone is in Showroom and it does not help that some have their face hidden ..
I am actually not participating in this as this hold no relation to the result but would only be of reference for the audition ..
I am trying to help my idol in GEM for her event but I do take a good look at the 3rd draft showroom girls when I reload my stars in their rooms .. :D
But so far .. ya .. I do notice no.121 .. maybe its the short hair .. I think she should surely make it this time ..
But I would take my time to call it for the one I would be rooting for :D

#6 pink-ku


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Posted 29 October 2017 - 05:51 AM

Lots of interesting girls. Some been audition before so their names are known.

Top 5 of day 1:

01. #121 (Yahagi Moeka)

02. #75

03. #22

04. #115


05. #104


#104 is cute, NGT oshi, from Niigata and want to get to NGT

#7 Ares13


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Posted 29 October 2017 - 06:44 PM

Here is the profile pics compile on 5ch so that we can take a better look


Here is what ever info 5ch compile about the participants

what is interesting is ..
No.49 is Morikawa Rio (森川莉央) a former iDOL Street trainee (Streetsei) from OSAKA Rapirazu
For info iDOL Street have technically close down their trainee program as the last of its members graduated a few months ago ..

No.90 is Sasaki Momoka (佐々木桃華) was a junior idol ..
I somewhat suspect that Sasaki Momoka is not her real name as it is common for junior idols to use fake names ..
But she do have dance video with that name on the net ..

To me .. looking at the pic ..
I like the look of no.21 which there is no info on her yet ..
I have not seen her in Showroom so maybe I go check her out in Showroom ..
Because in Showroom there are plenty who look great on profile but scarily different on Showroom stream ..lol :P

Another that caught my attention is No.22 who is from Hong Kong ..
Seem that there were people who doubt that she is from Hong Kong so she went on a Cantonese speaking session ..lol
I am a Cantonese dialect descent so I know her Cantonese is extremely fluent and much better than mine ..
To hear her speak Cantonese ..gives me a sence of closeness I think ..
I like her look in showroom .. very cute face and voice .. very lively girl ..
Seem SKE48 fans are really into her .. and I am more of a SKE48 fan so I hope she goes SKE48 too :P
To me she seem perfect to me right now .. :P

#8 iwabo


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 12:37 PM

Momoka is streaming on her Twitcast right now and crying so I assume she failed the audition despite being good in the Showroom ranking. It sucks because...I've been following her ever since her first days and she always had such great aura and improved her skills... :sob:



<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

#9 Amoz


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 02:18 PM

72 girls passed 3rd round. These are the girls that will be in the final event.


