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[ALBUM] NMB48 1st Album "Teppen Tottande!" [2013.02.27]

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#21 Ares13


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 04:34 AM

To me ..

Yui being more successful than Rie is rather reasonable ..
Firstly Yui is inserted in NMB48 earlier .. So Fans have more time to get use to it ..basically . you wouldn't get something if you are not thinking about it ..

2nd .. SKE48 have people more popular than Rei ... but NMB48 does not have anyone more popular than Yui ..

3rd SKE48 is a much more established group ... they have their own culture and fans ... NMB48 still got some time to catch up ..
The sales figure mean nothing if you think about being establish as a group by yourself ..

and Ripopo ...lol
I always wonder about her ..
It seem that only the management like her .. I think its because she is likeable ..
But honestly her popularity was always low .. if you hit the shops .. you find that her stuff is valued much lower than other 1st gen NMB48 members ..
but senbatsu wise ..she is like up there like the rest ..

She is one of those that get that special push .. and given enough exposure ..she would get more popular ..but slowly ..
maybe she in in more on people's fav list than the oshimen list ..

but I do think she overdid her act on her "worried" "timid" character act.. its look rather unnatural and illogical nowadays ..
Like the Tokyo Dome .. they announce her into AKB48 .. its a surprise but no longer that much uncertainty.. they already had Miyuki over and everything is ok .. her reaction is pretty much strange like this is the 1st time this happen .. unlike Anna ..who did the natural thing .. surprise but she know what to expect..


anyway .. i sure hope there are good amount of original songs or some special promotional add on like the SKE48 63 individual PV ..
If its just a plain Album pack with single songs with a few remix and 1-3 original song .. and no real good special stuff on the DVD .. then I would give it a pass ..
but honestly .. i wouldn't worry about the value and quality of a 48 Album .. because I think they understand about value in a product .. which the other big idol organization didn't realise ..that's why they got overtaken by the 48

#22 Tsurugi_Ken



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Posted 09 January 2013 - 05:23 AM

Actually no, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka are around the same level, if not higher in popularity compared to Yokoyama, and this is a Yokoyama fan speaking.

Regarding Kotani, it's understandable that she's lower in popularity because she's actually a nervous wreck on and off-stage and only seems to be very comfortable around fellow members, other group members that she likes and staff that are familiar with her. Just like how it is for Takahashi Juri, you only really see flashes of what they could be because they're either very nervous or they rarely get shown speaking/giving their opinions, much less seen on TV compared to the rest (Shiroma, Jonishi, Kadowaki, Kishino, Yabushita and so on always get more face-time than Kotani).

Kotani also knows that she doesn't have much options to stand out besides making fun of herself being a ponkotsu on-stage and face gags. In my opinion, I think that she was sent into AKB in order to actually improve her abilities. After all, the best way to develop new skills and discover new talents is to try something new or to go to a new environment. Out of the current NMB senbatsu members, she's the one that needs this the most.

#23 Ares13


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:10 AM

^ .. i am talking more in line with ranking in term of senbatsu election result ..

people like to discredit it .. but actually it much more accurate than people think ..

A example is like my friend .. he is nuts on Miyuki ... but when it down to the count .. he voted 300 Mayuyu and 0 Miyuki .. lol
That's why some member look so popular but score poorer result ..

I am talking about pure fans or .. no.1 fans ..
Sayaka and Miyuki looks really popular ..maybe even more popular than Yui ..
but when its down to the time when money is involve and people have to make a choice ..they don't really match up on that ..

Its those "you are their no.1 oshimen" fans that count in those time ..
what i mean is SKE48 girls have more of this kind of fan on them .. thats why they do so well in the senbatsu election .. but NMB48 have much less of this ..

simply speaking ..even for me .. I would go kill something for Riichan to be in senbatsu .. but she would never match up to Aamin ..
So if I go for a NMB48 event .. I would go for Riichan but ... if Aamin got transfer to NMB48 .. it would all change..

In the count of this kind of fans Yui is still on top of Sayaka and Miyuki ...

and this is what I mean for Ripopo too ...
She is likeable .. good to support her "by the way" .. but as a highest oshimen ..?? .. i think she got much fewer fans ..

ya ..she is losing out to the others main top senbatsu in NMB48 in exposure .. but what about those she has more exposure on?
Her goods is actually lower or same price as those who hardly appear on TV or any NMB48 promotion or singles..
This are all market movement .. her demand is just not there ... even her G+ and blog comment count is only slightly above average ...
and all is now after so much promotion was given to her ..

and no .. Jonishi, Kadowaki, didn't have as much as her .. thats why they are sliding behind her ..

