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Nonaka Miki (野中美希)

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#4781 Fallacia


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Posted Yesterday, 01:27 PM

Either is possible, but if they spent a fair enough amount of time in Illinois as well, I'd guess that it was probably an administrative position in auto manufacture. When someone from Japan comes in for ag in the South, I'd generally expect them to land in Arkansas rather than Alabama. There had been pictures found of Miki from her time in school/dance classes, so the town was probably mentioned in a thread somewhere, but it's not coming to mind for me.

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#4782 Zoe


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Posted Yesterday, 03:57 PM

There are more industries than just auto and companies people in the US normally would never know of.  The expats I've known have ranged from grad students, chip fabrication, and even waste/recycling.

#4783 Greyface


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Posted Yesterday, 05:06 PM

It could be anything, but since there is a major Toyota factory in Alabama, and a minor factory in Shizuoka, that would be my bet.
On the other hand, unless I'm misremembering something she has described her time in Alabama as deeply in the countryside... farm animals and the like, which doesn't scream "Huntsville" to me.
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Posted Yesterday, 07:47 PM

Toyota expats would have been more likely in San Antonio during that time frame, and there's still the time in Illinois to account for.

#4785 ulises


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Posted Yesterday, 09:00 PM

She studied in the Applause Fine Arts School in Sheffield (Alabama). 



#4786 Zoe


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Posted Yesterday, 09:56 PM

Most likely NAL-Koito Manufacturing then.  Head office is in Illinois and they have a plant in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.

#4787 King Zero

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Posted Yesterday, 10:38 PM

Nonaka's mom is cute.  I guess the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree.


Thanks to all for your insights.  I've tried and failed to find this sort of information for years already, so it's a relief to finally know what I didn't.  


(Although now that I know there's a possible Muscle Shoals connection, I can't help imaginging Nonaka in a Skynrd t-shirt...)  

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Posted Today, 10:44 AM

Look at posts on page 6 of this thread for where she lived in Illinois and Alabama, as well as the company we think her father worked for.


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