Number; Full Name; Birthdate; Age; Birthplace; 1st Choice of group.
2 渡部 愛加里 Watanabe Akari 2004/10/18 13歳 神奈川県 AKB
3 溝口 亜以子 Mizoguchi Aiko 2001/8/20 16歳 岡山県 STU
4 天野 亜美 Amano Ami 2000/3/27 17歳 神奈川県 AKB
12 大盛 真歩 Oomori Maho 1999/12/5 17歳 茨城県 NGT
14 福元 結 Fukumoto Yui 2002/2/14 15歳 大阪府 NMB
16 伊藤 優絵瑠 Itou Yueru 2003/10/24 14歳 東京都 HKT
17 三村 妃乃 Mimura Hino 2002/6/15 15歳 埼玉県 NGT
18 末永 祐月 Suenaga Yuzuki 2005/11/3 12歳 東京都 AKB
21 神山 莉穂 Kamiyama Riho 2003/8/20 14歳 東京都 AKB
23 永野恵 Nagano Megumi 2004/3/22 13歳 神奈川県 AKB
24 石綿 星南 Ishiwata Sena 2002/2/22 15歳 神奈川県 AKB
25 多田 京加 Tada Kyouka 1999/8/19 18歳 福井県 NGT
29 沖 侑果 Oki Yuuka 1999/12/1 17歳 岡山県 STU
31 中野 愛理 Nakano Airi 2001/3/24 16歳 愛知県 SKE
33 曽我部 優芽 Sogabe Yume 2002/3/16 15歳 長野県 NGT
34 鈴木 彩加 Suzuki Ayaka 2001/2/16 16歳 静岡県 HKT
35 南 羽諒 Minami Haasa 2001/4/2 16歳 大阪府 NMB
36 溝渕 麻莉亜 Mizobuchi Maria 1999/5/12 18歳 兵庫県 NMB
37 泉 綾乃 Izumi Ayano 2004/11/22 12歳 京都府 NMB
38 熊本 日向子 Kumamoto Hinako 1999/9/29 18歳 京都府 NMB
41 池ヶ谷 千尋 Ikegaya Chihiro 2003/11/29 13歳 愛知県 NGT
42 中坂 美祐 Nakasaka Miyu 2005/6/11 12歳 愛知県 SKE
43 大澤 藍 Oosawa Ai 2001/1/29 16歳 大阪府 NMB
44 真下 華穂 Mashimo Kaho 1999/11/8 18歳 静岡県 NGT
46 勝又 彩央里 Katsumata Saori 2000/10/31 17歳 静岡県 AKB
48 杉浦 琴音 Sugiura Kotone 2000/12/18 16歳 愛知県 NMB
53 大谷 悠妃 Ootani Yuuki 2004/7/29 13歳 愛知県 SKE
56 前田 令子 Maeda Reiko 2000/9/26 17歳 大阪府 NMB
58 安部 若菜 Abe Wakana 2001/7/18 16歳 大阪府 NMB
59 塩月 希依音 Shiotsuki Keito 2005/12/15 11歳 大阪府 NMB
60 河野 奈々帆 Kawano Nanaho 2002/5/18 15歳 大阪府 NMB
62 平田 詩奈 Hirata Shiina 1999/8/22 18歳 愛知県 NMB
64 小林 蘭 Kobayashi Ran 2003/10/7 14歳 大阪府 AKB
66 吉橋 柚花 Yoshihashi Yuzuka 1999/12/29 17歳 千葉県 SKE
69 吉川 ひかり Yoshikawa Hikari 2004/11/12 12歳 愛知県 SKE
70 佐藤 亜海 Satou Ami 2000/3/15 17歳 兵庫県 NMB
72 波左間 美晴 Hazama Miharu 2002/4/27 15歳 福岡県 どこでも
73 石 安伊 Seki Ai 2000/12/31 16歳 福岡県 NGT
75 安藤 千伽奈 Andou Chikana 2001/1/13 16歳 長野県 NGT
77 古川 夏凪 Furukawa Nazuna 2003/8/21 14歳 北海道 AKB
78 佐藤 海里 Satou Kairi 2000/8/5 17歳 新潟県 NGT
80 上妻 ほの香 Kouzuma Honoka 2004/11/19 12歳 愛知県 SKE
82 山崎 亜美瑠 Yamasaki Amiru 2001/7/21 16歳 兵庫県 NMB
83 中村 舞 Nakamura Mai 1999/4/4 18歳 愛媛県 どこでも
85 大田 莉央奈 Oota Riona 2003/3/12 14歳 大阪府 NMB
86 松田 祐実 Matsuda Yumi 2002/5/13 15歳 福井県 HKT
87 藤崎 未夢 Fujisaki Miyu 2000/11/17 16歳 新潟県 NGT
92 佐藤 詩識 Satou Shiori 2001/7/22 16歳 北海道 AKB
94 中野 美来 Nakano Mirai 2002/12/10 14歳 奈良県 NMB
95 原澤 音妃 Harasawa Otohi 2001/10/12 16歳 東京都 AKB
97 信濃 宙花 Shinano Soraha 2003/8/9 14歳 兵庫県 STU
98 五十嵐 麗 Igarashi Urara 2003/5/6 14歳 新潟県 NGT
99 對馬 優菜子 Tsushima Yunako 2001/8/20 16歳 青森県 NGT
100 山本 望叶 Yamamoto Mikana 2002/3/11 15歳 山口県 NMB
103 馬場 彩華 Baba Sayaka 2004/5/2 13歳 佐賀県 HKT
105 茂木 愛奈 Mogi Aina 1999/9/27 18歳 群馬県 AKB
106 澤巳 咲来 Sawami Sakura 1999/4/30 18歳 埼玉県 AKB
107 坂本 夏海 Sakamoto Nami 1999/7/21 18歳 東京都 AKB
108 大竹 ひとみ Ootake Hitomi 1999/6/27 18歳 千葉県 AKB
110 由良 朱合 Yura Akari 1999/3/12 18歳 広島県 STU
112 高橋 七実 Takahashi Nanami 2001/7/7 16歳 宮城県 NGT
114 西 満里奈 Nishi Marina 2000/1/16 17歳 神奈川県 SKE
115 大関 千尋 Oozeki Chihiro 2000/3/28 17歳 東京都 NGT
116 村山 ほのか Murayama Honoka 2004/5/18 13歳 東京都 HKT
121 矢作 萌夏 Yahagi Moeka 2002/7/5 15歳 埼玉県 未定
122 長野 莉子 Nagano Riko 2001/2/20 16歳 東京都 NMB
123 蔵本 美結 Kuramoto Miyuu 2001/5/21 16歳 埼玉県 AKB
124 齋藤 陽菜 Saitou Haruna 2004/5/24 13歳 栃木県 AKB
129 岡田 梨奈 Okada Rina 1999/7/27 18歳 埼玉県 AKB
132 中里 千波 Nakazato Chinami 2000/6/20 17歳 群馬県 HKT
135 本田 そら Honda Sora 1999/2/26 18歳 東京都 どこでも
138 北川 悠理 Kitagawa Yuri 2001/8/8 16歳 東京都 AKB