To me for NMB48 .. the top 5 is safe .. Akari is safe ... Ripopo is safe .. Miru is safe ..
Keicchi and Kanakichi is on the next risk to make way ...

For me .. I would just live with the fact that Riichan and Keila had their push and its over ..
Ayanyan is gone forever .. lucky I pick up Shuu along the way .. if not I would be watching an NMB48 with no one to look forward to seeing ..

But my love for Shuu is really not that great anyway ... i am on her since virginity single and I am too lazy to create her member thread and finally its up in Nov by someone else ... I guess I got to build more love on her ... the only thing good about her is she try really hard .. spamming tons of cute photos of herself on G+ ...lol

#24 Tsurugi_Ken



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Posted 09 January 2013 - 07:28 AM

NMB fans in 2011 wanted to get one of the top two girls as high as they could. Note that this was just one year after the group was made. They got Yamamoto to 26th place. Has HKT managed to do that in a single year? No. An argument for whether SKE could've done this on their first year could be made as well if it wasn't for the Matsui girls being pushed endlessly by management, and the fact that SKE was the first sister group to exist.

NMB fans in 2012 wanted to get both of their top two girls as high as they could. Yamamoto and Watanabe got 18th and 19th respectively for that year. This is just the second year of NMB, and takes into account that there's a whole heap more girls to vote for in the senbatsu elections as of late compared to in the past.

This year Watanabe Miyuki stated her intentions of wanting to get into the top 10 of the senbatsu. She's still steadily gaining momentum, and Yamamoto will still be leading the way as the star of the group.

The NMB fandom works like this for senbatsu elections. They prioritize on being organized and bringing one or more representatives of the group as high as they can with the current amount of dedicated fans that are willing to vote until there are more than enough people to maintain that count while the rest move on to supporting their other oshi. Of course, it isn't obligatory for them to comply, yet the results still speak for themselves. The visual growth of the fanbase as a whole is determined by how Yamamoto and Watanabe do in the elections. The priority is set on the group itself, not individual members.

For the non-political side of things such as the handshake events, just take a look at how well the senbatsu girls of NMB are doing numbers-wise. These are the occasions where "pure fans" that you speak off are free to do what they want and pay for what they want. Look at how many blocks got sold out for Watanabe and Yamamoto. Sold out. On the first round. You can make a case for Watanabe because she's also part of AKB's team B, but what about Yamamoto?

Regarding Kotani, you really think she's been given "this much promotion"? You hardly ever see her being given a chance to talk. If management were to give her "so much promotion", then she'd have gotten the same treatment as Shimazaki where she's the main character of her own drama, constantly gets screen-time and hosts often give her a chance to talk. No, she's not getting promotion at all. All she got was a spot in team A. That was it. That isn't "so much promotion".

Jonishi got a role in a drama far earlier than the other girls in NMB. Kadowaki has her own fishing show. What does Kotani have? Also, have you actually seen that list from the page before? Jonishi and Kadowaki aren't slipping. They're LEADING. Not to mention they have more opportunities to speak, and are picked more often for variety shows than Kotani is. "So much promotion".


Now to get back on topic:

I have already pre-ordered and paid for all 3 types of the album, limited edition and am looking forward to some album-original songs. I wonder if they'll give the girls a chance to experiment with different genres?

#25 Ares13


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 10:03 AM

^ .. true but after all this the NMB48 top 2 is still in the gang call under girls loaded by tons of SKE48 girls ...
The amount of "main" fan they have is sadly is around the same as the main SKE48 senbatsu less W matsui ..

NMB48 will go up in time but now they are behind ...

yes election there are some fans that gather and prioritize that's is how HKT48 Sakura got in ...
but it also show ... that they are not main fans .. in the end .. they barely beat a bunch of SKE48 girls with their own fans and with no fan organization ..
and this gang incidentally lost to a bunch of Yui fans too ..lol
Now you see how weak even the top 2 of NMB48 are when its down for to the count ...
that even you are saying that if the fans didn't gather and prioritize the top 2 would be lower ..

