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Ayumi Hamasaki

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#661 matt9210


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Posted 12 April 2013 - 01:51 PM

I think it'll be really hard to sell them all together :o


Not sure where else you have advertised them, but it's hard enough to sell H!P stuff on H!O, never mind non H!P :P Have you tried Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai?

Credit goes to Cassandra for this beautiful set <3
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#662 cypher0


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Posted 15 April 2013 - 07:24 PM

Wow, you are selling a lot O___O Why not sell them individually instead of in a pack?

I had posted the items individually, but none of them were sold. Someone posted that they wanted to get a hold of Ayumi's earlier stuff, which is why I posted my entire collection on ebay. :)


Thanks Matt9210,  I'll give Ayumi Hamasaki Sekai a try and see if I'll get any takers there.


Back in the day when Ayumi's first album, A Song for XX, came out I was curious and picked up the CD.  I was hooked and then bought every single and album that she released.  Then came ZONE, and then my music taste changed, so I stopped buying Ayumi's CDs.  I really don't listen to them anymore, and I would prefer to sell this collection off for those who are yearning for her earlier stuff ( and for those who want to complete their collection.)  :D


Let's see how it goes...


Ah, I do have a set of three Morning Musume CD singles, Akagumi 4, Kiiro 5, and Aoiro 7.  Will be posting these on ebay tomorrow, check it out! :D

#663 NyNy


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Posted 22 April 2013 - 07:31 AM

Hmmm I see! And since eBay charges you each time, it's annoying! Maybe you should advertise your set on Tumblr with a link to it. If you don't have a tumblr, do you want me to help? :)


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#664 Revenge of Mewtwo

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Posted 30 May 2013 - 04:49 PM

ahh Depend on you.. Listening to it reminds me how fun playing Thousand arms(yes, it was an OST)..  :sly:


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Posted 16 August 2019 - 04:58 AM

i so sad she losing her hearing i wish i could do something to help her if you ever seen one her concert you know this is what she had to do in life it really was her calling


in someways she the greatest entertainer ever it just sad and now i find out her next releases for 2018 was hold due to her hearing now it 2019 and still no word yet



and what the deal with japan why so many mad at her for sitting in a shopping cart i don't get japan in many ways i think she look real cute sitting in the cart


i you hvent saw it yet  herehttps://www.instagra...source=ig_embed

go down the picture it in the 11th row third picture by the shoes picture and gees she has alot shoes but that ok she is a girl that what they do lol

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