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For those with Apple Music subscriptions, I've just found out all H!P stuff is available to stream on there. Must be quite recent because last time I checked no H!P stuff was available at all.
Jan 17 2018 07:16 PM
  • rinafest'19's Photo
    Momusu has been up there for a few months but very recently thwyve added EVERYTHING like you can get all the goto maki and aya albums
    Jan 18 2018 07:59 AM
  • Gabby's Photo
    Nah it's been at least three months for all the random hp. At least since early November.
    Jan 18 2018 10:33 AM
  • Bexie's Photo
    Might not have included the UK as I'm sure I checked more recently than that and it said "Not Available". Even when I played the H!P stuff I have bought on iTunes I had to skip through a "This artist is not available on Apple Music in your region" every time until recently
    Jan 18 2018 08:25 PM