Trust me ... W matsui is there without SKE48 fan gathering and prioritizing ... and so did the bunch of SKE48 girls
and Yui also got there on her own fans ...
So you see the gap between Yui and the NMB48 top 2 ? ..lol

and lastly ... voting cost money ... furthermore ..
Maybe you have not been in the game .. but I can let you know ...
People with oshimen will try their best for who is most important .. its not all fun and games when its senbatsu election ...
Its so easy to come out with all sort of theory but until you clean up your bank for it ..
If you have to clean you bank and spend till it hurt like hell .. how would you vote? some here some there ? support a bunch people and help them beat the girl you push for years?
Some ideal is nice .. nmb48 fan gather and they push ... beautiful team work and togetherness ... so cool but illogical ..
because what were they doing before there was NMB48 ? and most will continue ... but of course there are those unreliable fans that jump .. but this fan can jump to anywhere else from NMB48 and jump back too ..

LOL even talking about the book is funny .. I got the Miyuki book ... I am not even remotely close to being a fan of her ..lol
I just think she is gorgeous ... I help her beat Sayaka but ... actually fandom got nothing to do with it ... XD
Honestly.. I got the Miyuki book but if i am to go for a 48 event she is like the 48th person I would like to meet .. XD

and Ripopo you are comparing her with the person marked to be the Ace of the whole 48 family? ...
The one of the few that have the responsibility to keep every whatever 48 afloat?
you can take almost the whole NMB48 and they would have less promotion than her ..lol

lastly TV show are quite unless if you are standing at the side or behind with 90% of the screen time on that 1 or 2 person that is not you ..
and TV shows are also useless if you get feature on a show with less ratings or at a terrible time slot... lol

LOL you guys know last time H!P went down even when they have a very interesting TV show ..aired at 1:00am in the middle of the night .. lol XD

#26 gryzze


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 12:22 PM

Some(?) of the contents of the DVDs has been revealed:

#27 Tsurugi_Ken



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Posted 09 January 2013 - 01:42 PM

Wow, those DVD extras are pretty good.

Type B's "HA! Complete version" is something I have been looking forward to, and we're finally getting it after quite a bit of wait. I thought it would show up as a special New Year drama type of thing, since the Yoshimoto group have put out a bunch of specials and such. Yokoyama's acting I can put faith in, as well as Yamamoto's, but I'm curious to see if we have some undiscovered talent to be seen in there.

Next on the priority list would be the ChapuChapu Tour, as Watanabe knows how to put on a show.

Type N's Osaka contest... well, I'm not really as interested, but I'll be watching it anyway.

#28 Erin.


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 05:53 PM

Content lists (from stage48):

Type N:


Type M:


Type B:



Remember Type’s N and M contain tickets to events in Osaka and Tokyo, and Type B contains voting tickets to their Request Hour

source: http://kucaii48.tumb...d-info-and-full

Don't know which version to get! Someone help me decide (pretty please?)! :D

#29 Krusha


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:03 PM

Well I sadly cannot help you here, if there was only one CD with a concert on I'd say go for that, but there's two. And then there's full version of HA! which was epic in its own right.

Oh dear oh dear, why is NMB so awesome?! :o

#30 Erin.


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:16 PM

^ That's the problem! They're so awesome that they defy the decision making process!
As it is, I'm leaning to type M because of the songs on the dvd. But, at the moment, I can't actually watch any non-region 1 dvds. ^^;
Guess I'll just wait for the covers to be released. Hopefully they do this before the albums sell out.

#31 satchan


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 06:53 PM

Curious if more content will be announced for the Type B DVD. I'll be disappointed if it is that barebones. That's the kind of stuff other groups do, not the stuff I want NMB to do.

#32 Erin.


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 08:37 PM

It is possible that there's a longer drama version of HA! that we haven't seen yet. (Long like Give Me 5's drama ver.)

#33 satchan


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:24 PM

Whoops, no, you're right. I was reading the content under the impression the longer HA! video was on every version. :P Since it doesn't appear to be, then that would make a lot more sense, haha.

#34 dev-null


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:47 PM

Full concert setlists on the accessory DVDs? That sounds insanely awesome! I hope it's true, because it almost sounds too good to be true! :D

Not sure about the HA! PV stuff (I didn't watch my "Eien Pressure" DVDs yet, so I don't know how long or short it is originally. :) ), but if it's in any way as nice as the drama of "Virginity" then that sounds awesome too! :D


#35 Krusha


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 09:48 PM

The PV that's been shown so far, was about 10 minutes I think, and it was absolutely awesome. Great song too.