Internet killed common sense.

#10 Ares13


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 02:44 PM

Alright .. back to the drawing board ..
Basically almost everyone I had an impression failed the audition .. :(

#11 Krusha


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 04:34 PM

Main girl I followed is in. There's a very high chance she'll be picked, and will get into the group of her choice as well, but we'll see.

#12 ShiningLight445


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Posted 11 November 2017 - 06:29 PM

Another Yamamoto wishes to be in NMB ^^; Awesome!

" ’15 has become a completely new Morning Musume。, but I want to treat the history that has been handed down to us preciously.  If there was a book about Morning Musume。’s history, I think I would be happy to see my name left there."

~Oda Sakura

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#13 Ares13


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 12:52 PM

Just an update which is late ..

They are having a Showroom campaign



This time they included every one for this around, reshuffled all contestant numbers and all their face and name are revealed ..

I am not sure what is it for but I think it is just for the girls to promote themselves. I still haven't pick my girl(s) to root for yet ..


I really wonder how they are going to go about letting the fans pick which girl to go into which group .. :)

#14 Krusha


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 01:53 PM

I would assume that fans are invested enough to know which girl wants to go to which group, meaning you don't really choose a girl for NGT48 that leaves near the Setouchi region, and who wants to go to STU48. Doing so would just be stupid. So fans of respective groups will have to look at what girls are from the relevant regions (and/or is open to join another group) and look at what options may be the best ones. 


There are already many top candidates / popular girls, and I know which girls I want to go through. Hope it'll be a positive experience.

#15 Ares13


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 04:46 PM

I hope that we can be part of the picking process ..
I just want to participate and be involve in this even if it is just in a tiny way ..

#16 RenaiHunter


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Posted 28 November 2017 - 04:49 PM

Yahagi Moeka was one from the most popular 16th gen candidates but she failed due to contract with another agency thing if Im correct.
She is participating in D3 so she will probably pass this time.

#17 pink-ku


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Posted 22 January 2018 - 09:27 AM

well it is over and here is the result:

(team at the end of the name is the candidate's preferred team)


Team A
29 Sato Shiori, HS1, Hokkaido: (1) Team A
56 Honda Sora, U1, Tokyo: (1) Team A
55 Yoshikawa Nazuna, MS2, Hokkaido: (1) Team 4

Team K
66 Yahagi Moeka, MS3, Saitana: (1) Team B
33 Suenaga Yuzuki, ES6, Tokyo: (1) Team K, (2) Team S
17 Katsumata Saori, HS2, Shizuoka: (1) Team K, (2) Team A/Team B
24 Kobayashi Ran, MS2, Osaka: (1) Team K
15 Okada Rina, HS3, Saitama: (1) Team K, (2) Team N/Team S
45 Nagano Megumi, MS3, Kanagawa: (1) Team A/Team K, (2) Team B/Team4

