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It's funny how much they pushed Kokoro as the tomboy, now she's a rather feminine model-type girl.
May 10 2020 01:45 PM
  • Juandalyn's Photo
    To be honest, no. Kokoro does a great job here! And I'm pretty sure that Miyo/the Only3 cast joined after management made the concept of the title, so there was no other tomboy-ish character. I'd love to see a tomboyish Momohime, though lol
    May 11 2020 04:10 PM
  • Nayok-Kihara's Photo
    Oh man, I'd love to see one proper performance where just those two switch roles.
    May 12 2020 05:35 AM
  • mizukingdom1's Photo
    I'm pretty sure she only got the boy role because she is the tallest member in the group. That seems to be the deciding factor most of the time when they are doing roles.
    And OMG yes!! if Momohime and Kokoro swapped roles for a performance that would be amazing.
    May 12 2020 04:10 PM