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Sato Masaki (佐藤優樹)

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Posted Today, 02:22 PM

Kaga Kaede: 
- Her consciousness changes when she's on stage
- Sato-san might be angry if I say this but I think she's a great hard worker even though she looks like a type that moves by intuition
- She would replay her solo part like 30 times, listen to its sound carefully and practice 
- It's often said 99% of genius is hardworking. Sato-san is seriously that type of person
>> 2ch thread:
Makino Maria: "My favorite scent is the perfume that Sato Masaki-san uses. I like the scent of Sato-san. It has such a fresh feeling. She wears the perfume which doesn't have the feeling that it's perfume. It's not a sweet smell but it's the smell that has the image of light blue and green"
>>2ch thread: 



Theme: Dog-like & Cat-like members

Haga Akane: If talking about which one does Sato-san belong to, she's definitely a cat. Doesn't she look like a cat?

Nonaka Miki: Eh, isn't she dog-like. Her nose is definitely a dog's 






Spring of Reiwa's first year - Morning Musume Latest Goods popularity ranking

BEST WISHES 名前 -集合-DVD-ひなフェス 
佐藤優樹 184件 平均1,727円 総額317,768円 
譜久村聖 165件 平均1,320円 総額217,800円 
石田亜佑美134件 平均1,213円 総額162,542円-野中 
森戸知沙希 129件 平均1,239円 総額159,831円-生田 
牧野真莉愛 115件 平均1,293円 総額148,695円 
横山玲奈 111件 平均1,100円 総額122,100円-加賀 
野中美希 114件 平均1,041円 総額118,674円-石田 
小田さくら 104件 平均1,048円 総額108,992円-羽賀 
生田衣梨奈 77件 平均1,082円 総額83,314円-森戸 
加賀楓 69件 平均979円 総額67,551円-横山 
羽賀朱音 58件 平均748円 総額43,384円-小田





From a famous idol magazine "This is a map of Idol World in the first year of Reiwa"

It introduces Morning Musume: "along with Sato Masaki, Makino Maria and Fukumura Mizuki, the group includes 11 members"

Maachan is mentioned first :D


>>2ch discuss about this:

- "This seems real"

- "Ace, Center, Leader"

- "Overwhelming most popular Sato Masaki, Leader #2 popular Fukumura Mizuki, Gravure Queen Makino Maria

Nothing to disagree

Because in individual event, these 3 also have most crowded fans queuing up "

- "With Sato Makino Fukumura in order, the journal seems so realistic"

- "Sato (Ace), Makino (Next ace), Fukumura (Leader)"

- "Sato (Most popular), Makino (The one the office wants to push), Fukumura (Leader)"

-"Ace, Gravure Ace, Leader

- "Nogizaka46 Shiraishi

Kezakiyaka46 Hirate

Hinatazaka46 Kosaka

Momoclo Momota

Momusu Sato"






From Hello! Shop Nagoya official twitter account



From Tsubaki Factory Tanimoto Ami's blog




(Bigger size + More in spoiler)








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