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ngl i wish there were more akb fans here lol i wanna talk about akb more but it feels weird talking to myself in the akb forum
Sep 11 2020 03:35 AM
  • Nayok-Kihara's Photo
    You should have been here when they first gave the 48s their own dedicated section, and started allowing 48 news/member banner options/etc. The place was split down the middle; people were not happy, haha.
    Sep 12 2020 11:17 AM
  • chocolatmenthe's Photo
    It was chaotic but I for one was really pleased, I'm mainly a 48 fan after all. But any involvement with 48 groups kind of died down after a while here...
    Sep 13 2020 12:41 AM
  • yuripop's Photo
    lol i've heard a lot about that time, sounds like it was a disaster. ngl tho i wish some of those 48g fans stayed i need ppl to talk to
    Sep 13 2020 03:11 AM