#36 hitoyou


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Posted 09 January 2013 - 11:23 PM

OMG that bonus material :D ...and there will be Jou.

Still keeping the full tracklist a secret ey. New song sound very interesting though :D Other newly recorded songS, not one but several songs, if these should be seen as b-sides or covers is yet to be told... a little of both maybe.

Looking at the cover songs from SKE's album and they gave "Heavy Rotation", "Beginner", "Ponytail to Shushu" a go.
That should indicate that these songs are already covered and out of the question. Good, I'd say! Lets try something different :good:

#37 satchan


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 01:20 AM

I hope the new songs aren't just AKB48 covers.

If they are, I hope they're at least their stage songs. I honestly have little interest in hearing them do "Heavy Rotation" or "Beginner," but I would like to hear some studio versions of N1, N2, M1, and BII1 songs in addition to "NMB48."

#38 hitoyou


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 11:21 PM

Popularity between NMB and SKE members...

Didn't Rena state that she wanted the SKE fans to get togther and put as many SKE girls in the ranks as possible? Not impossible that there were other girls asking for the same though but this gives a nice reason to go tactical voting.

Not to forget the history of AKB and that Jurina was in our faces when the AKB craze begun with Oogoe Diamond and grew from that. Could say that SKE is a part of AKB's success while NMB is not. NMB and HKT doesn't have that luxury but have to steal fans from within the 48-family and create new ones, don't disregard that NMB do their promotion almost entirely by them selves while SKE got a piggy ride on AKB and their main shows.

Compare some election results...

SKE members in the 1st election:

19. Matsui Jurina 1371 votes
29. Matsui Rena 1073 votes

NMB members in their 1st election:

28. Yamamoto Sayaka 8697 votes

SKE members in their 2nd election

10. Matsui Jurina 12168
11. Matsui Rena 12082

24. Oya Masana 4634
35. Takayanagi Akane 2030
38. Yagami Kumi 1909

NMB members in their 2nd election

19. Yamamoto Sayaka 23020 votes
20. Watanabe Miyuki 19159 votes

43. Fukumoto Aina 6912 votes
46. Yamada Nana 6683 votes
60. Ogasawara Mayu 5919 votes

Follows the same pattern, the only difference is that NMB had to go big right from the start. All gathered strenght of the SKE fans managed 1371 votes for Jurina in her first election while Sayanee got 8697 votes and would have crushed Accahn's 4630 votes in that first election. The groups were created in two different eras of the idol history :D
...and alot has happend since the last election. Got great spots in UZA senbatsu, outdid other groups in Eien Pressure and the two tops are outselling most other girls in recent HS event. People other than diehard fans of NMB are willing to spend money on Sayanee and Milky at the moment and that means new fans that will vote for them and discover more of NMB.

So when is a girl's popularity accepted and not blamed on organized power spending/voting? After a 3rd election?


Would be excellent if the could stay away from the easy and obvious choices :D When is Sayanee going to have a creation of her own on a release for example.

#39 Tsurugi_Ken



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Posted 13 January 2013 - 03:27 AM

^That's one of the points I was trying to get across in one of my previous posts.

Also, Yamamoto's been talking about training her fingers for guitar-playing fairly recently, so, maybe. Maybe.

#40 anarchangelic


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 10:04 PM

I've been waiting for this, so hopefully I can buy it. I've loved all of NMB singles, but am totally too cheap to buy them individually. I wonder what the tracklist will be...

Wasn't the SKE album all new songs, or do I have that wrong? So I wonder if this will be the same: all new songs, not the singles.

SKE's album had their singles up to Kataomoi Finally, and few AKB covers, and then some team songs and a "selection 8" song. Maybe NMB's will be the same.

I think it's possible for Kitagawa Kenji to be on the album. GIVE ME FIVE was on 1830m, and they were released within about two months of each other.
In any case, I'm really hoping that Mousou Girlfriend is included, because I love it. :D
I don't know which version to get. I guess type B would make the most sense because I could actually use the voting ticket, but I'll wait to see the covers.

Finally noticed this response. I must have read something wrong somewhere then: I had thought that it was all new songs on the SKE album, thanks for telling me otherwise. Now I should probably consider buying it if thats the case.

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