Team B
25 Saito Haruna, MS1, Ibaraki: (1) Team B
20 Kitagawa Yuri, HS1, Tokyo: (1) Team B, (2) Team A
18 Kamiyama Riho, MS2, Tokyo: (1) Team B, (2) Team A
12 Otake Hitomi, HS3, Chiba: (1) NGT48, (2) No preference
14 Omori Maho, MS3, Ibaraki: (1) NGT48

Team 4
06 Ishiwata Sena, HS1, Knagawa: (1) Team 4, (2) Team K
71 Yoshihashi Yuzuka, HS3, Chiba: (1) Team 4
39 Tada Kyoka, HS3, Fukui: (1) NGT48, (2) Team 4
22 Kuramoto Miyu, HS1, Saitana: (1) Team 4, (2) Team A
51 Kurasawa Otohi, HS1, Tokyo: (1) Team 4, (2) Team B


Team S
23 Kouzuma Honoka, MS1, Aichi: (1) Team S
13 Otani Yuki, MS1, Aichi: (1) Team S, (2) Team KII\Team E

Team KII
43 Nakano Airi, HS2, Aichi: (1) Team KII, (2) Team S/Team E

Team E
48 Nishi Marina, HS3, Kanagawa: (1) Team E, (2) Team S/Team KII
52 Hirata Shiina, HS3, Aichi: (1) Team E


Team N
07 Izumi Ayano, MS1, Kyoto: (1) Team N, (2) Team S
19 Kawano Nanaho, HS3, Oskaa: (1) Team N, (2) Team BII
61 Mizoguchi Maria, HS3, Hyogo: (1) Team N
57 Maeda Reiko, HS2, Osaka: (1) Team N, (2) Team M
01 Abe Wakana, HS1, Osaka: (1) Team N, (2) Team M/Team BII

Team M
27 Sato Ami, HS3, Hyogo: (1) Team M, (2) No preference
67 Yamazaki Amiru, HS1, Hyogo: (1) Team M, (2) Team N
44 Nagano Mirai, MS3, Nara: (1) Team M, (2) Team BII
34 Sugiura Kotone, HS2, Aichi: (1) Team M, (2) No preference
09 Osawa Ai, HS2, Osaka: (1) Team M, (2) No preference
26 Sakamoto Nami, HS3, Tokyo: (1) Team BII/Team 4, (2) No preference

Team BII
68 Yamamoto Mikana, HS1, Yamaguchi: (1) Team BII
62 Haasa Minami, HS1, Osaka: (1) Team BII
31 Shiotsuki Keito, ES6, Osaka: (1) Team BII, (2) Team N/Team M
11 Ota Riona, MS3, Osaka: (1) Team BII, (2) Team N/Team M/STU48
21 Kumamoto Hinako, HS3, Kyoto: (1) Team BII, (2) Team M


Team H
72 Watanabe Akari, MS1, Kanagawa: (1) Team A, (2) Team K
08 Ito Yueru, MS2, Tokyo: (1) Team H, (2) Team KIV

Team KIV
50 Baba Sayaka, MS1, Saga: (1) Team KIV

Team TII
59 Matsuda Yumi, MS3, Fukui: (1) Team TII, (2) Team H/Team KIV
36 Seki Ai, HS2, Fukuoka: (1) Team TII


40 Tsushima Yunako, HS1, Aomori: (1) NGT48
28 Sato Kairi, HS2, Niigata: (1) NGT48
38 Takahashi Nanami, HS1, Miyazaki: (1) NGT48
03 Ando Chikana, HS2, Nagano: (1) NGT48
54 Fujisaki Miyu, HS2, Niigata: (1) NGT48


47 Nakamura Mai, HS3, Ehime: (1) NGT48, STU48
16 Oki Yuka, HS3, Okayama: (1) STU48
69 Yura Akari, U1, Hiroshima: (1) STU48
60 Mizoguchi Aiko, HS1, Okayama: (1) STU48
32 Shinano Soraha, MS3, Hyogo: (1) No preference

[thanks to Enc0re of stage48]

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